Do you know that people board public transportation over 35 million times each weekday in the USA?

Now, this happened only about one country, you can guess the figure of all the other countries in the world. Taxi services are one of the widely used transportation all around. So, if you are planning to launch your personal taxi, cabs or car rental business on the web. Then it’s a golden time, with few challengers around in the industry, you will definitely get success.

First of all, you need to introduce your website that can avail the facility of online booking to your customers. So, here we offer you a premium collection of 5+ best taxi WordPress themes for cabs & car rental business. These taxi WordPress themes come with amazing features like – easy to install, cost-efficient, 24/7 support and many more.

So, check out what we have in this stock for you, and choose any of the templates you like the most.
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Also, have a glance at our others stunning collection of WordPress themes:

1. Colorway – Taxi WordPress Theme

Colorway is a high performance, feature-rich WordPress theme that is the perfect platform to create taxi, car rental, taxicab & other related websites.

The theme supports wooCommerce plugin that helps to promote your taxi business & collect payments online. Furthermore, Colorway comes with appointment booking and lead capturing addon that provides booking forms on the website to increases your subscriber base & drives more traffic.

Best of all, it is Elementor based WordPress theme its drag & drop functionality customize every aspect of the website without any coding knowledge.

Colorway - Taxi WordPress Theme


You grab this theme is fully free of charge & download from the official website of WordPress without any hassle.

Know more about the features-

  • You can add social sharing options in the footer section & also set typography options for your desired content.
  • It includes several useful sliders where you can add images, posts, text as well as videos with complete ease.
  • The theme provides various pre-designed contact forms for your website to get in touch with your site users.
  • Colorway has plenty of pre-designed templates for you to create your own website niches perfectly.
  • This SEO friendly, translation ready, fully responsive WordPress theme is the perfect choice for your website.

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2. Trishaw – Tricycle Taxi Service WordPress Theme & Template

Trishaw WordPress theme is beautifully designed to spotlight your taxis or cabs services worldwide. This template will display your working pattern in a superior way. You can roll out business-related services like pick & drop facility, discounts & issue coupons to grab customer’s attention, route map, estimated bill for a particular ride and many more.

If you plan to create the wonderful website which is responsible to take your business on a peak of the web platform. Than this taxi WordPress theme is the best choice for you.

Let’s take a brief glance.


Cost –

You can grab Trishaw – taxi WordPress theme is just $79 and turn your business in a positive way.

Know more about the features –

  • The Trishaw WordPress theme provides you to create an online booking system on your website by Ink booking plugin. So that, the users can schedule their bookings according to their suitable date & time. This feature is located at the sidebar of the homepage.
  • This theme comes with a full-width slider of 6 slides. Here, you can scroll out related pictures with wonderful effects.
  • Separate blog segment is here to share your intelligence with the users & customers. Also, new visitors get information about your working pattern and services that you provided.
  • You can enlarge your business strategy in-front of your visitors through about us section at the homepage.

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3. MotoTaxi – Motorcycle Taxi WordPress Theme

This Motorcycle taxi WordPress theme is created especially for taxi services, taxicab, transport companies and related areas.

These taxi WordPress theme is intuitive, fresh, with a modern concept and carry everything that you need. Wonderful homepage, galleries, FAQ or blog section, about company page and many more features included.

This template will definitely help you to set up your own cab rental service website. Moreover, take a look at features in brief.


Cost –

The complete package of this wonderful MotoTaxi – WordPress theme is your’s just at $79.

Know more about the features –

  • This theme has a full-width slider that can modify as per your needs. You can set business related images, change colours, put some intro text along with 2 transition effects – vertical & horizontal.
  • You can engage new & your old visitors through blogging. This template gives you isolated area for the same, where you can share your business-related opinions as a blog.
  • MotoTaxi WordPress theme provides a widgetized featured area, where you can showcase your services and features in a brief manner.
  • An attractive hexagonal gallery section is here to roll out the pictures and images. You can customize this section as per your need.
  • This theme comes with a unique segment where you can showcase estimated cost per KM or per minute according to the distance.

