“Integrate Project Management PHP Script to have an optimized workflow of your business”

One of the biggest challenges that a business owner faces is to manage his multiple projects and tasks which are running parallelly. Also, he has to have a track of his clients & staff activities, plan upcoming events and a lot more stuff.

Hence, you need to have a web-based centralization where you can handle your team members, clients, complete workflow & monitor the progression of your business from a single place.

Therefore, we strongly suggest you go with project management PHP script which is one of the best solutions to flourish your trades virtually.

Although, there are quite a lot of reasons why we are going to discuss these PHP scripts for project management,  here is a list of some of the highlighting features that you will find very beneficial for you.

  • Create invoices for the customers and collect payment from secured payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe etc.
  • User role system with different access permissions.
  • The scripts use some of the most effective workflow management tools like the Kanban board, Gantt chart etc.
  • Quick reports about incomes, expenses, tasks, customers and a lot more.

Hereafter, let us directly move to this blog to understand the functionalities & pricing of these project management PHP script in detail.

1. TITAN – Project Management System

This powerful PHP script allows you to create & manage unlimited projects, events, important tasks, teams and a lot more very effectively.

The fully translatable script includes a huge range of advanced features such as project calendar, timers to keep track on the time spent on a project, easy documentation of projects etc.

Titan Project Management PHP Script


  • The admin can set up invoices for different customers with taxes, currencies etc. Further, he can also create recurring invoices & invoice templates.
  • Moreover, you can collect payments from your customers through renowned payment gateways like PayPal & Stripe.
  • The script supports user-role system where admin can assign different site access to different members of his team.
  • It offers a live chat session with your registered users and group chats with members of your project team.
  • Also, the script facilitates you with support ticket system where you can create unlimited new tickets for the clients and assign priority & status to every tickets.


You can get the regular license of this tool at $50 only, whereas, you can also purchase the extended license at just $240.

Further, the 6-month support which you will get with these licenses can be extended to 1 year at $16.88 only.

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2. Worksuite – Project Management System

The script is the most powerful and simple way to collaborate with your team as it is integrated with Slack that helps you to run your business way ahead than your competitors.

Besides managing clients, employee, tasks, tickets etc. you can also manage & resolve client issues.

The script is integrated with easy installer tool that facilitates you with hassle-free installation.

Worksuite Project Management PHP Script


  • Admin can stay updated with the current stats about resolved/unresolved tickets, total employees, projects, clients, recent earnings, pending tasks etc. through the admin panel.
  • Furthermore, you can handle multiple segments of your project like leaves & attendance of the employees, applying various taxes in the invoices, offer PayPal & Stripe payment gateways for payments etc.
  • It is integrated with a time tracker system so that you can bill your clients on the hourly basis. Also, you can send cost estimations & quotations of the products to the clients.
  • Moreover, this multilingual script allows the admin to publish notice for the team, assign roles to the users & grant different permission to them and a lot more authorities.


Get the regular license of this script at just $40, and the extended license at $225 only.

Moreover, you will get a committed support for 6 months which you can extend to 1 year at $13.13 only.

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3. ProMS – Premium Project Management System

The PHP script lets you create & manage unlimited projects, clients and team members like a pro.

The informative dashboard provides you dynamic graphs & visual reports about the various elements like upcoming events, income/profits/expenses, active projects and many more.

PMS Project Management PHP Script


  • Admin can archive users and companies to restrict their access to the system. Although, he can restore the desired users (or company) at any time.
  • The email notification will instantly notify the user whenever the new ticket is assigned. Also, it will inform them about the updations in the project.
  • Further, this script provides professional add-ons like Kanban board, which is a workflow visualization tool to optimize the flow of your work & Gantt chart to show the amount of work done in a certain time period.
  • It has a very secure database against any kind of SQL injection and provides best security against CSRF & XSS attacks for your website.


Buy the regular license of ProMS at just $49 & extended license at $1000.

Also, you can extend the provided 6 months support to 12 months by paying only $16.50 extra.

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4. Create – Freelancer Project Manager With Licenser

Create is the best project management solution for developers, freelancers and software companies till date.

You can track the task progression through multiple parameters, for instance, calculate the working time of each developer in a project.

Moreover, you can monitor invoice payments (via PayPal/Stripe)  from the clients & notify them about their project etc.

Create Project Management PHP Script


  • The robust admin panel lets you analyze all the statistics at a glance. Such as the number of projects, tasks, tickets, incomes, expenses etc.
  • Further, it offers a licensing system for your projects where you can issue online licenses that work on specific domains & you can also define the expiration time for each of those licenses.
  • Also, you can create a custom social network for the team where members will find news feed about latest posts from developers they follow. In addition to this, they can also post/like/share photos etc.
  • Provide different privileges for the different group of employees. For eg. accountants will be benefited with specific rights & team leaders will have other extended permissions etc.


This economical script can be acquired by spending just $31 for regular license & $155 for its extended license.

Plus, you will get 6 months support which can be extended to 12 months by paying an additional amount of just $9.75.

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5. CRM – Customer Relationship Management System

This is one of the most easy-to-use business management systems for every kind of businesses.

The owner can manage the customers, loans, banks, goods supplier and a lot more straightaway from his admin panel.

CRM Project Management PHP Script


  • The script allows you to send proposals about your products to various customers. And besides text content in the proposals, you can also attach files in PDF/DOC/ZIP format.
  • Further, you can also handle the product inventories & warehouses and do various operations on the products like categorizing them, setting selling price etc.
  • Also, you can organize invoice for billing section, transaction & balance amount of the customers very easily with this software.
  • Similarly, you can manage all the income & expense of your inventory in no time.


You can avail the regular license of CRM at a budget-friendly price of $36 & extended license for $205 only.

In addition to this, you will get a dedicated support for 6 months which you can extend to 1 year at the bare minimum rate of $11.63 only.

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6. Freelance AgileTeam Office With Kanban

This easy-to-use project management software helps you to manage your business no matter how small it is. It helps you to track tasks, bugs & issues with just a few clicks where you can also leave comments on the tasks.

Further, the white label feature lets you customize the colors, system label & company logo as per your choice.

Freelance Project Management PHP Script


  • The script is integrated with form builder so that you can provide various forms such as order forms to collect the order from the customers.
  • It uses Kanban board for organizing your team workflow in the best possible way and get an insight about the overall performance of your team.
  • The reports on revenue, estimates, and expenses will provide you detailed stats about customer name, invoice number, taxable amount etc. for a given date range.
  • Also, you can create custom invoices in PDF & credit notes in different currencies.


This PHP script is available with 2 types of licenses at a very reasonable cost, i.e. the regular license is available at $30 and the extended license at $150.

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The above-mentioned PHP scripts are tried and tested at a personal level so that you do not have to struggle in verifying the reliability of these tools.

Also, you will find these scripts working brilliantly on almost every web browsers.

Figure out the best-suitable tool for your business type, and grab it by paying the minimal amount.

In case, you find something ambiguous in these scripts or want to make any suggestion, do comment in the below section.

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