If you want to collect payments via Stripe payment gateway in your Pabbly Form Builder account then you must integrate it in your form first.

With this payment gateway, you can collect the payments from your customer’s via credit cards.

Step 1. Login To Your Stripe Account –

The first step involves signing in your Stripe account.


Step 2. Locate API Tab In The Left-Sidebar –

Once you have logged-in your Stripe account, you now have to find the “API” settings tab. If located, then click on it.


Step 3. Copy “Secret Key” From API Keys Tab –

After clicking on the “API” settings tab, you have to find the “Secret Key” tab in the “API Keys” section. In that, you have to click on “Reveal Live Key Token” and copy the generated Key.


Step 4. Configure Stripe Payment Gateway In Pabbly Form Builder Account –

From your form builder, select Payment element. Now click on Configure Payment.

In that, select Stripe Payment Gateway, a new button will appear. Then, click on that button “Connect With Stripe”.


After setting up your products/Payment details, click on the “Save Payment Settings” button to save the settings.

Now you have Stripe as your active payment gateway.

P.S. PayPal and Stripe payment gateway charge some amount as a ‘Transaction Fees’ on every transaction of your customer.