Find LinkedIn profile by email with the help of data enrichment tools.

Knowing your potential customer is a tough task?


Enriched your lead data & will get to know everything about them.

But how exactly will you get enriched data?

In this post, I have accumulated Data enrichment tools through which you can not only find person’s LinkedIn profile by their email address but also get other social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, & many others with ease.

And, you will get everything about the person including name, age, gender, location,  job profile, company size, & much more at your fingertips.

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Let’s take a deep dive into the data enrichment tools one by one:-

1. Clearbit | Find LinkedIn Profile By Email

Clearbit is wondrous data enrichment solution through which you can seek people information from multiple social websites at once. With Clearbit, you can fetch data such as social media accounts, personal, educational & professional information with ease.



  • In addition, this lead enrichment software can be connected with SalesForce, Zapier, Marketo, Slack, Segment and many other services.
  • When you enter person’s email address & hit the search button then Clearbit extracts additional information about the person such as name, gender, social media accounts, professional profiles and a lot more.
  • Clearbit social profile search engine works with an only email address. By using person’s email address you can retrieve all information associated with that email.


The Plan A will charge $99 for 2500 lead information.

Under this plan, the charges would be $149 where the user can search data of 5000 leads.

In this plan, you would be charged $199 per month in which the user will get 10,000 lead details.

Note:- If you are using marketing automation tools such as Salesforce & Marketo then Clearbit will charge you $499 for a single month.

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2. Pipl:-

Pipl is an advanced social media search engine which converts any email address, phone number, & name into complete lead information. This is the most popular lead enrichment software which is used globally for finding lead information.



  • Pipl people search engine scours someone’s profiles on the web through an email address, social username or phone number.
  • With the Pipl search engine, you can upload a list of email address and start searching person’s information in bulk.
  • In a few clicks, you will get a clear picture of your lead at your fingertips. The software doesn’t require any technical skill or knowledge.


In the Plan A, you have to pay $99 where you can find 200 matches in a month.

Under the Plan B, you will charge $199 in a month where the user can search 500 matches.

Plan C will charge $299 where you can seek unlimited matches in a month.

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3. Been verified | Get LinkedIn Profile By Email

Another interesting & popular social profile search engine is BeenVerified which extract lead information in a few min through an email address, phone number, or residential area.



  • With the help of  BeenVerified, you can find people age, location, property records, social media details and professional information effortlessly.
  • BeenVerified is the only tool which provides a criminal history of the person that will help you to understand the person & deal with them accordingly.
  • The results which are generated by BeenVerified lead enrichment software is very accurate and display it in the understandable form.


In $26.89, you will get 1-month membership where the user can search person’s name, address, age, location, phone number, photos, social media account and a lot more.

BeenVerified offers 3-month membership in $17.48 where the user will get person’s name, address, age, location, phone number, photos, social media account and more.

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4. FullContact:-

FullContact is an amazing data enrichment software through which you can hunt people professional profiles & social accounts – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc with ease.



  • FullContact social profile search engine acts with an email address, twitter handle, or phone number.
  • Moreover, the software provides person’s additional details such as person’s name, job data, company, size, gravatar and a lot more.
  • The software fetches complete information of the person from the social web & returns in the form of HTML, XML, or JSON languages.


FullContact offers a free plan where you will find 100 matches.

Starter Plan:– The starter plan will charge you $99 for 2500 matches. Here, you will get person matches, company matches, & data add-ons.

Plus Plan:– Under the plus plan, you would be charged $299 for 15000 matches where you will get person matches, company matches, & data add-on.

Premium Plan:– In the premium plan, you have to pay $499 where the user can find 50,000 matches in a month which includes person matches, company matches, data add-ons and various other features.

Enterprise Plan:– For enterprise plan, you have to contact the FullContact sales team.

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5. MailGet Enricher | Get 1000 LinkedIn Profiles At $19

MailGet Enricher is a reliable data enrichment tool through which you can enrich leads data in a few minutes. All you have do is to enter an email address of the person & the software transforms a single piece of data into a complete person’s profile.

The software is used and trusted by a number of giant companies like Cisco, Avaya, ISKCON, theguardian and many others.


  • The respective software gives additional information about the individual such as name, job data, age range, social channels & much more. All these information help you to understand the person in a much better way.
  • MailGet Enricher profile search engine finds lead information in bulk. You just have to upload the list of email address and the software will retrieve all information at once.
  • By knowing your lead you can initiate interactive conversation with them that will help you in developing a better relationship with the customer.



MailGet Enricher data enrichment tool offers multiple plans which is based on the number of leads, so you can choose a plan according to your needs & requirements.

The pricing starts from $19 where the user will find out 1000 lead information in a month.

Under the second plan, you have to pay $99 for 5000 leads information.

The next plan would be charged $175 where you can search 10,000 leads data.

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After tried a lot of lead enrichment software, I found MailGet Enricher is the best software. As it finds lead information in bulk and gives accurate results in just 2 cents/lead. The amazing thing is that it is the cheapest software in comparison to other services. Along with it, you can increase the open rate up to 55%.
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Above mentioned data enrichment tools are reliable through which you can easily scour person’s social & professional information in a few seconds. They retrieve all information from the social web like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest & prepared a comprehensive report on the person that will help you to understand the person in a much better way.

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