Guess what happens if you exactly know, who wants to buy from you. !!

Your business would move like a rocket booster.

Right ?

Now you might be thinking – Is it really possible. ?

Well, I would say yes..

An effective email list build by embedding subscription forms or signup forms on your website could drive your business in a fast forward mode.

But, while building email contact list one thing which is quite crucial is –

How you maintain your email list so that it could lead to –

  • Ease of running business operations
  • Save your time
  • Churn out profits

All you need is to take care of few unnoticeable mistakes while taking things in action.

Here, I have listed down each of them.

Treating List-building Just As A Task of Formality

A lot of businesses don’t value their email list like they should; they treat list building as just another task to check off the daily to-do list. These people are the most likely to buy your products and become loyal customers. Treat them like gold! Not Treating the Email List as a Valuable Asset. There are some interesting facts related to lead nurturing. Given below:

  • Companies who excel at lead nurturing generates 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost.
  • Nurtured leads produces 20% sales opportunity than non-nurtured leads.

So, it’s must to nurture leads.


How to Treat Your Email List As A Valuable Asset

  • By giving proper solution to their Problems.
  • By giving fast response to them.
  • Also, you can use a marketing automation solution

Marketing automation is done to automate repetitive task. Like nurturing leads, talking with them, sending emails in bulk etc.

One of the mind blowing fact regarding marketing automation is, it  drives 14.5% rise in sales productivity and 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead. Marketing analysts says, companies that invest in marketing solution see 70% faster sales cycle.

What happens when you don’t communicate enough with your clients?

If this happens, you will not understand, what your prospect want from you.

Try genuinely to get inside the mind of your prospects. You can do this very easily by simply asking them what their biggest concerns are, what’s holding them back from achieving their goals, and so on.

Not Giving Magnetic offers

This is quite challenging, especially for the start-ups. Majority of the section will not going to buy your product on the first visit. You can’t push them to do so, but you can certainly capture their email in exchange of valuable offers.

Solution: What to offer in a magnetic offer and how to attract more leads.

Well the answer here is, The offer gives something very useful to the audience. Mostly, people like to sign up in Free offers. Free reports, Free case studies. But still it matters more, how you structure your offer.

First thing to keep in mind is, craft a benefit-oriented headline. Secondly, it should have certain engaging elements like those are given below:


The speed of your list building depends mostly on the lead magnet. Unattractive lead magnet = very few sign-ups. Attractive lead magnet = tons of sign-ups. It should also have few important things to keep in mind.

  • Deliver Promise: What they’ll get when they subscribe
  • Reason: why you created this and for whom
  • Key points: issues & solutions, could be in bullets
  • Call to action: what they should do next

Remember, do not lie your audience or set false expectations. It will be very painful for them if you don’t give them what you show. They will get out of your site forever. So, it’s better to avoid false claims.

Besides, Giveaways are one of the effective methods to grow lead list. The only thing is, Giveaways should be effectively presented with highlighting product benefits.

Poor Opt-In Form Placement

Visitors become subscribers when they fill their information. But they can’t subscribe if they can’t find where to opt in. But each well-placed opt-in form is another opportunity for a visitor to become an email subscriber.

Solution : Make your opt-in form impossible to miss. The best way to use it, use more opt-in forms at right place on your website. By using FormGet, you can make use of different kind of form trigger and grow your lead list continuously. Here, I have described some of the best location of your form.

Form Location

#The Tabbed Lightbox: Make contact form available from every page….It occupies a small space in the button form. Easily available to every visitor right under the eye. Therefore, your users can contact you from any page of your website. It’s very beneficial. Helps to grow lead list in a lightening speed.

# Top of sidebar: Its the most popular location, available directly under the eye. Easily visible. Take care of the form design features and color to make the stand out form for your site.

#After single post: Placing form at the end of each post can be a good option. It’s not distractive for the readers while reading the post. Therefore, getting the emails without any break in the concentration flow.

#About us Page: No doubt, every website has a contact us page on their website. The only thing is, it should be attractive in lookwise. It should have service related banner image, background image. So that the user find interest to fill it.

Not Giving Visitors a Good Reason to Sign Up: Your visitors won’t sign up to become email subscribers. They want a good reason for it. The benefit they are going to get. It concerns a lot.

Asking for Too Much Personal Information

Visitors wont sign up if you ask unnecessary information or something they dont want to answer or something they feel annoying to answer. Sometimes it happens, they feel unrequired to fill their personal details. Like, asking contact number can be annoying many a times. Once Marketo, an marketing automation company perform a A/B testing on their form,they did three different experiments with form fields. 1 form has 5 fields-that is:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Work Email
  • Job Function (with dropdown menu)
  • Company

In the second form 2 fields gets added-these are, “Employees and Industry” with drop-down menu. And in the nine form field, “Work Phone” and “CRM system” also gets added.

