FormGet comes up with a feature Redirect after form submit.

It makes work lot easier as earlier after form submission user has to navigate manually from confirmation page to your website.

You can find this form redirect feature on your form builder page under “Your Form Title” section  as shown below.

Redirect to url helps you in different ways:

Firstly, you can confirm your user about successful form submission by redirecting it to Thank You Page.


Secondly, if you have shared your forms across multiple network, then you can redirect users to your site.

Last but not the least, redirection is very helpful in a lead capture form. E.g. If you have a lead capture form that allows your user to download an e-book, as soon as the user submitted their email id, this feature will help you to take user to the e-book page soon after form submission.

You can do the same thing in your offer page or sales page.

For this, you need not to do any coding, instead just add a url for the targeted page on your form. And your work will be done.

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You can see the redirection procedure in the video below: