With the dawn of technological age, email marketing has blasted its way to the front in the marketplace.

Because of its high efficacy, cost-effectiveness and multiple integrated features, various restaurant owners have now opted for email templates, an effective means that comes with email marketing services to draw hungry customers at their cafeteria’s doorsteps.

But, this doesn’t end the tedious task of email templates designing. So, to lend a helping hand in order to reduce your workload, we are showcasing our finest, visually attractive and 100% responsive email templates for cafeterias, food points, restaurants, eateries, etc.

In order to bring to your attention, all the below-listed email templates are designed using our handy tool i.e Drag and Drop email builder. All you have to do is drag required fields (text, image, heading, etc.) and place them in the template designing area.

In the end, all the attractive email templates will be useful in –

  • Drawing massive groups of food lovers at your restaurants.
  • Efficient brand promotion of your food point because of social media shareability options in the e-template.

If you like to create such stunning emails templates on your own then try MailGet Bolt – email marketing tool.

Check out here some of the amazing email marketing services that helps to broaden your business brand

Restaurant Email Marketing Services For Hotels, Cafeterias & Eating Houses

1. Attractive Email Template For Restaurants & Food Outlets

A perfectly unique e-template which will be beneficial in showcasing your restaurant’s services and also current exciting offers on various dishes. Due to its impeccable design factor, you are guaranteed to get more open & clicked rates, which will be helpful in generating a healthy traffic on your restaurant’s website.

Restaurants Templates

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2. Pleasing Email Template For Bakeries, Pastries & Cakes Shops

Behold our new handpicked email template for pastries, donuts shops, and bakeries. Because of this template, you can effectively promote your bakery and baked goods by getting 99% inbox delivery surety. And, by wisely timing the triggering of this email template through drip emailing feature, you are ensured to get maximum open rate.

Bakery Shops Templates

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3. Charming Email Template For Chinese & Asian Food Joints

Entice your Asian food lovers with highly responsive email templates which describe your new discount offers and also provides social media shareability. This sharing medium will be beneficial in generating large leads for your Chinese restaurant, with the hope of converting them into loyal customers and yielding maximum profits.

Chinese Restaurant Template

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4. Highly Customizable Email Template For French Fries Sellers & Shop Owners

Bombard your existing and potential customer’s inbox with this email template in order to promote your french fries restaurant. Because of it’s easy to design feature via drag & drop builder, you can effortlessly craft attractive template and share daily discount offers on your various french fries options.

French Fries Shop Template

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5. Irresistibly Best Email Template For Burger, Hot-Dog Shops & Snacks Corner

This multi-purpose email template will surely be the sole reason to boom your burger and hot-dog business because of its simple design. When clubbed with email scheduling feature, you can reach your customers at the optimal time when the possibility of email opening is maximum.

Burger Shop Template

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6. Latest Email Template For Italian Restaurants

With the help of our new email template designed specifically for Italian restos, you can take your business to new heights in the marketing arena. This e-template facilitates email tracking which further enables you to devise effective marketing strategies in order to bring in large customer traffic.

Italian Restaurant Template

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7. Responsive Email Template For Fast Food Restaurants & Joints

Email template for fast food points and restaurants is definitely a synonym for success. With the assured 99% inbox delivery rate, your business is destined to serve e-menu with the help of visually attractive email templates. Since, fast foods as prepared in minutes, similarly, you can craft responsive e-templates with the help of drag & drop builder.

Fast Food Restaurant Template

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8. New Email Template For Vegetarian Resto & Vegan Restaurants

Expand your vegetarian food restaurant by sending promotional email templates for vegan food points. This mass transmission of email templates can be achieved with the help of drip emails and email scheduler functionality. This way, you can effectively target your vegan food lovers so that your establishment is the first thing they think of while going out for meals.

Vegetarian Restaurant Template

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9. Top Email Template For Mexican & Hispanic Restaurants

The custom made email template for Mexican restaurant owners can be used to effectively promote your business. Not only this, you can easily craft various templates through drag & drop builder with apt subject lines and ultimately use this to target your segmented group of customers.

Mexican Restaurant Template

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10. Brand New Email Template For Local Food Points & Locavore Restaurants

This email template has been made with the sole purpose to advertise your local restaurant. The email template is designed with a powerful tool – drag & drop builder, which can effortlessly craft your local food mini e-menus. Also, you can track your sent email template’s stats like opened and clicked rates, which will be further helpful in making strategies to draw large traffic at your website.

Locavore Restaurant Template

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11. Multi-Purpose Email Template For Non-Vegetarian Restaurants & Eateries

Target your non-vegetarian food lovers with the help of this responsive email template. The design of this e-template tempts your customers to book tables at your diner with the help of a call-to-action button integrated into the template itself. Also, the template allows you to track the real-time user behaviors like whether they have open or clicked on your template for seat booking.

NonVeg Restaurant Template

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With the above listed classy email templates, we hope that you would now be able to expand and promote your restaurant and food point businesses.

All these templates are built using our email builder which is the most stunning feature of MailGet Bolt – a perfect & cheap email marketing tool.

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