Whether you are a lawyer or belong to a law firm, use of email marketing helps to keep your current and prospective clients –

  • Aware of your activities,
  • Inform of your experiences, and
  • Educate your clients about the evolution of the law.

Every day you come into contact with possible referral sources. How do you assure that they remember you?

This is where email marketing comes into action and helps you to –

  • Build relationships with new clients and strengthen the old ones.
  • Drive customer engagement by producing highly relevant email messages.
  • Email newsletters keep your clients and prospects updated which are the marketing lifeline that draws significant success to your law firms.
  • Launch subscription form on your websites to capture email addresses.
  • Provide the highest return on investment (ROI)

But the next question that comes up in your mind is –

How to pick a best email marketing service for your law firm? 

Choosing a convenient email marketing service for a lawyer is not a simple task. Right.??

So today, I have shortlisted 10 best email marketing services for lawyers and law firms – 

Let’s take a look at each of them briefly –

1. MailGet

By far one name which is quite famous for providing email marketing service at an affordable price along with guaranteed email deliverability is MailGet.

The platform which they’re providing for executing email marketing is just incredible and features all resources that will make email marketing task easier for lawyers and law firms.

Weather, it’s about creating stunning emails or about their marketing automation tools to tracking user behavior it’s the perfect choice for any lawyer or undertakings to go with.

The service provides 99% email inbox deliverability to get maximum user engagement from your leads.

Let’s have a look at some interesting features of the service –

  • Design eye-catching email for your law firm with the help of – Drag-and-Drop email builder.
  • Automate client’s follow-ups with advice emails using – Autoresponders.
  • Get verified your customer’s email addresses through inbuilt – Email List Cleaning feature.
  • Email Drips – schedule your email campaigns to educate and update your law firm’s clients.
  • MailGet gives the freedom to attorney lawyers to choose the best delivery path for emails – SMTP Routing.
  • Send personalized emails to all your customers and ensure greater engagement with them – Personalized Tags.
  • Email Tracking & Google Analytics – MailGet gives the lawyer an opportunity to analyze their email marketing campaigns.
  • Build your list of potential clients and leads with the assistance of – Signup Forms.
  • Multiple SMTP – choice available to connect with whichever SMTP service you want to connect for sending emails.
  • Target your clients and leads more efficiently by segmenting using – Subscriber Segmentation feature.

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2. GetVero –

GetVero creates email marketing software. The service helps online businesses to send and test targeted emails to communicate with their customers. It helps you create great customer experiences and grow your business. Vero works with SaaS companies and eCommerce stores to help them drive conversions with better emails.

Vero works with SaaS companies and eCommerce stores to help them drive conversions with better emails. You can elect to pay monthly or annually. According to the service customers that pay annual get two months of Vero free each year.


Features Of GetVero include –

  • Multivariate test subjects, from addresses, content, and law firm templates across any email type – AB Testing.
  • Email Automation – Trigger advanced workflows of your clients using real-time actions tracked from your application or website.
  • Vero gives the lawyer an opportunity to follow the real success of his send email campaigns using – Data Tracking.
  • Drip Campaigns – Trigger series of emails to educate or providing updates to users when he takes actions and meets conditions.
  • Segment your users on the fly based on your law cases or any other criteria, combine conditions and send your campaigns to the right customers– Segmentation & CRM.

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3. MPZmail

MPZMail is a UK based bulk email facility which offers the perfect hassle free way of managing, and mass emailing your customers.

This email marketing tool enables a judicial lawyer to send email campaigns to your clients and see exactly who has read your email, unsubscribed, etc.MPZ-email-email-marketing-service-for-lawyers-MailGet

Features that email marketing for lawyers should look for – 

  • Capture and educate your law subscribers straight from your website.
  • Design beautiful lawyer email tempaltes.
  • Send campaigns and track their success.
  • Free and instant setup, get started right now.

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4. Campayn

Another email marketing service that is preferable for lawyers and law firms is Campayn. Loaded with tons of features, Campayn’s will make you work with email marketing a pleasant task. Law firms and lawyers will find this email marketing service very easy to use without any assistance of anyone.Campayn-email-marketing-service-for-lawyers-MailGet

Features –

  • Highlights various email template that will make designing emails a simpler task.
  • Responsive design makes email accessible from all viewing devices.
  • Detailed reporting tools provide the best result of email marketing campaigns.
  • Place email option forms and get your contact base building.
  • Effectively manage contact database with Contact Manager.

