CRM PHP Script are in great demand these days as they help you manage:-

  • Customer essentials.
  • Order/Purchase/Sales details.
  • Add & Remove Products Details.
  • Allows you to generate Reports.
  • Track Support Queries & Tickets.

and more…

Therefore, we have come up with a list of PHP scripts that are stuffed with above features and additional facilities. All these scripts are responsive, support different type of browsers, multi-lingual support, etc.

In addition, you can perform add, edit, delete operations on different types of customer, products, and other entries.

So, now let get on with the details of these PHP scripts.

1. eOffice CRM – PHP Script

eOffice is another responsive CRM script which holds powerful dashboard and allows to manage employee, transition, payrolls, notice, and events as well.

That is not all product related details like inventory, services, bundle products and sales details can also be managed.

eOffice CRM PHP Script

Price Plans Of CRM PHP Script:-

  • The first plan of this script is priced just $69 for all fundamental services.
  • The second plan of this script charges $1025 for all the advanced features and enhanced facilities.


  • Using the notice board facility you can design custom notice with title, description and text details. It allows you to manage multiple notices from the same dashboard.
  • You are allowed to add multiple transactions, generate transaction list, create chats, along with income and expense categories.
  • This script supports multiple latest browsers like IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and more. It also supports more than 70 different languages as well.
  • The script will enable you to create sales invoices and quotations, send & receive transaction payments and more.

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2. CRM – Business Management System With Material Design

This is one of the best PHP CRM with which you can manage your entire business essentials. It has two different panels which are separately designed for admin and client usage.

This script is fully responsive in design, helps you add ticket categories, noticeboard application which is available for both admin & client. Along with it free updates and support are also provided.

Business Management System CRM PHP Script

Price Plans Of CRM PHP Script:-

  • The regular plan of this PHP script will cost you $37. It will include updates, free support, cross-browser compatibility, and multiple management features.
  • The extended plan will cost you $1005 for advanced CRM features and services.


  • The dashboard provides precise details about new clients, new invoices, total sales, total order, etc. You also get details related to order, invoice & client displayed on a graph for a particular month.
  • With this script, you can export different type of data in the form of csv, excel and pdf files. Plus, you can print all the details with a single click.
  • Through the admin panel, you can manage client details, add new clients, create client groups and also send them emails in bulk.
  • This PHP script helps you details related to products, services, order as well as accounting details with ease.  

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3. CRM – Customer Relationship Management PHP Script

This CRM PHP script comes with inbuilt invoice system, project management, client management, inventory management, supplier management and other tools.

The admin here is permitted to add, edit and remove various types of business details. In addition, you can also extract essential information in the form of reports.

CRM PHP Script

Price Plans Of CRM PHP Script:-

  • $36 is the amount which is payable for the regular services of this PHP script.
  • For the enhanced management features of this script, you will be charged $205.


  • It has got a responsive dashboard which allows you to manage products, stock, invoices, sales, bank related details and more.
  • Helps you manage customer details like name, customer ID, contact email address, location, etc. Plus, you can add, edit as well as delete customer details.
  • You can effectively track support details like ticket ID, customer name, subject, raised time and action taken with this script.
  • With this script, you can update the custom business logo, website details, email ID, contact and currency details.

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4. OPAL CRM – CRM Application For Lead Management

OPAL CRM script helps you fetch a list of leads interested in the product, allows you to generate graph reports of interested, won, and lost customers, and more.

With this PHP script, you can send reminders, manage products, departments details, and quotations. It also has drag & drop bucket with which leads can easily be bifurcated.


Price Plans Of CRM PHP Script:-

  • For the first plan of this PHP script, you will have to pay just $29. It offers multiple management features, reporting facilities along with updates.
  • For the second plan, an amount of $100 will be charged. I will offer multiple browser support, frequent updates, management services and more.


  • You can easily add and track different activities of the leads. With just 2 lines code integration you can automatically add leads and more.
  • Allows you to handle taxes, discounts, quotations, products, etc. With a single click, you can convert any generated quotations to invoices.
  • The script has also got calendar view using which you can view lead details and tasks available for a day, week or month.
  • With this PHP script, you can generate different types of reports, event info, notifications, etc. Plus, you also get multilingual support, various browser compatibility, PayPal integration and more.

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5. Sales Management Software Laravel – CRM PHP Script

The CRM PHP script by laravel is specially designed for people who want to a CRM system which is easy to install, user-friendly and loaded with plenty of features.

This is a simple CRM PHP script which provides demo content, API, speed search option for users, and multiple other resources. Plus, you can create product descriptions, save invoices and more.

Sales Management Software CRM PHP Script

Price Plans Of CRM PHP Script:-

  • The regular plan of this CRM script will cost you $40 for all the basic services and features.
  • The extended plan comes with a price tag of $125 with offers advanced features.


  • With this script you can simply manage products, invoices and add, edit, delete customer details as well.
  • It allows you to print invoices, import & export warehouse details and other useful information.
  • This is a fully responsive script which is multi-browser compatible, offers complete API, frequent updates and more.
  • You also get the option to generate sales report with various details like product, name, quantity, price, vat, customer details, etc.

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6. LiveSales – Powerful Lead Management PHP Script

LiveSales is a PHP script that holds powerful admin panel through which customer leads can be handled without any hassle.

It allows you to create products, send product estimations, and comes with an inbuilt messaging system for effective customer interactions.

LiveSales CRM PHP Script

Price Plan Of CRM PHP Script:-

  • All the CRM features and facilities of this script are offered in a single plan which will cost you $59. It will include updates, support, quality check and more.


  • Provides a well-designed dashboard to handle customers, leads, products, users, and other essential business details.
  • It offers reports features through which you can generate customer reports, sales report, user reports and fetch different type of details.
  • You can simply add and edit user information like user roles, type, registration, picture and more.
  • Manage business essential like notes, attachments, status, priority, progress, emails, and notifications with ease.

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Finally, it’s time to conclude as we are done with all CRM PHP scripts available on this blog.

I hope you will find the one which is beneficial for your business. Most of these CRM scripts are responsive, easy to use and affordable in cost.

Moreover, you get add-on facilities like chat options, bulk emailing, report generation, etc.

So, if you are interested just give a try to the script which best suits your business needs.

In case, you have got any type of doubts or queries. Do let us know in the comments section below.

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