Email marketing books an immediate trip for travel agencies into the inbox of travelers. It’s a well-known fact that email is the best performing channel for ROI, leading the SEO.

As email marketers, we have the opportunity to grab people’s attention, who are constantly browsing the web to find best travel deals & rifling to find tour guides.

Use an unending stream of information to construct an email marketing plan that transforms tourists from daydreamers into real clients.

So, how to convert a boring inbox into a box of revenue for travel business?

  • Share top travel destinations & related special offers on e-templates.
  • Introduce deals with catchy buttons to tempt the users to try the services
  • Grab more bookings with instant news on latest vacation discounts.
  • With the email tracking, revise the campaigns, improve & begin again!

This roundup covers a list of 10+ best travel email marketing services for tourism & tour industry. The software & email newsletter templates are created using a customizable email marketing tool – MailGet Bolt.

Apart from this, if you want to explore more email templates, blogs below will help

1. Off Road Tour Agencies Email Marketing Service

Off road trips & tours are a lifetime dreams for people and using email marketing to promote the same can influence a larger audience to bring more numbers of booking and build the travel business brand.

This email marketing service for travel agencies offers a handy drag & drop builder to compose beautiful email templates featuring all the adventure trip locations. Send these emails to thousands of contacts without much hassle.

Email Marketing Service For Off Road Tour Agencies

Features Of Email Marketing Software For Off Road Trip Planners

  • This email marketing tool assures a high email inbox delivery, thus building up a brand recognition.
  • Send a series of emails at the pre-scheduled time via drip campaign informing the clients about various trip plans & upcoming adventure treks.
  • All the email templates designed with this software are completely responsive & gets customized to any screen size.

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2. Email Marketing Service For Community Tour Organizers

Help large & small communities in planning their vacations, get-togethers by informing about the communal tour organizing skills via bulk emails. This email marketing service allows to customize email templates, send text-only emails or code your own e-templates.

Create huge lists of subscribers by manually importing the contacts or by simply uploading a CSV file. Effectively arrange all the subscribers according to their tourism interests with the help of list management function.

Email Marketing Service For Community Tour Organizers

Features Of Email Marketing Tool For Community Trip Planners

  • Send to the new subscribers automatic welcome & other special offer emails as soon as they sign up using autoresponder features.
  • To reduce the chances of the emails being marked as spam, provide an unsubscribe button in the message body.
  • All the email templates sent with this email marketing tool are completely responsive, thus expanding your reach.

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3. Email Marketing Software For Kayak Tour Service Providers

Advertise the different kayaking services provided by your adventure sports company among millions of customers via emails and that too in one go with this email marketing service.

Deliver the emails at that particular moment only or pre-schedule them to be delivered at a later point of time using drip emails. Sending this series of emails is a very smart technique to target the clients just at a time when a kayaking service is about to be launched.

Email Marketing Service For Kayak Tour Agencies

Traits Of Email Marketing Tool Kayak Tour Agencies

  • To hike the email opening & conversion rates, resend the same email to those users who have not opened the emails for the first time with auto-follow-up.
  • Collect numerous leads & arrange the contacts of kayak trip lovers in various segments for maintaining a healthy database.
  • Send email templates, text emails or compose your own customized templates easily with the handy builder tools.

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4. Email Marketing Software For Sightseeing On The Go Planners

To get a high ROI, you need a fast and result-oriented email marketing service, that not just dispatches the emails right into the prospect’s inbox, but also is attractive in appearance.

This email marketing software will provide an ease with email building & deliver it a bulk of contacts with just a few clicks. You can schedule the emails to be sent a later point of time when the user is most likely to engage with the message.

Email Marketing Software For Sightseeing On The Go Planners

Elements Of Email Marketing Tool For Sightseeing On The Go Organizers

  • Rectify the error made in the emails before it hits client’s inbox with the email inbox preview.
  • Promote the travel destinations with location pictures, CTAs & with catchy text offers.
  • Target the audience according to what it is looking for by proper segmentation.

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5. Email Marketing Software For Vacation Services

Email marketing is a top class promotional tactic to flourish the vacation service & grow the tour business worldwide. The vacation service email marketing software enables to conduct email campaigns for the advertisement of the dedicated tour services.

Schedule the emails according to the different seasons, upcoming offers, so that the emails reach the subscribers at a peak time of vacations & will tempt them to try the services.

Email Marketing Software For Vacation Services

Traits Of Email Marketing Tool For Vacation Planners & Managers

  • Upload a huge number of contacts just by importing the contacts manually or by uploading a CSV file.
  • To send the users exactly what they are looking for by first classifying on the basis of their vacation demands using the list segmentation feature.
  • Deliver thousands of emails with personalized tags without personalizing each email individually.

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6. Email Marketing Service For Adventure Trip Managers

Reach the people who love to go on adventure trips through their email inbox & promote all the tour facilities that you offer, so as to convert them into your regular customer. This email marketing service is specially crafted to fulfill the demands of travel agents, trekking organizers & all alike firms.

