Do you feel lost in the brainstorming process for strengthening your moto taxi and cabs business?

The competition in taxi and cab businesses has gotten to a point where any loose steps can cause the downfall of your transportation business.

So to enroot your position in the transportation market, we would like to suggest you email marketing services.

What makes email marketing so productive is the effectiveness of email templates used for various purposes.

Like, you can use e-templates for –

  • Influential brand promotion of your cab services.
  • Offer discount codes to your regular customers.
  • Send automated payment receipts.

Now, you might be wondering how can a simple transportation business manager design and send visually attractive and informative email templates.

To your rescue, we are exhibiting our latest email templates for taxi, cabs and transportation businesses. But if you want to design your own templates, you can do so by using MailGet Bolt.

Have a look at some of the newest email marketing services that would help you to expand and advertise your transportation business.

9+ Best Taxi Services Email Marketing Software For Cab Booking Agencies

1. Responsive Email Template For Carpooling Agencies & Cab Sharing Services

By using this email template, you are guaranteed to enter the marketing world by storm. The template is effective in the brand promotion along with other purposes. The easy drag & drop email designing process allows quick template construction and tempts users to open and click on emails, which ensures decent visitors traffic on your carpooling services’ website.

Car Pooling

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2. New Email Template For Tricycle Taxis & Rickshaw Services

Unlike tricycles, who needs three wheels to work, the only thing your rickshaw services need is our latest email templates for 3-tyre taxis services. The template is packed with all the informative fields, one of which is social media icons. This array of social shareability icons allows your users to share your email templates, hence acting as indirect promotional elements.

Tricycle Taxi Services

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3. Latest Email Template For Cab Driving Services

The newly designed email template for cab driving services will be the sole reason for your profit and business outburst. The pleasing template designs, when clubbed with drip emailing, can create a harmonious client-manager relationship because of the constant communication process. Also, you can track their online behavior with the help of email tracking mechanism.

Cab Driving

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4. Best Email Template For Kids Pick Up – Drop & Cab Services

Just like kids needs to be treated with extreme care and kindness, your kids’ pick up and dropping business also needs effective maintenance. This can be achieved by using email templates in your marketing strategies. The built-in auto follow up emailing feature can be used to get feedbacks from parents in order to further improve your services.

Kids Cab Services

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5. Top Email Template For Airport Cab Services & Airport Shuttle Van Services

Behold our newly designed email template for airport cab services. With the help of this e-template, you can effectively promote your airport shuttle van services because of its 99% inbox delivery rate. And, to make an everlasting mark on your customers, you can schedule your email campaigns with email scheduling feature.

Airport Cab

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6. Brand New Email Template For Chartered Transportation Business

With the help of cost-effective email templates, you can improve your premium chartered transportation business. All the heavy and tiresome tasks such as email template construction is managed effortlessly by drag & drop builder and because of its responsive nature, your customers can easily view them on phones, laptops and tablets.


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7. Improved Email Template For Pilot Cars & Escort Car Services

By taking an inspiration from your pilot car assistance work, email templates will be readily available to assist you in the effective brand promotion. Also, by using subscriber segmentation functionality, you can provide car escorting services to the audience who seeks your help but for different needs.

Pilot & Escort Car

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8. Highly Customizable Email Template For Cab Booking Agencies

Since cab booking agencies need various template designs and customizing options to woo their existing and future clients, the email template facilitates further customization with the help of Drag & Drop editor. With the assured 99% delivery rate, you can get much higher open and clicked rate.

Cab Booking Agencies

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9. Attractive Email Template For Chauffeur Drive Services & Taxi Companies

This email template for chauffeur drive services, alone will be responsible for your skyrocketing taxi booking requests. The email template also provides an option to embed a subscription form which ultimately will fetch you higher leads. Auto responding emails should be used with this feature in order to instantaneously make a mark on new customers.


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10. Email Template For Moto Taxi Services & Car Rental Groups

This email template is crafted specifically for moto taxi services and car rental group like yours. The template design and personalization, tempts users to click on your email in order to visit your website. Also, with the help of drip emailing feature, you regularly send discount codes to your loyal customers.

Email Templates For Taxi Services

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The above-mentioned templates are guaranteed to expand and promote your taxi services and cab company businesses.

Also, all the email templates are created with a highly powerful tool – Drag & Drop builder, which is considered as the most important feature of our new email marketing service – MailGet Bolt.

By now, we guess you are highly intrigued with our email marketing service so, explore MailGet Bolt furthermore.

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