Trying to generate sales & increase traffic on your website with the help of online affiliate marketing?? Then we have some best options of affiliate marketing software for you that will serve the purpose with the best efficiency.

With these software, you can use services like product subscription management, recurring billing payments, etc, that helps you to grow your business & reach the heights in profits bars. Also, you can analyze your business growth, product selling, customer satisfying services, etc. Some of them are discussed below –

Subscription Management – You can manage the subscriptions with options like a trial offer, assigning credits, refunds issue, etc. for product & services provided to your customers.

Recurring Bill Payments – In affiliate marketing, you can also provide weekly, monthly, yearly or one-day subscription plan to customers. This service helps users to take advantage of the services for a long time with less investment.

With this arrangement, you can also provide an option to customers for giving the authorization to deduct charges from them to recharge their desired subscription plans.

In this article, you are going to surf some of the best software for Affiliate Marketing with FREE signup/login options.

1. Pabbly Subscriptions

Pabbly Subscriptions is the best SaaS-based software that enables you to sell & manage the billing & subscription of the products and services of your website. Also, Pabbly subscriptions have included affiliate management system that helps you to engage customers & sell products to earn profit. As a part of this process, the affiliate will be rewarded for every purchase.

In this software, you can also become a merchant, affiliates & customer by selecting a few options.

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Features –

  • Checkout Page Customization – Pabbly Subscriptions gives you checkout page customization option that no other affiliate marketing platform offers. With this feature, you can add custom fields on your checkout page that helps you to enhance the functionality of your affiliate system.
  • Commission Rule – You can define the commission of the affiliates by adding a title, products, plans option. Also, you can provide options for a commission with a flat or percent payment mode for first & rebill commissions.
  • Custom Domain – Pabbly Subscriptions have custom domain feature that allows you to create your own domain for the checkout page.
  • Invoice – With this feature, you can provide an auto generated invoice to affiliates/customers as a statement for transactions.
  • Payment Profile – Pabbly also provides you PayPal payment gateway option for transactions. Whereas, other payment options will be added soon.

Pricing –

Pabbly Subscriptions provides you 3 different plans on a monthly & yearly basis along with Pabbly affiliate management system. These are the following plans –

  • Starter – In this starter plan, you can get options like dunning management, 25+ currency support, customizable checkout page, & more at a cost of $7/month.
  • Rookie – The Rookie plan will cost you $29/month for all the features of the starter plan. Additionally, you will get 1000 customers, client portal, tax management option.
  • Pro – It starts with $59 per month and also includes all the features of Rookie plan along with the option of unlimited customers.

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2. Omnistar

Omnistar is one of the best and most affordable affiliate and referral marketing platforms on the internet. With an easy setup wizard, you can literally be up and running in minutes. You can then create a referral program to recruit your own customer or a standard affiliate program to recruit affiliates and influencers.

With this software, you can truly leverage all aspects of word of mouth marketing to increase your website traffic and sales.


Features – 

  • Getting Started Wizard – Get your referral and affiliate programs set up in minutes by following our user-friendly wizard.
  • Discount Codes and Coupon Tracking – Link discount codes to give customers an incentive for purchasing through your partners.
  • Social Media Network Sharing – Allow affiliates to easily promote your brand through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Promotional Resources – Take full advantage of many built-in resources to help you promote and grow your affiliate and referral programs.
  • One-on-One Tech Support – Schedule FREE one-on-one support sessions with members of our customer success team to help you achieve success with the software.
  • Influencer / Affiliate Directory – Easily recruit top affiliates and influencers to promote your brand to their global audience using our exclusive influencer directory.

Pricing –

Omnistar provides 3 different monthly and yearly plan options as follows:

Basic – In this basic plan, it supports up to 200 affiliate users and 20,000 Tracking requests per month at a cost of $47/month.

Professional plan – This upgraded plan is for businesses that really look to expand the reach of their program. It supports up to 1000 affiliates and 500,000 tracking requests at a cost of $97/month.

Premium – This is our enterprise worthy plan geared for established businesses that plan to due high volume. It supports up to 5000 affiliates and 1,000,000 tracking requests at a cost of $247/month.

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3. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is an affiliate marketing software that helps you to grow your business by promoting it into other online platforms. The best fact about CJ is the partnership between the advertisers & publishers that makes them better than others. Let’s talk about these two partners of CJ Affiliate:

Advertisers – Advertisers play an important role in this operation of business growth. They sell products, experiences, etc. & recruit new publishers into the network. Advertisers also give rewards to publishers for promoting their products & services in a worldwide manner.

Publishers – These are the second pillar of CJ Affiliate Team which are recruited by advertisers to promote products & services of world’s best brands into other platforms with great offers and earn commissions.

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Features –

  • Earn Per Click – CJ Affiliate provides you a great option of EPC (Earn Per Click) that helps you to get information about the rewards you earn by promotions on a single click. You can manage the stats of this feature in terms of per day, weekly, monthly or on yearly basis.
  • Brand Security – It also takes brand security as a top priority. With CJ, you can get security options like pre-payment validation, GDPR compliance solution, network & program monitoring, etc.
  • Cross-Device – CJ also comes with the cross-device tracking option. This feature allows advertisers & publishers to recognize growth & efficiency by tracking the routes, devices & overall network.
  • Cookieless Tracking – It provides you with an uninterrupted tracking option which ensures you to track any site without cookies generation.