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5. Pure360

Pure360 is a powerful marketing solution that provides email as well as SMS marketing services. Lawyer and law firms can make valuable use of their marketing platform for boosting up their clients base and business.

Equipped with some great features and sources,  administering email marketing campaigns with Pure360 is a simple task.


Features –

  • Make stunning emails quickly with Drag-and-Drop email builder.
  • Create highly-targeted email messages with the help of Email Personalization & Targeting Tools.
  • Automate your email marketing campaigns like auto email responses, welcome emails, etc.
  • Multiple tools anchored for easily and quickly building clients database.
  • Robust monitoring tools for keeping the view on email campaigns.

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6. Groupmail

Groupmail is another alternative to opt for running email marketing job. It’s a powerful email marketing solution that law firms and lawyers can use to grow up their business.

Loaded with all great features and resources, Groupmail email marketing service makes reaching people a deliberate task.


Features –

  • Multiple options for designing creative looking emails newsletter.
  • Advanced email list management options for efficiently handling contacts
  • Email tracking tools for keeping view on email marketing campaigns
  • Smart sending options such as email autoresponder, drips, etc.
  • Amazing WYSIWYG message editor for designing emails.

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7. TargetHero

TargetHero is yet another best email marketing platform that can be used for Lawyers and Law firms. The tool has a wide range of features that any lawyer can use for marketing their law business perfectly.

TargetHero also gives you an assurance that all emails will reach to customer’s inbox along with a unique analytics feature by which you can easily track whether your message has safely delivered to customer’s inbox or not.Target-Hero-email-marketing-service-for-law-firms-MailGet

Features that let your law business grown rapidly –

  • Build your brand so that clients can easily remember you.
  • Send emails to your customers and aware them about your law firms and services.
  • Automate the sending process by scheduling each of the campaigns.

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8. Sendloop

All in one email marketing tool which provides several attractive features that a lawyer love to use.

The drag-n-drop email creator lets you create professional campaigns for your law firm without any programming knowledge. You can also manage and import all your contacts by uploading the CSV file, Excel file, etc.Sendloop-email-marketing-service-for-lawyers-MailGet

Outstanding features of Sendloop – 

  • Get real time reports of your business campaigns.
  • Attract customers and drive more traffic to your site.
  • Take your business among customers by exploring it on social media.
  • Generate more leads with a subscription form.
  • Build a healthy relationship by sending professional newsletters at the right time.

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9. Emailit 

A complete email marketing platform that lets you create beautiful mobile-ready email templates for your law business and send them to prospective clients to educate them about your law firms.

The email it also measures the performance that whether your email gets to deliver to customer’s inbox or not.Emailit-email-marketing-service-for-law-firms-MailGet

Features that tells you how internet marketing for lawyers could be benefited for you – 

  1. Make your law firm websites more efficient by tracking the behavior of each subscriber.
  2. Integrate the software with social sites and explore your law firm marketing plan more precisely.
  3. Send automatic messages by scheduling them, so that it get reached to customer’s inbox at the right time.

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10. Vision6

Another full featured email marketing service that is perfect for lawyer marketing is Vision 6. You can just create professional business newsletters and send them quickly to your prospective clients with hassle free drag and drop editor. Generate more leads and drive more traffic to your business law website.

Capture leads with subscription forms and reaches out to them with powerful email templates that will grab the customer’s attention.Vision6-email-marketing-service-for-lawyers-MailGet

Features of Vision are – 

  • Improve your law firm marketing by analyzing all the reports and results.
  • Compose today, send tomorrow and automate your email campaign.
  • Give an ease to your clients in sharing the content on social networks.
  • Reach out to your clients by sending SMS also.
  • See who received, opened and clicked on your emails with email tracking feature.

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Conclusion – 

Get started on delivering the email marketing for your law firm up to a high-quality level. If done correctly by either small businesses, solo practitioners, large law firms or lawyers email marketing could substantially increase your business sales.

Don’t forget to check out some awesome Free Law Firm Newsletter Templates build with the help of MailGet’s responsive email template builder –

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