Inspite of all the efforts, are you facing trouble expressing your views and thoughts through your blogging portal?


Are you finding it difficult to generate a desirable audience for your blogging website?

With the ever so changing world, everybody opts for new services and experiences. But before that, they hop onto various reviewer’s, critics and blogger’s website to know what experts and bloggers like you had to say about it.

Noticeably you aren’t satisfied with the traffic generated on your blogging platform because if you were, you wouldn’t be here in the first place.

So, to combat this issue we suggest you to start using email templates provided by MailGet Bolt – email marketing tool, as it is beneficial in following ways –


The email templates have the ability to transform itself according to the screen that it is being accessed on.

Time Saver

The automatic mass email transmission mechanism allows you to focus on other important activities.


Since it is highly affordable, you can save up your money or invest it in other relevant tasks.

Contemplating your lost time and funds, we have compiled a list of 9+ best blogger email templates that you can use effectively for your blogging business.

Note – All the email templates is the artwork of Drag & Drop email builder.

Promote and reinforce your blogging website, portal and business with the help of 9+ Best Blogger Email Marketing Services For Travel & Fashion Blogs, Digital Bloggers & Film Critics.

1. Latest Email Template For Fashion Bloggers

The newly constructed email template, dedicated just for fashion blogging portals is a sure-shot means to revamp your blogging business. The template incorporates effective email tracking feature, which helps you to monitor open and clicked rates. With the proper observations, you can very easily devise new marketing strategies.

Fashion Blogger Email Template

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2. New Email Templates For Travel Bloggers & Influencers

Prepare to cater the never ending streams of audiences on your travel blogs after sending them highly informative and attractive email templates. The charm effects can be added to the email with the help of a powerful email building tool – drag & drop builder. All you need to do is drag the required field (text, images, buttons, etc.) and place them in the template’s layout.

Travel Blogger Email Template

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3. Best Email Template For Recipe Bloggers & Food Critics

Through this email template, every recipe and food blogger can promote its blogs by sending e-templates with mouth-watering recipes. With the assured 99% inbox delivery, you can reach out to almost every inbox of your subscribers. This much delivery rate will surely help you in converting leads in loyal customers.

Food Blogger Email Template

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4. Responsive Email Template For Photography Bloggers

Send multiple email templates to your potential & existing readers/fans and promote your photography blogging website. Despite your busy life schedule, you can still maintain a healthy communication with your subscribers with the help of drip emailing mechanism. You just have to set a trigger date/time on various email campaigns and watch them get transmitted.

Photography Blogger Email Template

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5. Brand New Email Template For Social Media Bloggers

In order to productively promote your social media blogs, you can send our new email template, designed specifically for this purpose. With the subscriber segmentation feature, you can effortlessly categorize your emailing list based on the recipient’s needs and requirements. This helps in sending relevant content to the corresponding subscriber.

Social Media Blogger Email Template

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6. Top Email Template For Digital Marketing Bloggers

The new design of email template will take your digital marketing blogs, views and ideas to the new level, just like you had desired for. The auto-responding emails are the quickest way to woo you newly registered subscribers i.e. as soon as they sign up at your website, they can receive a welcome auto email because of this feature.

Digital Marketing Blogger Email Template

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7. Supreme Email Template For Corporate Bloggers

Promotion of your corporate blogging e-portal is so easy now because of this email template. The template packs a highly powerful feature – list management. This function allows you to maintain a healthy list of your client’s contact information. If you are busy with some other works, you can quickly synchronize your contact with a CSV file, by importing all the contacts stored in it.

Corporate Blogger Email Template

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8. Improved Email Template For Sports Bloggers & Reviewers

All the sports reporters, reviewers and bloggers can now strengthen their website by generating ample traffic on it. Also, in order to provide relevant content to the corresponding audiences, this template allows you to segmentize your subscribers. Now, your fans and readers are bound to get frequent updates about their favorite sports.

Sports Blogger Email Template

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9. Ideal Email Template For Film Critics & Analyzers

Provide a genuine short review of a movie in your email template, ultimately creating an interest and inviting them to your film analyzing blogging website. With help of personalized tags, you can give a little bit of personal touch in your template. Tags like {firstname},{lastname}, etc. can help you mention your subscriber’s first or last name.

Film Blogger Email Template

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10. Perfect Email Template For Art Bloggers

The email template crafted for art bloggers will help in advertising your art knowledge and tips, published in the form of blogs on your website. The email scheduling feature allows you to stay in constant touch with your clients and readers. This is a time-saver feature as you only have to set a transmission date/time on your email campaigns.

Art Blogger Email Template

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We all know, you guys are good at creating captivating blogs and with the help of our email templates, you are bound to get on the path of success.

Although, the email templates are charming enough, still if you want to design it yourself, you can do it through MailGet Bolt.

We now hope that you have been familiarized with the basics of e-marketing services.

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