Here is the final result they got from above experiment:

5 form field gives a conversion rate of 13.4%

7 form field gives conversion rate of 12%

9 form field gives conversion rate of 10%

It proves shorter forms are more effective in getting web visitors to complete the conversion.

Stay Away From Email Campaigns Errors

For every 1$ being spent, 44.4$ is the average return on email marketing. 64% of decision-makers read their eMail via mobile devices. 91%of customers check their email once a day.

Not sure how often to email your list? It’s simple really, you should email often when you have something of value to send to them.

But still take care of your user’s accepting nature. You can email once in a week. Or 5 times in a month. I have shared in one of the post that it’s better to share 5 times in a month.

Whatever may be the frequency it should not be annoyed by the user and should give you the value in return.

Run passionate email marketing. Email marketing with maximum interest and participation.

Take care of important things such as:

  • Give proper links. It should have proper space around it. Good for touch screen users. Make those links obvious to the visitors.
  • Use interesting images.
  • Create super-easy to unsubscribe.
  • Follow anti-spam rules and tricks. Don’t do black hat tricks.
  • Keep your text short and easy to understand. With chunks of text in small paragraphs.
  • Use image-alternative text, proper image titles give proper links to images.
  • Keep attach your text version of your email. This is important for recipient with old mobile phones non-computer device.

Not making brand Recognization

It’s about telling your prospects who you are? What you specializes in? What makes you different from others?

Make your subscribers to feel that they are connected to a very strong organization.  Personal Branding is important here. It gives credibility. So while sending emails to your subscribers, make sure you include all the branding elements.

There are various elements that reveals branding:

  1. Logos
  2. Email Signature
  3. A Thank you Page

Your “thank you” page is one of the important pages within your business. It appears as soon as the It  can be made productive in the following manner. You can give include following things in it.

  • Provide option to refer a friend.
  • Show how to track order.
  • Show other related products.
  • Ask user to fill out a feedback survey.
  • Provide a coupon for next purchase.
  • Your company contact details, company site map etc.

Poor/Distractive design of pages

Whether it is about offer page that includes you r product offer or landing page, it has simple lead capture form. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of sales page or landing page first, to engage your visitor. It should have few vital things to keep in mind. Some are given below:

  • Have clarity in defining your message. Say, product-offer-duration. How to access the product etc.
  • Should highlight benefits about your product.
  • Attractive and interesting design. That is, user does not feel clutter while browsing your whole page. Take care of proper alignment.

Poor Management of leads

One of the greatest mistakes occured while managing leads is not managing leads in the manner it has to. That is, clutter-free and quickly. Just imagine a situation; you have 3 different websites, and visitors’ signup from three different networks. You are getting leads from three different directions. Now, look after the bad effects.

Which lead is coming from which site?

  • Move on mail1 to look up queries from site1
  • Move on mail2 to lookup queries from site2
  • Move on mail3 to lookup queries from site3

Another one is to find out-Which one is important lead? Which one is important query? Which leads need to be follow again?

So responsibility rises, of keeping a proper flow while managing the leads.

It can happen. All you need to do is, automate your lead management process. Centralize your data. Keep it safe, and unmissed. According to marketing analysts, Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months.

Not having enough follow-up strategies

Did you know that the average person buys on the 7th contact you have with them? This doesn’t mean you have to send them 7 emails and your job is done. You have to send 20 – 30 times if necessary.

You are not going to promote the same offer within every email, unless you’re a one trick pony that is. Follow-up is crucial to your business. Your offer must be seen by your prospects more than a couple of times. Make sure to schedule follow-up emails. Do optimize email marketing campaigns.

Have An Attached Text-Version

Always have a text-version of your mail attached to your email. This is a critically important for all the recipients with old mobile phones, or any other non-computer devices.

Get Rid of Invalid Email Address

When you buy – or build – a mailing list, there are chances that some email addresses may be invalid. More often than not, it is because those email addresses are not saved properly and having errors.

The first thing to do for improving your email deliverability rate is to get rid of all such invalid email addresses.

If you don’t have valid email address, your email won’t be delivered. So it’ s better to delete it out from your lead list.

Removing subscribers who have not engaged in over a year instantly increases your deliverability rate by 3 to 5%.


Growing email list is not enough, if it does not contains any specific strategy to make the most value out of it.

It’s equally important to manage email list. To make the big task clutter-free. To save time and money . To increase sales.