What Are The Paraphrasing Tools?

Paraphrasing tools are basically used to rewrite the articles differently and produce unique content. This is the easiest way to create several articles perfectly in very less time.

These software are usually called article spinner, text rewriters, reword generators, sentence rephrasers, etc.

Best Paraphrasing Tool

Why Do We Need Paraphrasing Tools?

Let’s say you have to rephrase multiple articles.

If done single-handedly, this process may take a lot of time & efforts!

At this point, you’ll feel the need for some external help.

And here comes the use of paraphrasing tools.

Acknowledge -> Organize -> Abstract…!!!

Three easy steps to generate your content in no time. Isn’t it great?

In this blog, we are going to highlight some of the best online paraphrasing tools for content writing. The list contains both free & paid software so you can choose what suits best.

1. Free Online Article Rewriter By Prepost SEO:-

Prepost SEO - Best Paraphrasing Tools

Rating- 4.0/5.0

Pricing- Free

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PrepostSEO article re-writer is one of the free online paraphrasing tools that contains millions of synonyms which is very useful for creating unique content. Additionally, it provides you the ability to present the content with zero grammatical issues.

It will spin your articles in a few minutes where you can also choose words for the content from the given suggestions. All you need to do is, paste the desired content, & it will provide you with the spun text.


  • Plagiarism Free Content- PrePost SEO article rewriter comes with a plagiarism checker tool to check uniqueness of your content. Also, it provides you the ability to improve the grammar of the content.
  • Uploading Files- You can upload the content through the doc, PDF and other file formats that need to be altered. Further, you can easily download the new article.
  • Customization- It empowers you to customize the text according to your choice. This tool suggests multiple synonyms for the words so the outcome can be unique & engaging.

Prepostseo - Best paraphrasing Tool

2. Article Rewriter Pro By SEOToolStation:-

SEOToolStation - Best Paraphrasing Tools

Rating- 4.3/5.0

Pricing- Free

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This article rewriter is a great tool for bloggers, content writers & developers to paraphrase their article. If you want to make 100% plagiarism free content, this tool is the best option for you.

In addition, it helps you to rectify grammatical mistakes from the content. This free paraphrasing tool provides you various important features to build an ideal content.


  • No Sign-Up/Registration- For using this online text rewriting tool, you don’t need any kind of registration or sign-up. It gives you high-quality content without any hassle.
  • Multilingual Functionality- It supports 7 global languages for your content. This means you can select the output in any of the given languages like English, Dutch, Spanish, German, etc.
  • Browsers Compatibility- This best paraphrasing tool is compatible with all modern browsers like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Seotoolstation- Best paraphrasing Tool

3. Article Rewriter By Small SEO Tools:-

Small SEO Tools - Best Paraphrasing Tools

Rating- 4.0/5.0

Pricing- Free

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Article Rewriter is an online text rewriting tool that replaces the original words & text by suitable synonyms. Furthermore, it includes a Captcha code to verify human users.

This article spinner tool provides the most unique & authentic content which is quite easy to understand. It comprises of the advanced technologies to automatically rewrite your article/blogs with perfection.


  • High-speed Performance- This tool takes a minimum time to spin or rewrite the content. With this automatic article rewriter, you get high-quality content in a few seconds only.
  • Improve Writing Skills- If you’re not that good in English or writing skill, then this tool helps you by providing multiple synonyms as a suggestion for the content.
  • SEO Ready- Article rewriter lets you convert your text into search engine optimized contents. In this way, you can drive more traffic and boost the overall SEO rank of the website.

SmallSEOTools - Best paraphrasing Tool

4. Chimp Rewriter:-

Chimp Rewriter - Best Paraphrasing Tools

Rating- 4.2/5.0

Pricing- $15/month

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If you are looking for online text rewriting tool that helps you to create human-readable content for your website, Chimp Rewriter is going to be a great helping hand for you.

