You can create your form using Pabbly Form Builder, Once you create your form, you need to follow the steps given below to embed tabbed widget (Sliding Contact Form) on your WordPress/Non-WordPress website.

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After successfully creating your form. You can place it in your website by just simply copying the embed code.

Watch the video tutorial given below

Step #1 : Login To Pabbly Form Builder Account, Get The Embed Code.

  • Login to your Pabbly Form Builder account.
  • Click on Embed Form option present in your Pabbly Form Builder dashboard.

  • Choose first option Embed Sliding Form. Copy the Embed Code by just a single click on COPY CODE button.

formget sliding form embed code


Step #2 : Install Pabbly Form Builder WordPress Plugin And Paste The Code.

If you are using Pabbly Form Builder plugin then paste the copied code in the Embed Code section of the plugin, which appears on the Pabbly Form Builder Contact Form plugin dashboard inside the WordPress admin area.

install formget plugin and paste form code

Step #3 : Paste The Embed Code In Non-WordPress Sites.

If you want to directly add it on your website then follow the below step.

Place the embed code just before the end of the head tag in HTML segment of your website.

paste formget form code on page source code

Step #4 : Form Final Output.

This is how the Tabbed Widget would appear on your WordPress website.

contact form appear on your webite