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4. ShareCab – Cab Sharing Service WordPress Theme

Creating a customer in any business is a very difficult task. And the customers will come only when you provide a good online platform with wonderful services & features. The ShareCab – taxi WordPress theme is one of the best ways to showcase yourself on the web.

ShareCab – taxi WordPress theme is a transport service inclined WordPress theme and it has unlimited options, portfolios and blogs. This theme can be used by travel agencies, taxi drivers & owners and other related entities.

The template includes numerous features like cab sharing services, booking facilities, cost estimation and much more are enough to manifest your business on the web.

Furthermore, discuss the features in detailed.


Cost –

ShareCab is an autonomous taxi WordPress theme, which helps you to create your website just at $79.

Know more about the features –

  • The theme has an online appointment booking system by which user can book there rides within a minute. This option will give your website a user-friendly glance.
  • Full-width slider carries all your cabs images at the front.
  • ShareCab – taxi WordPress theme has 3 column featured area, where you can showcase your features and services in brief.
  • Customizable footer area with 4 widgetized section, that makes your site more beautiful.
  • Separate testimonial segment is here to bring the feedback from your users or visitors about your work system. This creates a transparency in between you & the respective users.

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5. Infant Cab – Kids Cab Service WordPress Theme & Template

An Infant Cab is especially build to provide a pick & drop facilities for kids only. The concept behind this taxi WordPress theme is to furnish suitable, secure and well-founded services to those kids whose parents go out to work.

This template is mainly utilized by kids minicab organizations, children carriage services, chauffeur agencies, teenage cab groups etc. This taxi WordPress theme includes various features like – an online appointment facility, responsive behaviour, Easy to set up and many more.

Let’s take your attention to features in brief.


Cost –

An Infant-Cab taxi WordPress theme will surely be the best choice for you, this template provides the sum up of wonderful features and a robust platform is just at $79.

Know more about the features –

  • Full-width slider to showcase your services & features in front.
  • You can stuff your site with the latest blog posts on taxi service by using separate blog segment. To make your post more interesting, you can add images & some relevant videos with them.
  • This template gives you a separate gallery section, where you can upload some beautiful business related pictures.
  • The integrated booking system is here to serve the facility for online cab bookings. This area has a Google map to track the route.

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6. BlackWell – WordPress Theme

How would it be, that you get a well-featured template for free? Shocked!

Yeah.. the BlackBird theme is beautifully designed to create a website for free. This theme assorted with a line of features like – easy to install & setup, compatible with all devices, affix animations, simple layout and many more.

Let’s we talk furthermore about the features.


Cost –

It’s free to download from WordPress repository.

Know more about the features –

  • This theme integrated with customizing menu panel at the front, you can hide this panel to click on a 3 layered symbol.
  • The featured blog section is here to explore more about your business.
  • BlackWell supports theme options panel like logos, intro text and background.

Details / Demo

7. ButterBelly – WordPress Theme

The ButterBelly WordPress theme is designed to provide simplicity with tons of features to your website.
Features like – responsive behaviour, compatible with all browsers, SEO supportive and many more. This template serves the plate of such good features & services for free.

People are liking it, hence 1000+ installations have been done till date.

Now, take a glance at the features in brief.


Cost –

This amazing theme is free to download from WordPress repository.

Know more about the features –

  • This template comes with five widgetized area (two in the sidebar, three in the footer).
  • Separate blog segment to interact with customers.

Details / Demo

In Conclusion –

Now I’ve come to the conclusion of an article about taxi WordPress themes.

It’s a total package type of thing. And I am sure, implementing one of them is better than the implementing none. Using these themes you can achieve the aim to make your website so great, that people would want to come back and avail your services.

Now, if there are things which are still not comprehensible so you can catechize through the comments section below.