To stand out among the hundreds of emails in the subscriber’s inbox, send the emails with personalized tags. This will give them a sense of recognition & tempt them to open the emails.

Email Marketing Service For Adventure Trips Managers

Features Of Email Marketing Tool For Adventure Holiday Companies

  • Effortlessly grow the travel agency’s subscribers list by embedding email sign-up forms on various high-profile websites.
  • Set up regular or drip email campaigns to inform the crowd about adventurous locations & sites in a systematic manner.
  • Compose stunning email templates with pictures of adventure treks, catchy taglines, social icons & much more.

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7. Email Marketing Service For Tourist & Holiday Centers

Running a holiday destination in itself is a backbreaking task & so to promote the business amidst the right bunch of audience, you need a foolproof solution. This email marketing service is the key to this problem.

You can build email templates on your own using HTML coding, send text emails or just use the pre-fabricated e-templates and customize them by simply drag-n-drop facility. Send these emails to millions of contacts & with the email tracking, keep an eye on the campaigns

Email Marketing Service For Tourist Centers

Features Of Email Marketing Software For Tourist Places

  • This email marketing software gives complete information about the bounced, unsubscribed email addresses.
  • Provide an unsubscribe link in the email body, so as to reduce the chances of emails being marked spam.
  • Keep a pre-written set of emails and pre-schedule them to be delivered at a set time & date via drips.

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8. Email Marketing Tool For Holiday Camping & Hiking Organizers

Email marketing is the best way to grab opportunities & more deals on holiday planning services, as it takes the business service right into the client’s hands & fingertips via their emails.

Appealing emails with beautiful holiday camping sites pictures, deals on them are an impactful way to grab the recipient’s attention. Send the emails to a wide orbit of users & with the Google Analytics feature, follow the success rates of the emails.

Email Marketing Tool For Holiday Camping Organizers

Traits Of Email Marketing Tool For Holiday Camping Planners

  • Classify the users according to where they want to go for their vacations & send them only targeted emails.
  • Build responsive email templates to showcase the camping locations with the easy to use email builder.
  • Use the drip emailing feature to send a series of pre-scheduled emails on the basis of upcoming holidays.

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9. Email Marketing Solution Provider For Retreat Planners

Using email marketing is the smartest solution to advertise the retreat organizing business across hundreds of potential customers. This email marketing solution will deliver the promotional emails right into the client’s inbox, thus building up the agency’s brand.

Grab the attention in one go with alluring pictures, headings, links & much more added in the email templates. Use the regular or drip campaign to send the emails in one go or in a scheduled way.

Email Marketing Service For Retreat Planners

Features Of Email Marketing Service For Retreat Vacation Organizers

  • Composing a well-arranged database of contacts is very easy by manually importing the contacts.
  • Proper segmentation will help to provide the right message to the right people, which automatically increases the chances of conversion.
  • All the email templates sent with this email marketing software can be effectively viewed from any handy device.

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10. Email Marketing Software For Tourist Guides

It’s very difficult for travel guides to fling their services to tourists & travelers, with them being completely unknown about your services. This email marketing service will help to conduct bulk email campaigns & fetch people to subscribe for your travel & tour escort facilities.

Connect the email sign-up forms with the autoresponder feature, which can be used to send automatic welcome or special holiday offer emails to the clients as soon as they sign up.

Email Marketing Software For Travel Guides

Features Of Email Marketing Tool For Tour & Vacation Escorts

  • Schedule the email to be sent later in accordance with the launch of any new tour guide service.
  • Email marketing personalization is a smart technique to unknowingly grab the prospect’s attention.
  • With the integrated email tracking feature, analyze the performance of the recipients & rectify the errors made.

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11. Email Marketing Service For Traveling Accessories Retailers

If you are running a business, which deals in traveling kits & other accessories, then you need some advanced email marketing service, that is not just quick but also targets the right audience.

You can send bulk email templates, monitor them on a real time basis & resend the same emails to those subscribers who have not opened the emails for the first time.

Email Marketing Service For Traveling Accessories Retailers

Features Of Email Marketing Service For Travel Kits & Essentials Traders

  • With email marketing personalization, send emails to a huge crowd without being bothered of personalizing each message.
  • Inform the customers about different kinds of travel kits available at the shop with their pictures, discount offers on them on the email templates.
  • Increase the chances of user engagement by sending auto-follow-up emails.

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Ending Words!

Email marketing demands no technical knowledge & still is able to cope up with the challenges of online promotion. Explore this roundup of email marketing services & software to find a solution to the unending questionnaire of marketing & having a lead over the competitors.

As said in the beginning, that these services are based on a tool – MailGet Bolt. This easy to use software allows to plan, manage & execute a fresh email marketing strategy from scratch, and if you want to do that, then click here.

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