If you are searching for the best cryptocurrency PHP script, then your search ends here.

We have compiled a list of 5+ best cryptocurrency PHP script in this article.

These scripts allow you to showcase real-time cryptocurrencies stats, trades, historical charts and a lot more.

After applying below PHP scripts in your website, you can give permission to your users to do the crypto exchange, get live coin pricing update. Also, clients are able to do trading of more than 2000 cryptocurrencies with ease.

In these cryptocurrency PHP scripts, the best part is the customer’s who are using your services will get the live updates about coins pricing, market up’s and down’s info etc.

The noteworthy feature in these PHP scripts is, it offers your customers a calculator which has the ability to calculate and convert the value of coins into any of the other supported currencies.

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There are a lot of features present in this scripts list. Let us discuss each one of them in detail.

1. CryptoLive – Realtime Cryptocurrency Market Cap

If you want to enhance your cryptocurrency website by applying useful PHP scripts then this script is made for you.

CryptoLive PHP script automatically retrieves thousands of cryptocurrencies in the fraction of time. Now, you can display market live stats on your website.

There are more than 100 currencies present from where you are able to select. The best part is each cryptocurrency has an inner page which consists of market information, price charts, and more.

CryptoLive Cryptocurrency PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • The script provides you with instant search and filtering option. Here you are able to search and sort the currencies according to your requirement.
  • It displays the historical price charts and trade feeds which keep you updated with the current market scenario.
  • CryptoLive has a WebSockets function which helps you to stream market data from major exchanges. It uses the visitor’s browser to retrieve and update information in a few minutes.
  • You can add new pages full of content to your website. Also, it provides you a blank custom page template where you can place content according to your requirement.


The regular license of this script is available at $36 with support up to 6 months. You can even extend your support and get an advanced feature in the extended license which cost you $525.

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2. Moko Cryptocurrency PHP Script

One of the best currency converter script which is easy to use and install. It comes with good documentation along with complete user guide which will make your work easy.

The script supports more than 114 currencies. Further, it allows you to create your own cryptocurrency converter website within no time.

Moko Cryptocurrency PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • The script comes with more than 2000+ cryptocurrency list. Also, it is clean coded, it has a commenting section which helps you to understand the functionality of that particular code line.
  • It’s a highly customizable script, here you can change everything such as site title, the description in just a few clicks.
  • With the help of Google AdSense, one can place any type of advertisement on the website and earn money from it.


This cryptocurrency PHP script is available in two pricing plans –

  • Regular License – This plan will cost you $17 in which you will get 6 months of support.
  • Extended License – You can get this plan at $205 with all the features of the regular license along with advanced features.

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3. CoinAlerts PHP Script For Cryptocurrency

CoinAlerts PHP script helps you to send the price alerts every hour to your users on over 1,000 cryptocurrencies via email. These email alerts are completely free of cost. Also, your users have the ability to easily enable or disable alerts according to their need.

Your users can maximize their cryptocurrency profits by selling at the best times possible. This will be done by notifying your users about the live updates of the market.

CoinAlerts Cryptocurrency PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • This cryptocurrency PHP script keeps your user up to date, it helps them to know when the market price is decreasing so that they can purchase at optimal times.
  • The script helps the admin to promote the affiliate links in every email alert, you are able to edit the links or content from the admin panel.
  • You can easily export your email list as a CSV file and use it in popular email services such as MailChimp etc.


CoinAlerts PHP Script provides its regular license at $36 with 6-months support. Its extended license will cost you $275 with quality checked by Envato.

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4. CryptoFolio – Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

CryptoFolio is one of the finest scripts in the list of cryptocurrency PHP script. It allows you to create a unique yet effective, and privacy-oriented cryptocurrency portfolio tracker.

The best part is your users can do anonymous and private trading on your website. The user’s data & cryptocurrency portfolio are stored in the client-side browser and the admin is not allowed to interrupt with the client’s personal data.

CryptoFolio Cryptocurrency PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • The script supports more than 1,300 cryptocurrencies. Some of them are BTC, XRP, BCH, ETH and more.
  • It has a Changelly exchange integration in which there is an inbuilt exchange widget. With the help of this widget, users are allowed to buy cryptocurrency directly from your website. This will increase your sales tremendously.
  • The script does not allow you to store any information about your users or their cryptocurrency holdings on your server. All data is stored in clients own browser which is good in terms of privacy orientation.


Buy this cryptocurrency PHP script and get all of its features along with regular updates at two different pricing plans-

  • The regular license cost you $36 with quality checked by Envato and 6 months support.
  • Get the extended license with all the advanced features, at a reasonable price of $335.

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5. Ultimate Cryptocurrency PHP Script

This PHP script provides your users with live data like trades of cryptocurrencies, market information etc. Further, your client’s can see the pricing charts and history in a well-organized format.

This script supports more than 2000 currencies as well as it is multilingual in nature so that it can be converted in any language with ease.

Ultimate Cryptocurrency PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • The script provides you with two themes for screen display these are dark modes and light modes. You can switch in either of the modes according to your need.
  • It has an important feature of calculating the price of coins with respect to other cryptocurrencies. This task will be done with the help of inbuilt price calculator present in this script.
  • It has an inbuilt contact form which you can place on your cryptocurrency business website. So that your clients can contact you directly with ease.


The Ultimate cryptocurrency PHP script is available at two pricing plans-

  • Its regular license cost you $49 along with 6 months support system.
  • The cost of the extended license is $349 where you will get the quality checked by Envato and regular updates.

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6. CryptoNet – Cryptocurrency Market Cap

This is one of the useful PHP scripts for your cryptocurrency website. It helps you to showcase the market info regarding coins, it provides you historical data in graphical format.

One can display the top 5 ranked coins, 5 best gainer coins, and 5 loser cryptocurrencies list in the footer section. It’s a kind of price ticker section which you can enable or disable according to your wish.

CryptoNet Cryptocurrency PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • Its a real-time display of stats where you are able to showcase the live changes in the pricing for more than 1300 coins to your clients or buyers.
  • You can earn money by placing various ads on your cryptocurrency website. Also, it has an option to enable or disable the ads showing section.
  • With customization options, you are able to change the currency name, currency logo, coin address and more according to your own choice.


Grab this useful cryptocurrency PHP script at $48 with 6 months support. It’s extended plan will cost you $175.

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Now, as we read all the 5+ cryptocurrency PHP script, hope you have found the correct PHP script from the list for your crypto business. We have compiled the best cryptocurrency script so feel free to choose any one of them.

If you have any queries, you can ask in the comment section.

Stay tuned for more PHP scripts.