Unable to promote your products and services to customers at right time. ?

If you are missing to deliver the appropriate content to your clients at the right time, then you are far behind to build a long-term relationship with them, which adversely affects your conversion rate.

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Want to grow and increase your sales and customers. ?

Well the secret of success is,

Email Drips, one of the most effective communication strategy using which you can easily reach to your customers at the time when they are most likely to get engage with your emails.

As a result, you will achieve higher conversion rates and user engagement.

Automate your email sending process using MailGet’s drip emailing feature.

What Is Drip Emailing?

Drip emailing is a series of emails that are automatically sent to your customers at scheduled time intervals or based on the action taken up by you.

The best thing about drip campaign is that you need not send the email manually to each user.

  • You can define a particular time interval, and the email will automatically send to users based on triggers.
  • You can also reuse the same content for different users, and everything would send out automatically.

For example,

If anyone opts to get enrolled in your contact list, then the series of emails gets triggered ON, and each email will be automatically sent to the user’s inbox at regular time intervals say – 1st email on day 1, then 2nd email on day 4, and so.

In this way, you can acknowledge the user about your products and services slowly and gradually through each email and create a positive communication between you and the recipient.

What Is The Need Of Drip Campaign?

When you are sending thousands of emails to your clients,

It might be not possible that all of your customers are free and will read your message.

Alternatively, when your customers are free or ready to read your content, then you might be busy and unable to send the content.


What is the solution to this problem? OR what is the right time for sending the emails? Or Is there any way to match the timing with your clients?

Drip Emails.. Yeah, it is the answer.

As drip emails are the best way to deliver right content -> to right user -> at the right time.


Get rid of the issues like forgetting some contacts, make mistakes and lot of human errors while sending emails to each one manually.

Stay connected with your leads and contacts by delivering relevant information to them using drip emailing.


The scope of companies is spreading globally due to internet marketing. In such situation, a small mistake can ruin company’s reputation and efforts.


Companies are now following various strategies to increase sales.

Types Of Drips You Can Send With MailGet

Check out some drips that MailGet lets you send –

1. Welcome Drips

Welcome drips are the emails that are used to send welcome emails when any subscriber get added to your contact list.

So, you can tell your clients about your services, products, and company profile while sending welcome messages.

2. Top of Mind Drips

In this type of drips, your prime focus is to make your brand name gets fitted onto the mind of your recipients.

So that, they won’t forget about your company and could lead to increase conversion rate in future.

3. Re-Engagement Drips

These drip emails are sent to those leads and customers who have become inactive on your contact list.

The primary intention behind this is having some ‘push action’ to your clients that can promote them to go for buying and re-engage them with your company/emails.

4. Promotional Drips

Promotional Drips are the set of promotional emails which includes some discount or incentive features to attract your customers towards your product.

These emails help in triggering out the buying procedure and send with a target of promoting your product.

5. Educational Drips

Educational drips include knowledge base contents like case studies, facts, etc. related to your products and services to educate your customers about your product.

Benefits Of Drip Emailing

Using drip emailing, you can easily deliver a precise information to your clients on a scheduled basis that helps to drive more user engagement.

Several other benefits that drip emailing offer are as follow –

1. Reaching At The Right Time

By sending the messages on a scheduled basis, you can easily reach to your clients with a high-quality content at the right time, which could lead to increase customer retention.

2. Track Your Performance

Track responses towards your drip emails and accordingly customize your drip email campaign so that you can perform it more efficiently and timely.

3. Lead Nurturing

With drip emailing, you can remain connected with your customers at regular intervals of time until you don’t achieve your target of sales conversion.

4. Easy Automation

Make your lead nurturing process an automated one through email drips.

So that, you can not only save the time but also raise the conversion rates of your marketing campaign by remaining in touch with prospects regularly.

5. Target On Your Audience

Personalize your email drip campaign by customizing it following your prospect and contact list.

The deeper you target your leads, the more you get conversion rates.

6. Builds Up Relationship

When you consistently deliver relevant informative on a regular basis, then customer start to trust you that builds a healthy relationship with your clients.

7. Reduces Manual Work And Saves Time 

No need to focus separately on each lead.

Drip emails automatically handle all the sales cycle process and reduces your manual work efforts and time of sending particular email individually.

8. Preserve Time 

Drip marketing provides you to set drip campaign and send emails automatically within a predefined interval of time that saves your lots of valuable time.

9. Lead Nurturing 

Drip marketing helps in maximizing your sales and customers.

  • You can send your clients continuous supply of leads time to time.
  • It will help you to track and understand users needs.
  • You can create your strategy about converting them into sales.

10. Simple and Effective

Drip marketing is a simple and effective way of communicating with customers.

  • You can create a different campaign for different customers.
  • You can also use the same content of email for different users based on their actions.
  • You can easily engage your customers with your companies and promote your products which will help you to increase your sales and profit.

Drip emailing is the process that helps in keeping your brand name at the top of mind of the audience. So, whenever they are in need of a solution in their business, they will remember you.

Automate the email sending process using drip emailing and stay connected to your leads and contacts by delivering relevant information to them.