Do you know even if your content is convincing, it still may not be bellyful for your visitors.

A poor website is just money down the drain.

And yes! it will damage your brand for sure.

Thus, here arises the need of friction-free Content Marketing WordPress Themes.

Content Marketing WordPress Themes pack tons of page templates, intuitive page builder, full width sliders, polished portfolios and WooCommerce-powered capabilities.  

But finding the right one from plethora of content marketing WordPress themes is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Don’t overthink it.


Here we are rounding up the list of 5 Content Marketing WordPress Themes that can design an eye pleasing website for your content.  

Swift through more WordPress themes:

1. Expert Marketer – Content Marketing WordPress Theme

If you want to propel the interest of your website visitors towards your content then Expert Marketer WordPress theme will be helpful for you. It streamlines all the interactive elements of your website in a single page.

As a stylish one page template, Expert Marketer template gives you the opportunity of homepage section reordering.

The template is great for business purposes. It provides you three clutter-free pricing boxes. You can mention package features of your business plan and can arrange them from most to least or can add  recommended plan.

Expert Marketer Content Marketing WordPress Themes


  • Expert Marketer is overlay animation prepacked all over its layout. You can control these effects from the front end customizer.
  • The theme comes with two layouts i.e. full-width and boxed layout. If you like, you can choose them as per your content website.
  • You can display unlimited images in the hexagonal album of the template.


You can buy this template at $79.

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2. EmailSender – Email Marketing WordPress Theme

EmailSender is unique from the millions of themes out there. Because of its pixel perfect design and full-screen slider. You can also flaunt your own Mp4 format video for homepage top section.

Apart from four column feature section, it also has portfolio section where you can showcase your blog images. These images comes in continuous slideshow fashion.  

EmailSender is WooCommerce compatible. You can sell your business packages online and display your products at the homepage. It allows to create shop page, add to cart and checkout page for online dealing.

EmailSender Content Marketing WordPress Themes


  • You can create a short but concise visually appealing pricing table at the pricing page template.
  • It also has Ad banner space for advertising your other services at the homepage.
  • Email sender is OptionTree plugin integrated to clean up your outdated data from your website.


You can purchase EmailSender at $79.

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3. Market – Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

The template is an unrivaled responsive theme. It comes with normal and layered sliders.

This flat theme has 8 theme stylesheet colors and will inspire you to embrace the best side of your content marketing website.

You will fond of this theme, because it has three homepage accordion feature that can be clicked to reveal or hide content associated with them.

Market Content Marketing WordPress Themes


  • You can select the feature column structure as 3 or 4.
  • It comes with 8 classical theme colors.
  • The template has one testimonial feature to showcase author’s image, description, name, link and website’s name of the author.


Get this Marketing Agency WordPress Theme at $79.

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4. ButterBelly – Content Marketing WordPress Themes

It is a professional template that comes free of charge. ButterBelly contains modern functionalities enabling to display many images via a full-width slider.

You can use  ButterBelly for virtually any niche, because there are no limitations whatsoever.

It has 3 column feature section with circular image portrait. You can use this section as client’s section or as a member area.

ButterBelly Content Marketing WordPress Themes


  • It allows to customize the menu and background of ButterBelly.
  • You can set the theme language as RTL (right-to-left) or vice versa
  • The template comes with eight style sheets making your content website presentable.


It is downloadable freely from

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5. Compass – Content Marketing WordPress Themes

Compass is another free WordPress theme. But, it has some premium features that enables you to change your website layout (i.e. full-width, no sidebar, or boxed slider).

It has pixel perfect design with three column feature section. You can upload font icons, share short description related with your services in this zone. There are 350 font awesome icons supported by Compass.

The theme is pre-packed with overlay effects at its homepage which  highlights your best work to your readers.

Compass Content Marketing WordPress Themes


  • It supports seven widgets, five for the homepage and two for the other pages.
  • The template comes with eight colour skins.
  • Compass is fully compatible with all kinds of mobile devices, tablets, and iPhones


You can download Compass from official WordPress website.

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Wrapping it up!

In a nutshell, these Content Marketing WordPress Themes are cheap and cheerful.

What do you personally think about content marketing website’s layout and which template have you select from this post?

We had love to hear from you.