No matter what a person does throughout his day, but certainly checks his mailbox once in a day. Now,, what could be better for you if he finds your product or service right there saying hello to him..!!

Email marketing stands tall today, businesses need it and are benefited by it too. And for marketing successfully through emails, they need a service that is cheap & reliable, has high deliverability with minimum bounces and allows real-time tracking.

Now, there are numerous email marketing services claiming all the above-mentioned features, but it will be a no wise man’s idea to use them without comparing.

This particular blog pronounces a comparison between two such email marketing services namely MailChimp and MailGet Bolt – email marketing software, where the latter one is comparatively a newer but definitely cheaper and simpler mail client.

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Although many features are similar for both the services, still on a few but important features MailGet Bolt stands taller. Let’s understand them one by one…

Less Pricing: MailGet A MailChimp Alternative

MailChimp has a variable and very complicated pricing. The prices initially vary for every 500 subscribers, then for 200 and then maybe for 1,000 subscribers.

MailChimp offers two distinctive plans, one on the basis of a number of subscribers and the other on the basis of a number of emails sent.

Although there is a free plan for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails, but to it has no add-ons features autoresponders, email client testing, delivery by time zone, and Social Pro, you have to pay $10 extra for them. So it’s a free yet paid subscription.

It is not possible to explain the pricing of MailChimp for every slot here, but for your understanding, here is the price list in a broader sense.

 MailChimp Pricing

As far as pricing of MailGet Bolt is concerned, it is very simple, clear and comparatively very less than MailChimp. With MailGet you can send emails at Highly affordable, 99.02% deliverable & trackable, with drag and drop email creator.

And regarding the number of subscribers MailGet Bolt follows few simple slots. The table below describes the pricing of MailGet Bolt.

A Cheaper and Better Mailchimp Alternative : MailGet Bolt

No Additional Half-Hidden Cost:

May you send world’s best emails, 5 out of hundred recipients will unsubscribe you. Now if you don’t remove them from your list, companies like MailChimp may charge you for such unsubscribers too.

Also, they charge you for duplicate email addresses too, that may get created while segmenting your email list.

MailGet Bolt as an alternative does not charge you either for the unsubscribers or for the duplicate email addresses. So you are saved from such unnecessary costs.

No Re-Subscription Required while Importing Contacts:

While importing contacts in MailChimp will ask you to re-subscribe your contacts while in MailGet Bolt you can directly import your contacts and start sending emails.

Single Opt-in:

MailChimp follows double opt-in  i.e. if you add a person to your email list, he automatically receives an email for confirmation of subscription. If he approves it, then only you can send emails to him.

While in MailGet Bolt you have to opt-in once, i.e. you just have to add a person to your email list and he will start receiving your emails.

As a marketer’s point of view, double opt-in creates a negative edge in product marketing, because there are fair chances that a person may reject your subscription request without even checking out your product.

Whereas in the case of single opt-in, at least for once he comes in contact with your product and then he can make his choice, whether to response or unsubscribe.

To Conclude…

MailGet Bolt is the best solution for businesses that want a cheaper alternative to MailChimp.

It comes with a stunning email builder that creates beautiful emails by just drag and drop options. Also, it has great deliverability and allows complete tracking of your email. And you get all of this at highly affordable prices.