Don’t you want to see new and past clients coming back to your garden designing agency?

Reports say that 80% of clients connect with any business through web network before heading off to the store. Why not give them that additional push to come in & encounter your garden place themselves?

Email marketing is one channel via which you can engage with the target audience, promote the landscaping services & take a lead against your parallel competitors.

Here is a list of the industry-fitting 6+ best gardening email marketing services for lawn care firms & alike private gardening ventures. They are designed using a customizable email marketing tool – MailGet Bolt. They offer:

  • Drag & Drop Builder: Compose email templates to feature gardening services.
  • No external SMTP connection required to send bulk emails.
  • Email tracking analytics to scrutinize the status of all email campaigns.

1. Email Marketing Service For Lawn Mowing Companies

Garden maintenance agencies can use this top-class & exclusive email marketing service to advertise their lawn mowing skills, offers on gardening facilities on beautiful email templates.

Send these e-templates & text emails to thousands of clients with just a few clicks. This email marketing software promises a 99% inbox email delivery, thus ensuring to maintain a recognizable brand of the lawn mower’s company among the prospects.

Email Marketing Service For Lawn Mowing Companies

Elements Of Lawn Mower Email Marketing Software

  • To create mailing lists of subscribers, you just have to import the contacts manually or upload a CSV file.
  • With the list management feature, supervise bulk of contacts of the buyers, potential clients & the subscribers.
  • All the email templates sent with this email marketing software are completely responsive.

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2. Email Marketing Tool For Gardening Care Service Providers

Connect with the garden owners across a wide orbit of the market through emails & help them in maintaining an aesthetic landscape for their garden. You can provide the subscribers with regular advice & tips on gardening via informative email templates.

This email marketing tool provides an easy to use the builder to add pictures, text, social icons, CTAs & much more according to the business promotion requirements.

Email Marketing Service For Gardening Care

Features Of Gardening Care Email Marketing Software

  • Choose from regular or drip email campaigns on the basis of the launch of new gardening care services.
  • Construct different contact lists according to the gardening care interests of the potential clients.
  • Keep a track of the recipient’s behavior towards the sent email with the email opening, clicking stats displayed on the dashboard.

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3. Email Marketing Software For Gardening Businesses

With this responsive & over the top email marketing software is crafted to fulfill online promotional demands of private & professional gardeners. Inform the clients about gardening methods with the help of pictures, taglines added on the templates & by adding social icons on the templates connect with them on social networks.

Nurture the leads right from the moment of their subscription by sending them automatic welcome & other gardening special emails through autoresponders.

Email Marketing Software For Gardening Businesses

Features Of Gardening Email Marketing Service

  • The list segmentation inbuilt with this email marketing service will enable to build multiple lists of clients on the basis of their gardening choices.
  • One of the highlights of this tool is that you can preview the email templates before it hits the client’s inbox.
  • All the email templates fit into any screen size, thus increasing the chances of engaging more users.

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4. Email Marketing Solution Provider For Backyard Gardeners

Build email templates for kitchen gardens on your own using the custom code editor, use the drag-n-drop builder to customize them or send text only emails with the basic text editor. All these facilities are provided by this email marketing solution, especially for backyard gardeners.

You can send the messages at the time of creation only or schedule the emails to be sent later, at a time when the user is most likely to engage with it.

Email Marketing Service For Backyard Gardeners

Attributes Of Email Marketing Software For Home Farmers

  • Hike up the email opening rates by sending the auto-follow-up feature, which automatically sends emails to those clients who have not opened the emails for the first time.
  • Build well-arranged emailing lists by importing the contacts manually & group them with the list segmentation feature.
  • This email marketing software for home farmers assures that the emails are sent right to the recipient’s inbox.

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5. Vegetable Gardening Email Marketing Solution Provider

This exclusive email marketing solution provider having all highly functional is a must have for vegetable gardeners. They can promote all the vegetable produces with the help of eye-popping e-templates.

Apart from sending templates, you can also use custom code editor to create your own templates with the help of HTML & CSS coding. Preview the emails before sending it to the subscribers & clients.

Email Marketing Service For Vegetable Gardening

Traits Of Email Marketing Software For Vegetable Growers

  • Boost the chances of email opening by sending personalized emails to the customers.
  • Do active promotion of the agro-business by planning the email campaigns to be sent regularly or at fixed time intervals.
  • Embed email subscription forms on other high-profile networks to fetch leads from different demographics.

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6. Email Marketing Service For Natural & Organic Gardeners

Bulk email sending software will not just promote the natural gardening business across the globe, but will also expand the area of the market. With the email templates having pictures & text, do the pictorial promotion of organic farming business.

The email tracking facility will display all the stats regarding email opening, clicking & unopened rates. This helps you to analyze which kind of email works best for which kind of users.

Email Marketing Service For Natural Gardeners

Elements Of Email Marketing For Organic Farmers

  • Provide an easy way to the subscribers to opt out of the mailing service by adding an unsubscribe handle in the email body.
  • There’s no need for an external SMTP connection with this email marketing software to send bulk emails.
  • The software gives complete information about the suspended, bounced & spam users.

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7. Email Marketing Service For Landscapers

Start promoting the landscaping services with the fastest channel, i.e., email marketing. This particular software will help you to design the email templates, send them to millions of contacts & track them on a real time basis with the integrated Google Analytics.

To build up a contacts list just import the contacts manually and classify the subscribers according to their gardening & landscaping choices.

Email Marketing Service For Landscapers

Elements Of Email Marketing Software For Landscape Designers

  • Engage more & more clients with the emails by re-sending the same emails to those contacts who have not responded for the first time.
  • All the email templates can be effectively viewed from any device & any screen.
  • To stand out among the hundreds of emails in the client’s inbox, send the emails with personalized tags.

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Let’s Sum It All Up!

In the face of this digitally connected world, it becomes really difficult for gardening specialist companies to stay ahead in the race with the competitors. Hope this list of exceptional email marketing software for gardening & landscaping businesses will provide you with an online promotional solution that you have been looking for.

All of them are based on MailGet Bolt email marketing software, which can be used by anyone to strategize their own email marketing layout. You just have to login here & begin the whole process.

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