Capturing precious moments of our lives requires professional and steady hands. What’s better than a prime photographer like you?

But are you finding it difficult to publicize your photography skills & services, due to which you aren’t getting any service requests from your potential and existing customers?

For the purpose of helping all the miserable lensmen & photographers, MailGet Bolt – an email marketing service, facilitates sending of various email templates.

The e-templates has been benefiting in following ways –


All the email templates can be accessed either on phones, tablets or laptops because of their responsive nature.


The inexpensive e-templates have been known to replace the old costly promotional means like newspaper ads and flyers.

Time Saver

It also provides the option to automated your email campaigns, hence reducing your workload and saves your time.

Since you are already far behind in terms of your deserved success, we have compiled a list of MailGet Bolt’s best photographer email templates, so that you can quickly glance, select it and boost up your photography business.

Make a grand entrance in the cameraman’s business world with the help of 9+ Best Photographer Email Marketing Services For Photography Studios, Filmmakers & Fashion Photographers.

1. Best Email Template For Fashion Photographers

Send this attractive email template, designed for fashion photographers like you and prepare to cater your client’s request. The template construction is achieved with a powerful email builder tool – drag & drop builder. It provides the simplicity of dragging a required field (text, images, button, etc.) and place them in the template designing area.

Fashion Photography Email Template

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2. Responsive Email Template For Photography Studios

The email template for photography studios has been tested and it works out great in bringing the targeted audience at your doorsteps. The email template is transmitted with the whopping 99% inbox delivery rate. With this amount of delivery rate, you can effectively reach your client’s inbox and inform them about your photo-studio services.

Photography Studio Email Template

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3. New Email Template For Cinematographers

Email template for cinematographers and cameramen is surely a synonym of success for the services that you are willing to provide. The e-template is packed with email tracking feature where you would be able to track the open and clicked rates of your clientele. The effective tracking can help you in devising strong strategies for customer targeting.

Cinematographer Email Template

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4. Latest Email Template For Wedding Photographers

With this email template, you can overwhelm your clients with the tempting discount offers on your wedding photography services. Drip emailing mechanism is an automated process where you get to send different or same email campaigns to your subscribers on a regular interval, informing them about the latest trend in the photography world.

Wedding Photographer Email Template

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5. Brand New Email Template For Underwater Photographing Services

Expand your special skill of underwater photography with the help of this email template, crafted specifically for this purpose. While you are busy diving and clicking candid photos, your newly registered customers will be greeted with a welcome email as soon as he/she subscribes to your services. This is achieved with the help of auto responding functionality.

Underwater Photography Email Template

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6. Top Email Template For Nature & Landscape Photographers

The most effective and impressive means to boost up your nature photography services is this email template. The shareability options is what it makes this template an influential method of business promotion. The e-template design can contain an array of various social media icons, hence ensuring advertising on social platforms.

Nature Photography Email Template

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7. Improved Email Template For Professional Photography Services & Studios

By using this email template, you can bring your professional photography studio and services in the limelight. This email template facilitates the option of adding a subscription form to its layout. Through this form, you can either collect various prospective leads or you can allow your subscribers to book your services in advance.

Professional Photography Email Template

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8. Email Template For Photo Exhibition Galleries & Art Galleries

Photo exhibition and art gallery owners can send this attractive email template to various users in order to publicize your exhibition house. The mass email sending process is often a tiresome and heavy task, but the list management functionality makes it an easy work. With this awesome feature, you can create and select a list of diverse group of clients for mass email transmissions.

Photo Exhibition Email Template

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9. Customizable Email Template For Wildlife Photographers

All the wildlife photographers will be blessed with success and prosperity when they start receiving various offers from safari companies, after sending attractive email templates, showcasing your photography skills. The built-in auto follow up emailing feature enables you to automatically resend the e-templates to those who haven’t yet opened them, after a regular interval.

Wildlife Photographer Email Template

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10. Supreme Email Template For Photo Magazines Publishers & Magazine Bloggers

Through this email template, you can target your existing and potential customers by sending weekly/monthly newsletter of your photo magazine. The fruitful targeting can be accomplished by first sorting out the emailing list. To your happiness, this email template comes with a subscriber segmentation feature.

Photographer Email Templates

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All the above e-templates are guaranteed to boost up your photography business as MailGet Bolt is known to provide satisfactory email templates to its users.

But if you desire to design your own personalized email template, you can simply sign-up free with MailGet Bolt to do it.

We hope that by now you are well versed in the basics of email marketing services. But if you are also looking for some other businesses like charity, taxi companies, etc., then we provide email marketing for those and other services too.

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