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In this century, the competition is so much high that people are looking for multiple ways to get a good job in lesser time. Yes! That’s the truth & recruiters firstly focus on the CV/resume. If it is attractive then the person is almost hired. Even, there are high-quality resumes which can be created online. That’s why WordPress vCard themes are frequently searched.

Through them, you can create a vCard (also stands as Virtual Business Card & VCF as Virtual Contact File) with lots of customization tweaks.

Believe us! vCards are getting popular in such a drastic way that more than 40,000 people search for it in a month & it is still increasing.

So we’d like to suggest 5 vCard WordPress themes which you can use to create a vCard in a couple of minutes. In some of them, people can add their current location on Google map for the recruiters.

Also, they can include a contact form on their vCard. It is done in some cases when the recruiter wants to establish a communication with the job seeker. The only thing which is to be done by job seekers is to use these vCard WordPress themes.

Apart from job seekers, a person who is leading his business or company can also share these vCards with their clients. This is how, he can build a relationship with his clients before making any deal!

You can also read our other blogs & who knows, you might find another useful WordPress theme for your work.

Now let’s dive in together!

1. Cascade: A Personal vCard WordPress Theme

Cascade is another vCard WordPress theme with lots of customization facilities. Through it, you can build a VCF site without any hindrance. Apart from all of this, one interesting thing about this WordPress theme is that its user can change its background color from light to dark & vice versa.

That’s how this will effect in less stress on eyes if one chooses the dark or the light background according to the surroundings.

Cascade vCard WordPress Theme

Pricing of This Personal vCard WordPress Theme:

  • Its regular plan costs only $35 with no charges on the end users.
  • Also, it has another plan of $1750 for a single user access in which end user can be charged. Also, you’ll be able to get lifetime updates for this WordPress vCard theme.

Features of This Personal vCard WordPress Theme:

  • One can add an unlimited number of tabs in order to showcase every important quality of the personal as well as professional life.
  • Also, people can feature their latest tweets at the bottom of the footer section. This is how recruiters can know more about their social media life too.
  • This theme also supports Google maps by adding its shortcode. This is how you can allow the users to display their location on the map too.

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2. uCard: A Versatile vCard WordPress Theme

uCard is another WordPress vCard theme which can help in creating a vCard profile in a much reformer way. People can create their online resumes in a couple of seconds with lots of animated effects.

uCard vCard WordPress Theme

Pricing of This vCard WordPress Theme:

  • $49 is the charge of its basic plan with limitless customization options.
  • Apart from it, they have another plan of $1600 for a single user.

Features of This vCard WordPress Theme:

  • People can add videos & images of any aspect ratio. There is no bound limit on their size.
  • For every menu & submenus, they can add attractive icons to the names of every heading.
  • Also, they can create & assign categories to their blog posts. This makes it easy for recruiters to filter the hidden features inside a blog & make them way too thirsty to hire that particular person.

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3. ResumeWay: Primest in vCard WordPress Themes

It doesn’t really matter if a person wants to build the resume for himself or for his team. The reason is that ResumeWay is the right choice for this case. It is one of the best vCard WordPress themes which can help you to build a professional profile or resume on the web.

One can showcase his skills online such as qualifications, achievements & skills.

ResumeWay vCard WordPress Theme

Pricing of This vCard WordPress Theme:

  • Its standard plan charges only $59 as a one-time payment with unlimited access.
  • If you want to access 3000+ more themes & 19 WordPress plugins then you’ve to pay $49 on monthly basis. Also, you’ll be able to get regular updates too.
  • For more affordable services with the same number of quantity of WordPress themes & plugins, you’ve to pay $240/year (which is roughly $20/m).

Features of This vCard WordPress Theme:

  • When you purchase its subscription, you’ll get three predesigned templates such as architect, profession & designer.
  • It has a one-page resume template which means when you click on any menu, you’ll reach directly to it through horizontally sliding.
  • This theme also comes with Wookmark effect for perfect alignment of gallery images & other elements.

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4. Profiler: A Resume & vCard WordPress Theme

Profiler is a vCard & resume WordPress site which can help in showcasing one’s professional profile with a new look. On the homepage itself, people can display their qualities in a very well mannered way.

Also, it has some shortcodes. By using them, you will be easily able to design a unique vCard site with lots of customization features.

Profiler vCard WordPress Theme

Pricing of This Resume & vCard WordPress Theme:

  • Profiler has a single price plan of $40 for the lifetime. Also, you’ll get 24/7 support.

Features of This Resume & vCard WordPress Theme:

  • People can upload the images in the gallery section about their past work. This is how the recruiters can easily look into their past work experiences.
  • They can also add the contact form on a page. If a recruiter contacts them via it, they will receive the mail in their inbox.
  • Also, they can add the ‘Download vCard’ button on the bottom of the homepage to make it available offline for others too.

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5. Empathy: A WordPress vCard Theme

Empathy is a unique WordPress vCard theme to create an online resume. It has plenty of customization tweaks that will tune up the look of the one’s professional resume. Apart from it, there are multiple types of animations available with this WordPress theme which can truly give your vCard a new look.

Empathy vCard WordPress Theme

Pricing of This WordPress vCard Theme:

  • Its basic plan charges $49 without any charge to the end users. The total price includes both the buyer fee as well as item price.
  • Empathy has another plan of $1900 with single user access with 30+ most popular social sharing icons.

Features of This WordPress vCard Theme:

  • This vCard WordPress theme comes with two types of layouts. One with image background & another with a video background.
  • One can add the work experiences with his old colleagues on the resume section in order to enlighten the past work.
  • People can add multiple blog posts on its blog section. This is how they can showcase their extracurricular activities.

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So above are some of the best vCard WordPress themes which you should count on for creating resume/vCard site. They all have some unique features such as animations, menu types, sliders, gallery etc.

We believe that you’ll surely reach down to the destination which you seek for & it’s obvious, if you love them, the recruiter or your client will love it too. After all, if they are hired then they will surely spread the important things they used & these vCards will be one of them!

For any queries & suggestions, just comment below & we’ll reach out to you soon!