Before getting started on the affiliate tracking software, let’s talk a little about what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an effort towards excellent marketing. It benefits both the product seller and its affiliates. A product seller can provide a commission to any affiliate (promoter) in exchange for promoting/selling their product. Meanwhile, letting people know more about your product or brand.

However, it could be a tedious task to manage an affiliate program along with keeping a track of the growth & analytics. And that too when you have other more important works to do.

Here comes the role of affiliate tracking software which are the ready-made solutions towards tracking & managing these affiliate programs.

So from now on, you don’t need to worry about manually tracking a link or think about the respective affiliate commission. An extremely easy-to-use service will do that for you.

Here we’ve come up with the best possible solutions for your affiliate marketing project.

1. Pabbly Subscriptions

Pabbly Subscriptions is the best affiliate tracking software online. It has two well-functioning dashboards to efficiently manage both the merchants (affiliate product providers) & promoters (customers) campaigns.

The merchant dashboard has options like affiliate settings, commissions & clicks results. The affiliate dashboard has information related to subscription, invoice, transaction, profile & affiliate stats. Both users can efficiently manage their campaigns through service.

At present, this premium service came along with the Pabbly subscription services. The standalone version is not available in the market yet.

Affiliate Tracking Software Pabbly Subscription

Pricing Plan:

Pabbly has three cost estimate plans.

Starters – This is a basic plan of $7/month only & abound 50 customers can make use of this plan.

Rookie – The advanced functionalities of this service are available at the cost $29/month for around 1000 customers.

Pro – This the highly advanced plan along with all the advanced functionalities & unlimited customers in only $59/month.


Affiliate Settings

It contains the general settings regarding the affiliate URL & payouts for the merchants. And for the affiliates, it renders the general settings & banner links.

Payment & Commissions

You can set payment option as PayPal. Set the payout day as any date of the calendar or the custom options available. Also, you can set the payout type as instant or manual.

Similarly, you can set commission rules for providing the commission as flat or percent-based for particular billing & re-billing. Also, you can add affiliate links to a title.

Subscription & Invoice

It offers the subscription details & detailed invoice for the affiliates. The subscription contains the information regarding the activation date, status, amount & billing details of the plan. Whereas, the invoice contain information of the due date, amount, status of the customer.


It contains the overall details regarding each & every transaction. You get the information about the total amount and payment status of all your transactions.

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2. Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate is an affiliate tracking software for E‑commerce & SaaS. You can create an affiliate program of your own in minutes. It doesn’t have any additional transaction fee. Moreover, you can track, reward & incentivize the chosen affiliates.

In addition to this, it has advanced social media sharing enabled so that your affiliates can share the stats.

Affiliate Tracking Software Tapfiliate

Pricing Plan:

Tapfiliate affiliate tracking software comes along with three plans.

Essential – This plan will cost you $69 monthly.

Pro – The pro plan will cost $149 per month.

Enterprise – To know about the enterprise plan you must contact the sales team of this service.


White Labelling

You can white label the affiliate pages that perfectly match your brand or domain. You can personalize emails, provide an affiliate dashboard & customize your brand on the redirect links.

Moreover, it supports six affiliate languages, has a custom sign up fields & payout methods.

Recurring or lifetime commissions

You can award one-time, monthly, fixed, or percentage-based commissions. or per-category/product commissions.

Social Sharing & Branding

You can grow the social reach across the web with personal referral links & coupons by creating shareable social media posts for your affiliates. Also, you can manage banners & other brand materials very easily.

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3. ClickMeter

ClickMeter monitors, compares, and optimizes all of your marketing links in one place and offers a brilliant solution when it comes to an affiliate tracking tool. This tool enables you to manage and track all the links you use in your affiliate marketing efforts along with the commissions you get from them. It also lets you customize your links with your domain or channel name, differentiate between real visitors and bots, and test different messages to see which has the biggest impact.


Pricing Plan:

ClickMeter’s software comes in three different plans.

Medium – This plan will cost you $29/month.

Large – This plan is $99/month.

X-Large – This plan is priced at $349/month.


  • Cloak affiliate links – Hide destination URL, protect your commission codes, and keyword lists.
  • Vanity links
  • Sales conversion tracking
  • Real-Time reports
  • Split test optimizer

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4. ThriveCart

Thrive Cart is a very powerful yet simple affiliate management center service. It renders live statistics & a forecast dashboard for your affiliate business. It provides real-time sales & promotions. Also, you can monitor the sales and manage the affiliate promotions efficiently.

