People are insanely using their eWallet or digital wallet to make their online transactions. Naturally, the companies providing these services are making overnight money.

But when a novice tries his hands in creating such online payment gateways that will ultimately compete with PayPal, Bitcoin, Perfect Money etc, he is left far behind. Rather, not even in the race.

Do you know why?

The reason is they try to do it single-handedly. The experts suggest eWallet PHP Script is one such amazing tool that will make your online payment gateway stand out in the crowd.

In this blog, I am going to share some of the best eWallet PHP scripts that will help you in the long run.

Have a quick idea about these scripts before getting into the details.

These scripts facilitate the admin with transaction, deposit, withdrawal, refund ledger, email & SMS editors.

Also, there are integrated payment gateways PayPal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, ADV Cash, Payoneer for users to make transactions.

In addition to this, customers can fill up their e-wallets in multiple currencies via payment gateways.

Let us figure out the functionalities, features, & price of these scripts in detail now.

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1. eWallet

You can have your own payment gateway like PayPal, Bitcoin, Perfect Money etc. via eWallet online payment gateway script. This script is created via PHP & MySQL.

Further, using this script you can trigger super fast and secure payment processing for your users.

Also, the admin can have the track on various activities & account details of the users like last login, profile updation, API key provided to the user, his selected package, current balance etc.

Moreover, if we talk about website interface, admin can configure various settings like logo & icon, sliders, social list, footer text etc. Also, this script provides an email template to the admin.

eWallet eWallet PHP Script

Additional Features Of eWallet

  • The admin can have logs of all its users (banned, verified, mobile unverified, email unverified etc). For example, the number of transactions, deposits logins, etc.
  • Further, he has a transaction, deposit, withdrawal, refund ledger. A lot more minute yet critical details like process time of a transaction, withdrawal method of user etc. are under admin’s observation.
  • Besides managing users profiles, funds, transactions, deposits, withdrawal statistics, admin can also set up the transaction, withdrawal & deposit charges on users.
  • Users can have their activity listing & transaction history. Further, they can withdraw money via PayPal, Perfect Money & bank.

Amount To Be Paid For eWallet

$60 where you get support for 6 months. You can extend this support to 1 year by paying additional $20.63.

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2. Just Wallet

You can create your e-currency, e-wallet & online payment processing very easily & quickly using Just Wallet. The created eWallet will be as effective as PayPal & Bitcoin payment gateways.

The script is created using the CodeIgniter framework. Also, you can anytime modify the script as per the requirement.

Users can refill their e-wallets in multiple currencies via any payment gateways.

Further, they can use the funds of their wallet balance for exchanging with other internal currencies or withdraw via third-party payment services like PayPal.

It provides email editors for designing responsive emails & SMS editors that are used for editing message body, content, date & time, contact number etc.

Just Wallet eWallet PHP Script

Additional Features Of Just Wallet

  • Integrated with Twilio SMS, this script allows admin to transmit the text messages globally with assured delivery.
  • Also, Just Wallet is integrated with IPN (Instant Payment Notification), which is a trusted message service that notifies the admin about the events related to PayPal transactions.
  • The users have various other options like vouchers, currency exchange and a lot more.
  • You can allow transactions via these integrated payment gateways PayPal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, ADV Cash, Payoneer.

Amount To Be Paid For Just Wallet

$1004 is a one-time payable amount.

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3. Wallet King

You can kickstart your e-Wallet & payment processor business in a matter of a few minutes by using Wallet King. Whenever a user sends/receives money to other users, the admin will earn a profit in this transaction.

With its integration option via API, you can easily integrate this CMS into any kind of e-commerce website.

Further, it helps to protect your website from SQL injection keeping hackers away.

Also, this responsive system has PayPal & Stripe integration for an easy and secure payment transaction.

You can easily export the list of your subscribers’ emails that are collected from newsletter subscription.

Wallet King eWallet PHP Script

Additional Features Of Wallet King

  • The form validation system provided by this script is an essential aspect to validate the customers.
  • Admin can add up testimonials, portfolios, service, counter sections easily by making few configurations from his dashboard.
  • Besides making basic settings for the website in terms of theme color, language, sliders, favicon etc. admin can also manage SEO tools (Google Analytics, website meta keywords).
  • The deposit options for the users are PayPal, credit card, Bitcoin, Perfect Money & bank deposit. Whereas for withdrawing, the user can go for PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill & Bank.

Amount To Be Paid For Wallet King

$51 in which you can avail 6 months support. An extended support for 1 year will cost you $17.25 only.

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4. WalletPRO

This dynamic payment gateway has multi-language support. Most importantly, this system is completely responsive for every device screen.

Admin can access various stats straight away from his dashboard. For example, total customers, pending withdraws, transactions & deposits made, total subscribers etc.

The transaction section will have details like transaction ID, amount, the reason of withdrawal, date and other information of the customers.

He can configure the slider settings to fix content position, title, image etc. along with background settings.

Further, it has an inbuilt FAQ, About Us & Contact Us page.

WalletPRO eWallet PHP Script

Additional Features Of WalletPRO

  • The user can refer to all his transaction history quickly from his dashboard. For instance, current balance, recent transactions & its amount, pending withdraws etc.
  • Moreover, the user has different segments in his account like send money, deposit money, withdrawal, request money, etc. to manage every transaction without any ambiguity.
  • In addition to all these solutions, you can also facilitate the users with many other necessary options like easy password recovery, account details updation, reject/receive payment option etc.
  • Admin has complete authority on users, as in, he can ban or remove a customer, check customers entire personal & account details etc.

Amount To Be Paid For WalletPRO

$41. Avail a dedicated 6 months support in this price and extend it to 12 months at $13.50 only.

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5. eWallet System

Created with PHP & MySQL, eWallet is one of the best online payment gateway script.
The admin can have ledgers of transactions, withdrawals, deposits etc. that helps him to track day-to-day financial stats.

Whereas users will have an informative menu, their complete activity listing and ample of other facilities.

Along with this, he can perform money withdrawal via PayPal, Perfect Money & Bank.

eWallet System eWallet PHP Script

Additional Features Of eWallet System

  • Admin can define various parameters like setting payment gateways & transaction charges, managing bank fee and withdrawal money of customers etc.
  • Along with this, he can also access the logs about banned users, withdrawal, account credits and a many more details.
  • Further, he can customize other elements like menu, logo, slider, home text, header image as per the requirement.

Amount To Be Paid For eWallet System

The one-time payable amount for this PHP script is $40.52.

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This was all from my side in eWallet PHP script. I hope you must have already decided which one to use.

In case you are stuck somewhere, do contact us to resolve your confusion.

Happy to have your suggestions.

Thanks for reading.