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4. JVZoo

JVZoo is the best option to grow your business with the help of affiliate marketing. This software allows you to create products and sell them to customers to gain profits through your website. It comes with an advantage of affiliates that helps you to promote & sell your products into other websites by giving referral amount.

In this affiliate marketing software, you can get two types of dashboard options for Seller and Affiliates for a better workflow & boost up the sales of your products & services with high profits. Here we have discussed the important key traits of this affiliate marketing software –

Sellers – JVZoo provides a platform for sellers to create & sell unlimited products to customers. It also contains various options like payout transactions, dashboard option, custom banners, coupons, reports etc.

Affiliates – This software also helps you to spread your business by promoting it on other sites with the help of Affiliates. These are also known as a promoter which earns money from sellers by referring their products into other platforms.

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Features –

  • Affiliate Request Recaptcha – This feature will assist the sellers in eliminating mass requests and network spam.
  • Ad Manager Plugin – JVZoo comes with Ad Manager plugin that allows you to manage and place ads/banner into your website for the promotion of products of different platform.
  • Manage Affiliate Bonus – You can manage & provide additional commissions as an incentive to affiliates for promoting services with world’s best-growing brands. This management process can be done easily with the help of Gorilla Commission plugin.
  • Tools Integration – This software has a combination of integrated plugins of different categories like AWeber, Zapier, GetResponse & more that helps you to highlight your website products and enhance sales traffic.

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5. Impact

Impact has turn out to be one of the most used affiliate marketing tools that provide better solutions for you to manage all your partners & affiliates in one place. This software allows you to track site performance, fraud ad block, ineffective marketing spend, vanity links, etc. with high-speed performance.

With this software, you can create & manage reports of any particular products, service, sales, site performance by showcasing it with 3 different bar graph styles.

This affiliate marketing software has got many other features that provide protection to your website & helps you to handle the sales. So, you can earn profits by selling & promoting products to customers through your or other’s website.

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Features –

  • Reports Management – Monitor website performance & manage reports of sales, traffic, business profits, etc. on the daily, monthly, yearly basis. Also, you can download and share reports with others.
  • Auto Monetization – With auto monetization, you can generate revenue by sending traffic to the expired campaigns & from advertisers who did not accept your work as well.
  • Data Feeds – With data feed option, you can update information about various user actions on marketing in terms of promotional ad & product feeds with ease.
  • Ads Fraud Detection – Impact has an advantage of ads fraud detection with the help of Forensiq Suite. Using this feature, you can eliminate fraudsters from every part of your marketing funnel with various Forensiq options like ad verification, firewall, performance & install suite.

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6. AffiliateWP

You can count AffiliateWP as one of the best affiliate software that provides you marketing tools to boost up your sales & make more money by promoting products & services in an appropriate way. AffiliateWP comes with a lot characterstics such as WP-CLI integration, coupon tracking, emails customization and more.

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Features –

  • Unlimited Affiliates – With this feature, you can recruit an unlimited number of affiliates for your marketing program on the basis of their work.
  • WP-CLI Integration – This service comes with the integration of WP-CLI plugin which provides a command line interface program for actions you perform in the WordPress admin. Hence, you can easily create, update, delete, and view all data within AffiliateWP.
  • Affiliate Coupon Tracking – You can use this option to track the coupon code assigned to the affiliates & reward them for every purchase that has occurred by referring to the product link.
  • Complete Integration – This affiliate marketing software is integrated with plugins like eCommerce, memberships, etc.

Pricing –

  • Personal – This is the basic plan of AffiliateWP in which you can get 15 official free add-ons, 1 site license, plugins update, core features & support in just $99 per year.
  • Plus – In this package of $149, AffiliateWP provides all the features of Personal with an advantage of 3 site license for a year.
  • Professional – It is the most popular and effective plan of this software in which you get 14 Pro add-ons (costs $ 840), all future PRO add-ons, 15 official free add-ons, email support, unlimited sites & more at just $249/year only.
  • Ultimate – In this Ultimate plan of $499 with a one-time payment, you got all the features of the professional plan along with lifetime update & support.

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7. Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate provides you an intuitive way to manage affiliate marketing platform & gain more profits in a genuine way by creating, selling & promoting products of your own or others. This service gives you a flexible commission structure, branding control, track clicks, links, conversion etc. & many other options that help you to create an affiliate program.

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Features –

  • API Access – Tapfiliate provides you full control of your affiliate world by using its rest API that helps you to automate your workflows. With the help of this feature, you can also improve the growth of affiliates.
  • MailChimp Support – With the help of MailChimp, you can easily automate the marketing of products & services by sending emails to clients in bulk.
  • Social Market Growth – You can also promote your services/products by sharing or promoting them on social networking platform with the help of affiliates.
  • Recurring Commission – This feature allows you to define payouts to the affiliates for selling products on a lifetime basis.

Pricing –

This software provides you 14 days free trial option, so you can grab a chance to explore the features & functionalities of the software.

  • Essential – This pack offers you 2-way API & webbooks option with multiple language support & more. All of it costs you $69/month.
  • Pro – With this plan available at $149/month, you get every feature of Essential along with custom fields & domain option.
  • Enterprise – For the pricing details of this plan you have to contact the support team of Tapfiliate. This plan will benefit you with more enhanced features along with the characteristics Pro plan.

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I hope you had a glimpse about what is affiliate marketing & its features. Selecting any of them will definitely help you in the long run.

So, you can pick any of these affiliate software which has exclusive integrated features along with great functionalities.

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