Backup PHP Script are basically designed for people who want to manage database backups, restore points and create auto-scheduled backups for their website content.

As we all know it is very essential to conduct data backups at regular time intervals.

Therefore, here we have defined some PHP scripts that will enable you to automate this complex and time-consuming task.

PHP scripts listed on this blog are capable of storing backups on cloud platforms, you can create full as well as partial backups, auto delete old backups and more.

That is not all these scripts are responsive, cross-browser compatible, and comes loaded with multiple customizations.

So, let’s dive into the script details.

1. Simple Backup Files – PHP Script

Simple Backup Files is an advanced PHP script using which you can simply create backups of web files. It allows you to store them on different cloud platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox.

With this script you can setup details like Backup-Folder, Filename, auto delete, define admin email, Dropbox API and more.

Simple Backup Files Backup PHP Script

Price Plans Offered By Backup PHP Script:-

  • The regular plan of this PHP will charge $19 for basic services, updates, and 6-month support.
  • For the extended plan, you will have to pay $59 and it will include all types of file and database backup facilities.


  • You can easily download backup in the form of ZIP or TAR files by FTP, email, Weblink, and Cloud.
  • With the help of this PHP script, 100% backup of the site data like files and database can be done.
  • Allows you to auto schedule data backups by CronJob. Plus, you can also migrate site content to different Server/Domain with ease.
  • This is a responsive script that allows you to copy backup data to a Dropbox or Google Drive account. It also permits you to share the download link via email.

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2. Multi Database Backup – DbackupeX Pro Script

If you want to handle multiple database backups from a single dashboard then this PHP script will be best for you.

The script offers a login facility as well as multi-user support through which different users can restore or create backups with ease.

In addition, you can also perform auto backups, auto sends backups to FTP servers, create special restores and more.

Multi Database Backup PHP Script

Price Plans Offered By Backup PHP Script:-

  • The first plan of this database backup & restore script will cost you $37.
  • The second plan offered by the script is priced around $295. It includes quality check, advanced features, updates, and support as well.


  • This PHP script allows you to manage, restore and create backups for a different type of databases from a single place.
  • You can schedule auto backups with different time intervals, create a partial backup of files or tables and also conduct partial restore as well.
  • It is compatible with both remote as well as local databases. Plus, you can also deliver email notifications in case of auto backup fails.
  • This script auto deletes the oldest backups available and allows you to mention the maximum number of Local and FTP backups.

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3. Installer & Backup Manager Script

This is one of the best PHP Backup script through which you can effortlessly manage backup, create restore points, migrate website content and perform search & replace operations.

The admin panel helps you apply auto backup of different projects at defined time intervals using the corn settings.

You can also integrate Dropbox through the setting section and easily upload backups.

Installer & Backup Manager PHP Script

Price Plans Offered By Backup PHP Script:-

  • $25 is the price payable for the regular license of this PHP script.
  • The extended license comes with a price tag of $125.


  • You can easily handle previous database backups, make multiple restore points and create database backups at various time intervals.
  • This is a responsive script which is compatible with all latest browsers like IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc.
  • Allows you to perform full site migration from one host to another host with just a few clicks.
  • With this Backup PHP Script, you can conduct search & replace operations on selected database tables or entire tables.

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4. Easy MySQL Backup & Restore – PHP Script

Easy MySQL Backup & Restore is another PHP script which helps you generate different database backups with a single click.

You can create quick backup, manual backup, list backups, upload backups, and more.

It is fully responsive, compatible with different browsers and also allows you to email backup files.

Easy MySQL Backup & Restore PHP Script

Price Plan Offered By Backup PHP Script:-

  • With this script, you get frequent updates, full access over various database backup & restore facilities and other features. All these services will be offered at a price of $9 only.


  • You can create, delete, upload, restore and purge backup files with ease. It also allows you to send backup files via email.
  • Using this script you can list all backups in an easy to navigate structure with the timestamp. You can also delete and download files from the server with a single click.
  • This script is fully compatible with CRON jobs and allows you to take auto backup of a single database or multiple databases.
  • With this PHP script, you can also perform manual backup of a database using the hostname, username, password etc.

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5. Ajax Mysql Database Backup & Restore Script

This is an easy to install Backup PHP Script which holds features like auto backups, drag & drop uploader, Ajax interface, link creator for cronjob, pagination and other options.

Ajax Mysql Database Backup & Restore script helps you reset and copy CronJob Links, plus you can also set a number of backups.

Ajax Mysql Database Backup & Restore Script Backup PHP Script

Price Plans Offered By Backup PHP Script:-

  • Regular license of the script charges $18 for various backup & restore features, updates, browsers compatibility and more.
  • Extended license holds various enhanced features, backup services, and costs you around $95.


  • This responsive PHP script helps you create a backup or restore data files with just a few clicks.
  • It doesn’t require a database to store script options, provides SSL support and Ajax pagination.
  • Allows you to create database dump file backups by Ajax drag & drop or you can fetch files from the system as well.
  • Backup can easily be purge or downloaded with this script. Plus, you can also deactivate old links by resetting the token.

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I hope that now you will definitely find a PHP script that will help you conduct effective database backups.

As all the Backup PHP Scripts defined in this blog are verified and they provide premium services at affordable cost. So, try to pick one which suits all your needs and requirements.

And if you have got any type of doubts or queries, do let us know them through comments below.

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