Are you planning to add a Weather PHP Script to your website?

If yes, then we have got some awesome PHP scripts using which you can add various weather-related details on your website.

We have defined both free as well as premium PHP scripts.

All these scripts are responsive, cross-browser compatible, offer multilingual support and frequent updates.

You can have location based weather details like temperature, humidity, cloudiness, wind speed, sunrise & sunset time and much more.

Plus, these scripts are capable of providing day and hour specific weather forecast as well.

So, without losing any more time let’s get on with these scripts.

1. phpMeteo – Weather Forecast Platform

phpMeteo is a simple Weather PHP Script which allows users to fetch detailed weather information with ease.

They can extract hourly details like weather condition, temperature, humidity, etc for any specific day or location.

The script has also got GeoLite2 for geolocation, various theme customizations, multilingual support along with light and dark interface.

phpMeteo Weather PHP Script

Price Plans Of This Weather PHP Script:-

  • For the regular plan of this script, an amount of $19 is being charged. This plan includes support for 6-months, frequent updates, and multiple weather facilities.
  • The extended plan comes with various advanced features, support, and updates which costs you $104.

Features That Are Offered By phpMeteo:-

  • This script helps you display the current temperature, 5 days forecast, weather evolution along with sunset & sunrise timings.
  • Admin gets the permission to define default locations, temperature units, enable or disable geolocation. Plus, he can also display advertisements in predefined sections provided by this script.
  • Weather evolution is an important feature of this script that comes with an inbuilt graph which allows you to showcase upcoming weather details.
  • An advanced search field is provided for users through which they can fetch the weather reports for more than 200,000 locations present all around the globe.

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2. PHP Happy Weather Widget – Script

This is a responsive weather widget script that provides the latest weather info and allows users to set default locations, city backgrounds, and more.

It also displays date-specific details like humidity, wind, cloudiness, etc on mouse hover on a particular day.

In addition, the script carries 11 font options, 7 language translations, and various animation effects.

Happy Weather Widget Weather PHP Script

Price Plans Of This Weather PHP Script:-

  • First is the regular license which will cost you $10 with all the basic services and weather reporting features.
  • Next is the extended license which has got a price tag of $50. It provides multi-browser support, language translation, Ajax support and more.

Features That Are Offered By Happy Weather Widget:-

  • This script contains auto location detector which is detected via IP address or browser geocoder. It allows you to display the weather details of the user at his/her location.
  • Gives you various setting options through which you can change fonts, apply animation effects, switch languages, forecast weather details in Celsius & Fahrenheit, etc.
  • With this PHP script, you can project weather details of any location like temperature, rain, snow, wind, cloudiness, humidity and more.
  • It also allows users to view weather forecast of last 7 days, 5 days, 3 hours and even the current weather report with all the above details.

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3. All Weather – PHP Script

All Weather is an elegantly designed PHP Script that auto detects user location, allows them to extract hourly info, and provides animated weather icons as well.

You can display weather forecast in 25 different languages, climate details of more than 10 thousand cities and add custom banners.

That is not all, this script also works well with the latest browsers and you can apply various custom settings.

All Weather PHP Script

Price Plans Of This Weather PHP Script:-

  • $11 is the price which is payable for the entry-level features of this PHP weather forecast script.
  • The extended plan with enhanced features and weather information will cost you around $55.

Features That Are Offered By All Weather PHP Script:-

  • All Weather PHP script allows you to display the weather forecast for the current time, next 24 hours & next 7 days.
  • With this PHP script, you get dedicated advertisement section in the footer, header and main areas on a website.
  • Weather details like temperature (°C or °F format), humidity, wind position, sunset & sunrise time, cloud cover, rain possibility, etc can be displayed.
  • Using this script you can add a custom banner, auto detects user location, browser language, add weather graph, and more.

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4. NOAA Weather Grabber – PHP Script

This is one of the best free PHP Weather Script currently available in the market.

With NOAA Weather Grabber you can get current weather, temperature and climate conditions on your website.

You can find all the setup, configuration and other important details well defined on the GitHub website. This simplifies the installation process for non-tech users.

NOAA Weather Grabber Weather PHP Script

Price Plan Of This Weather PHP Script:-

  • NOAA Weather Grabber is a free PHP script which provides various features for weather forecasting and temperature reporting free of charge.

Features That Are Offered By NOAA Weather Grabber Script:-

  • This script extracts weather data from NOAA and delivers weather details for the entire United States only.
  • With this Weather PHP script, you are allowed to show current weather condition, temperature, and other climate details on a website with ease.
  • It is easy to install as all the configuration details are provided with this script. Plus, the script is cross-browser compatible, user-friendly and more.
  • The weather data displayed using this PHP script is refreshed in every 3600 seconds.

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Most of the people are using Weather PHP Scripts to showcase climate details on their website.

As they are easy to implement, loaded with features and offer various customizations.

I hope that after going through this blog, you will also find the script that fulfills all your needs.

Now still, if you have queries related to the Weather Forecast PHP Scripts they feel free to contact us or mention them in your comments below.

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