Don’t you feel happy when you see your name in subject lines or even in the email body.?

Yes, you feel so..!!

It’s a pretty surprising feeling of being recognized, right?

Well, it would be more specific if you’re offered useful information based on your likes.

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So, why not provide the same experience to your users as well. ?

Improve conversion rates by sending personalized email and get your customers engaged with your business.

What is Email Personalization.?

  • Personalization is the process of sending an email to the individual by inserting their name in an email.
  • Personally, address your clients by their name and make your client feel important which could lead to higher open rates.

When anyone sign up for your emails –

  • You get their contact details such as first name, last name, date of birth etc.

Using this information –

  • You can send your clients a personalized email.

How To Personalize Your Email..?

Click Here.. to send personalized mass emails and make your customer happy, by adding personalization to your email campaigns..

Personalized Tag

Personalize Your Email Marketing With MailGet 

Personalized email marketing campaign is the key to customer satisfaction & conversion.

  • MailGet allows you to personalize your campaign with existing contact record of your subscribers like their first name, last name, and full name.

When you like to add the first name in your message

  • MailGet will look into the contact details/record.
  • Check the first name correctly.
  • Put that detail/name in {first name} and send it to the desired email address.

Personalize Preheader Text

As preheader text is the second subject line and takes more space than the subject line on many mobile devices.

Personalize Email Body

Using a person’s name instead of using salutation such as “Hello”, “Dear Subscriber” in your emails gives a familiar tone.

Personalize Email Subject Line

Using recipient’s first names in subject lines of emails is a most effective way to stand out for higher email delivery.

When a customer sees their name, it forces them to open it.

Personalize Email Content By Segmenting Your Email List

List segmentation is an effective way to personalize your campaigns.

Send emails to targeted segments of your email list.

Why Personalizing Your Email Matters..?

Personalized emails really have a great impact on your overall email marketing reputation.

  • It gives a personal touch to your clients, doesn’t matter what type of business you run, personalization can make a difference.

Know How –

Establishes Connection With Prospects

  • Personalizing emails establish a connection between you and your prospects.
  • The first connection starts with knowing your subscriber’s preferred name and addressing them.

Builds Trust

  • When you always present as a problem solver or give advice on subjects that affect your customers, let you build trust and loyalty among them.
  • A formula for successful business is –

Know your customers + targeted email = 100% trustworthiness

Increases Engagement

By delivering relevant contents to your audience –

  • Gives a positive response to your email campaigns which leads to increase user engagement.
  • Your customers build a habit of looking forward to your next message.

So, What are you waiting for?

Subscribe to MailGet and use its Personalization Email feature.

Start getting high transaction rates and revenue per email by sending personalized mail.