Affiliate Tracking Software Thrive Cart


Pricing Plan:

To know the pricing of this service contact the ThriveCart sales team.


Sales & Refund

With the updated version of this service, you can add sales tax for refund orders is improving. Moreover, you also can break down the percentage of tax refunds anytime.


Thrivecart supports passing coupons through the affiliate URLs. This feature will automatically credit a sale to a particular affiliate.

Cart Templates

Fine-tuned, highly optimized cart templates are ready to use with this service to instantly start your program.

A/B Testing

You can perform A/B tests to determine flaws in your marketing or funnels. Also, you can fix them instantly.

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5. Ambassador

Ambassador is an affiliate software for modern marketers to create custom campaigns. With this service, you can ensure valid affiliates/brand ambassadors to access & promote your brand.

It is a multi-campaign service with omnichannel capabilities. Moreover, it is mobile optimized & support webhooks.

Affiliate Tracking Software Ambassador

Pricing Plan:

Ambassador affiliate tracking software has three cost estimate plans –


This plan is perfect for programs that need real-time changes using Visual Editor.


This plan will suit the mid-to-large size companies that are looking to configure more than one program. Meanwhile, you can easily integrate this service into your existing tech stack.


Enterprise plan is best for a custom omnichannel affiliate/influencer segmentation. Moreover, global & white-labeled partners are uniquely managed under this plan.

Note – You can choose any plan that suits your campaign the best & after that you can get in touch with the sales team of the service to know the pricing regarding your chosen plan.



A powerful dashboard that contains earned, awaited approval, awaited payouts, & paid to date reports. Also, there is an option to instantly share the referral links of a campaign. Furthermore, there is an activity overview that displays your most recent activity.


In the stats area, you can view & share the statistic of your program. Three reports are visible in this area, a graph representation, a total share stats & a social share stat. These reports are based on the shares, clicks, referrals, revenue & commissions.


Under this tab there are reports available on the basis of the date, the customer referred name, email, transaction ID, campaign, revenue & status. Further, you can search for a commission.


It renders all the payout details like payout date, customer id, amount & payment status.

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6. Impact

The Impact is an affiliate tracking software crafted to measure, manage & optimize partner marketing. You can use this service for managing a partnership workflow, gearing up data for insights, decision making & overall optimization.

Affiliate Tracking Software Impact

Pricing Plan:

For pricing details, you must contact the sales team of this service.


Basically, it has native integration towards Forensiq, Altitude, & Radius.


It provides sophisticated fraud detection methods to identify malicious activities & block them for a safe and secure ad inventory. It provides four different kinds of fraud detection.

  • Full-Funnel Fraud Detection
  • Mobile & Video Fraud
  • Comprehensive Viewability
  • Data Transparency


This module will boost up your marketing ROI through omnichannel insights, real-time analytics, & customer behaviour analytics.

Additionally, it has a report builder and machine-learning attribution modelling.


This a versatile module which provide multiple functionalities to the service. So, you can manage your affiliates and expand globally. This module also helps you track & measure unique channel partnerships. It streamlines all the processes from recruiting, contracting, tracking to paying your affiliates.

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7. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is a premium affiliate tracking software with around 170 CMS & multiple payment gateway integrations.

It avails many premium features like link tracking, campaign scalability & endless customization. The only limitation is the cost.

Affiliate Tracking Software Post Affiliate Pro

Pricing Plan:

Post Affiliate Pro affiliate marketing tracking software offers 3 plans.


This plan costs $97 for advanced affiliate features & 1M tracking requests/month.


This plan is available at $197 for full-scale affiliate management & 5M tracking requests/month.


The Network plan will cost you $477 with unlimited affiliates, unlimited merchants & 20M tracking requests/month.


Multiple Tracking Methods

  • Tracking via affiliate links styles
  • Track sales in multiple currencies
  • Direct link click tracking
  • Private campaign tracking
  • Multiple Commission types

Multiple Commission Types

You can provide commissions for virtually anything to your affiliates. This service allows you to set the commission type as action, recurring, split or lifetime. Also, you can set performance rewards, commissions for groups and multi-tier commissions.

Multiple Promotion Materials

Your affiliate can make use of different promotion materials such as simple text, Image, Link, HTML or many types of banners. Furthermore, this particular service provides a new type of banner i.e, rebranded PDF files.

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All the mentioned services are filtered based on their capabilities, testings & real customer reviews. You could choose any service that best suits your site needs. Moreover, the most recommended is the service that topped the list.

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