CodeIgniter comes with various pre-defined settings in it’s config.php file, but for form processing developer needs to manually configure some parameters.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to configure manually your CodeIgniter framework for form processing.


  • Unzip the codeigniter package and upload its files and folders to your server.
  • Open application/config/config.php file with any text editor and set your base_url(), also set an encryption key (if there is a requirment of session in your CodeIgniter application) as shown below.


encryption key  

  • If your form accesses MySql database then, Open application/config/database.php file with any text editor set your default hostname, default username, default password and default database (if required) as shown below.


  • For forms you have to load helpers in your CodeIgniter as : open application/config/autoload.php and set helper as shown below.


  •  If you want to auto load some libraries like database, session you can set it in application/config/autoload.php as shown below.


  •  For Form Validation you can directly load CodeIgniter’s Validation library in your controller function as shown below.

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Pabbly Form Builder


This was all about configuring CodeIgniter for form processing. Read our other Blogs to learn CodeIgniter form with database processing.