I got a “presales” email few days back for MailGet – email service provider from one of the users … Here is what he asked …

Hi Neeraj,

Just curious to know how different are you from Mailjet?

Mailjet happens to have its own SMTP server, also it is offering me a drag and drop feature to send out email campaigns.

While at your end, I have to connect someone else’s SMTP service for sending emails.

Hardik Jain

Here is how I answered his query and explained “How MailGet beats any other email service provider out there” …

Hi Hardik,

MailGet gives you the freedom to connect multiple SMTP services in your account.

There are 3 primary advantages when you do that:

1. Achieve Highest Open Rates:
Having multiple SMTP in one account allows you to test and experiment between multiple SMTP’s to see which one brings you the highest open rates and inbox deliverability.

2. Freedom to Switch
If you run into any issues with any particular SMTP service or if any particular SMTP service blocks you for high bounce rates, you can always switch to the another without affecting your campaigns earlier records and stats.

3. Never Lose any data
All the previous bounces, spams, unsubscribes and all your data remains within MailGet, so that when you switch and start sending with another SMTP, you don’t have to worry that the emails might be sent to those bounced or unsubscribed contacts ever again.


Personally, we have connected our own MailGet account with Amazon SES, MailGun and SendGrid.

Since, each one of them “charge on the volume basis” … We keep on experimenting between each one of them to achieve highest inbox deliverability …

I personally saw an “increase of 300% in open rates” ever since I started experimenting and trying out sending emails using different SMTP services from within same interface …

Plus, if we run into any problems with any service, we have the “freedom to switch instantly” without affecting our entire campaign management.

When you choose any one email service provider like Getresponse, Aweber, Constant Contact or MailJet, you are locking yourself with just one service and their interface without having the freedom to switch or experiment, if you run into issues or problems with any one of them.