Furthermore,  it uses Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing(NLP) to reproduce the paragraphs & sentences of the content with the same meaning.


  • Software Algorithms- It uses the most approved SEO algorithms & programming metrics to scan article & provides an unrepeatable article.
  • In-built thesaurus- Chimp Rewriter helps you to choose synonym that makes sense related to the word. It contains an in-built thesaurus that helps you add up most suitable text.
  • Images & Videos Integration- It lets users insert content along with videos and images to the editor from various platforms.

Chimp Rewriter - Best paraphrasing Tool

Pricing Details –

Chimp Rewriter offers free & paid options for the subscribers. The paid plans will facilitate you with features like 1500 API requests/month, any time opt-out option, free software updates, etc.

Following are the paid schemes for subscriptions that will fit your budget:

Plan A- You can buy this scheme to rewrite articles at the cost of $15 per month only.

Plan B- This plan costs $99 per year for spinning content instead of rewording words only.

5. Spin Rewriter:-

Spin Rewriter - Best Paraphrasing Tools

Rating- 3.4/5.0

Pricing- $47/month

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Spin Rewriter is one the popular online article spinner tool that provides you pretty good paraphrasing results. Its Emulated natural language (ENL) spinning technology produces the highest-quality contents.

Additionally, ENL technology provides you superior features such as the thesaurus, spell-checker, translation & many more to spin content in a notable manner.


  • Spintax Included- This tool supports most popular spintax styles to automatically generate articles with different words.
  • SEO Tools Integration- You can integrate this software with some of the most advanced SEO tools such as RankCypher, Ultimate Demon, GSA Ser & many more through its API.
  • Ultimate Spinning- In this tool, you can have the paragraph & sentence level spinning as well. You can mold the sentences in order to make your article exclusive.

Spin Rewriter - Best paraphrasing Tool

Pricing Details –

Monthly Plan- This plan is priced at $47 per month to rewrite infinite articles with advanced features like ENL spinning algorithm, mass export, etc.

Annual Plan- $77 will be charged yearly for spinning articles with 5 days free trial. Also, you get a bonus of video module & five free BCN article of this software with a 60% discount.

Lifetime Plan- With this lifetime license, you can generate unlimited articles at a price of $497. Additionally, it comes with bulk spinning features for bloggers, writers & any kind of website developers.

Additionally, this tool offers you the 30-day money back guarantee even after 5 days of the free trial.

6. WordAi:-

WordAi - Best Paraphrasing Tools

Rating- 4.2/5.0

Pricing- $49.95/month

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WordAi is a popular article rewriter tool through which you can rephrase the content. It uses artificial intelligence for understanding words & rewriting them like a pro.

Additionally, the rewriting process of this service is automated & gives you slightly different changes with each spin.


  • Bulk Paraphrasing: WordAi has the ability to generate thousands of articles in just a few minutes with the utmost proficiency.
  • Title Provider:
    WordAi helps you to provide a unique and suitable title for the content as well. A relevant title always helps to specify what the article is about in a better way.
  • Supports Four Languages: This best article spinner tool supports French, Italian & Spanish besides English. So, you can create high-quality & unique content for global users.

WordAi - Best paraphrasing Tool

Pricing Details-

There are two kinds of pricing plans for this best spinning tool with amazing features like more synonyms, multilingualism, automatic rephrases, etc. Also, you can start with its free trial for 3 days.

Turning Plan- With this plan, you can rewrite multiple contents at the subscription cost of $49.95/month only.

Standard Plan- You can buy an annual subscription at the cost of $347/year to create high-quality content as an automatic article rewriter.

Final Words-

Here in this article, we have mentioned the top paraphrasing tools that will fulfill all your needs & give you the best opportunity to enhance your writing experience.

If you’re still not sure which paraphrasing tool is right for you, my advice is to create a free trial with one of the tools and see if it is right for you.

For any queries or suggestions related to the services that are mentioned above, feel free to get in touch with us by commenting below.