Thinking of how email marketing could generate more conversions for your hair salon business?

Well, it is impossible for one to make his customers familiar with all the beauty offers and policies regarding their business in an efficient way. On the other hand, it’s has become the foremost task for proprietors to reach to the customers in a way that will benefit them. It has become more easy with the increasing use of email marketing for business promotion.

Dive into the traits of email promotion:-

  • Engagement with your potential customers.
  • Spreading more awareness or circulating information about your services.
  • Creating brand loyalty among customers by strengthening what makes your salon unique.

Well, MailGet is the one stop solution for hair salon email marketing where one can easily create, send, track email newsletters, surveys, and autoresponders.

MailGet’s marketing campaigns ensure high deliverability and much more. !!

Follow the below-listed marketing  objectives for effective approach that can bring more customers to your salon 

#1  Stay In Touch With Customers & Leads To Produce More Hair Salon Business –

 As in today’s era, everyone uses email and checks them frequently. So, promoting your hair salon business with email could be the most efficient and converting way to keep your potential customers up to date.

Start sending newsletters with attractive offers, latest services, exclusive discounts, and much more.

For this same,

 Make use of an amazing Email Template Builder to create beautiful emails. 

Like one shown below –

Template #1 – 


Template #2 – Gifts on particular days

Are you free on Thursday?


We all know how weekends tempt us, especially on Thursdays. Our energy gets down by Thursday

and the day seems like forever. Well, no more. Abc Salon has made an attempt to make your

Thursdays relaxing and surprising like never before!

Spend your Thursdays in our salon to get a refreshing, glowing look for your weekend plans and

only this you will be given a surprise gift as well! Charge yourself with our best services and

enjoy a gift for the same.

Always at your service,

Abc Salon

Tuesdays are new Sundays!


Abc Salon has brought you a magic mantra that will help you enjoy two Sundays in a week! Don’t 

believe us? Oh, you will. All you have to do is visit us on Tuesdays to get a relaxing treatment

from our highly trained team and a surprise gift too!

We guarantee you to transform your boring Tuesdays into soothing Sundays with our top services 

and along with that, you will receive an attractive gift on behalf of Abc Salon. So, don’t let this 

Tuesday be as ordinary as the previous ones.

Waiting to see you soon,

Abc Salon

Template #3 – Offer for birthdays

Birthdays will be happier now.


Birthdays tickle everyone irrespective of their age. Abc Salon takes care of its customers and

therefore, offers special discounts on their birthdays!

Let us make your birthday a bit more special by offering you our services in discounted prices, 

especially tailored for you. 

Get a picture perfect makeover this birthday and make it memorable for years to come. 

Grab the golden opportunity and visit us for best services. 


Looking forward to celebrate your day,

Abc Salon

Template #4 – Pre-festive and festive offers

Look gorgeous this festive season.


Festival is on its way and we are already celebrating! Abc Salon offers you to get a beautiful makeover 

this season with our advanced services.  Enjoy attractive offers with us this__________.

Get pre-festive packages on the prices of your choice. You can also customize our packages as per 

your will. 

We provide waxing, facial, bleach, haircut and many other services in these packages. Get a right 

makeover and perfect touch up with our festive day’s package on discounted prices. Visit us for more 


Always at your service,

Abc Salon

Grab the golden opportunity.


Festivals are a way of celebrating yourself. We have provided our customers with attractive 

pre-festive and festive offers in this festive season.  The tailor-made packages are available to 

help you get a new avatar for the festival.

Grab your opportunity and enjoy our premium services this _______, that too on special prices! 

Don’t miss this golden chance and visit us as soon as possible or book your appointment today!

Waiting to hear from you,

Abc Salon

Template #5 – Special offers for groups

Are you a good friend?


Abc salon invites you and your friends to experience its first rate services offered by highly-trained 

team. We are here to offer you a special discount of 10% only for group visits.

Don’t waste another minute and bring all your friends at our service for the best experience at 10% 

discount on the billing amount. Embrace your friendship with our advanced treatments. Call your 

friends now!


Waiting at your service,

Abc Salon

Special offer for you and your loved ones.


Abc Salon celebrates friendship by offering a special discount up to 10% on visits in group. 

All you have to do is come with your friends or acquaintances to get the ravishing experience 

with our premium services, that too on special discount!

What are you waiting for? Inform your friends and family and let them get a chance of having 

best experience in minimal prices. Tell them you love them by bringing them at our service!

Looking forward to see you,

Abc Salon

Template #6 – Follow up email

Visit Us Again.


Thank you so much for stopping by abc Salon. We hope you had your best experience with 

our quality products. We focus on maintaining warm interaction with our customers to  

make them  feel at home. It was a pleasure to have you today at our place and it will be an 

immense delight to have you again.

quality products. We focus on maintaining warm interaction with our customers to  make 

them  feel at home. It was a pleasure to have you today at our place and it will be an immense

delight to have you again.

feel at home. It was a pleasure to have you today at our place and it will be an immense delight

to have you again.

As it was your first visit at abc salon, we offer you a membership card for your next visit! You 

can have discount of 10% on  any service that pleases you.  So, visit us again and get another 

memorable experience!

have discount of 10% on  any service that pleases you.  So, visit us again and get another 

memorable experience!

Looking forward to meet you,

Abc salon 

Template #7 – Reminder

Long time no see?


This is a gentle reminder to inform you that your membership card, with its awesome discount 

offer will expire soon! Grab this one of its kind opportunity and give us another chance of 

offering you our best services with quality products and advanced methods.

Drop by soon and enjoy any of our services on the flat discount of 10%. We would love to get a 

positive response from you. You are assured a great experience with abc Salon.

Looking forward to meet you,

Abc Salon

Template #8 – Wishing on membership card



Congratulations! Abc Salon is glad to tell you that you just got your membership card! This 

membership card will let you have our best services on affordable prices. Yes, you can have 

any service on straight 10% discount.

Abc Salon thanks you to be our customer and in return, we honour you with our membership 

card for your next visit. Avail the opportunity and enjoy our quality services as soon as possible.

Wishing to see you again,

Abc Salon

Template #9 – Welcome drink email

Your Welcome drink awaits.


We are glad to inform you that Abc salon cheers a warm welcome to its customers by 

honouring them with its special Welcome drink. It will be our pleasure if you visit 

abc Salon to have your Welcome drink and give us an opportunity to serve you with 

our first rate services at discounted prices. 

In our salon, you are assured to have a home-like experience with services that will 

cuddle you with relaxation. So, please visit our place and let us treat you in the best 

ways we can.

Looking forward to meet you,

Abc salon

#2  Grab Your Salon Customer’s Attention By Compelling Subject Lines – 

A strong, eye-catching subject line is yet another important thing to look for.

Now, this could include words that could attract users like “SALE”, “Summer Offer” & “Limited Time Left” etc.


#3  Make Hair Salon Marketing Emails More Engaging By Tracking User Behavior –

After sending the emails, you might be worried about whether your email has safely reached to the inbox, whether anyone clicked on it, etc.

In short, you might want to know your user’s responses to the email.

Well, Email Tracking feature is the right answer for all your queries.

It shows stats like –

  • How many people have opened your template ?
  • How many emails have successfully delivered to their inbox ?
  • What number of people have clicked on the links ?
  • And, how many people have unsubscribed you.


It’s a great feature to track your sent emails and to know the performance of your business.

#4  Get In-Depth Analysis Of Your Email Campaigns –

Want more scaled information about your emails ?

Yes, you could make use of MailGet’s Advanced Reporting feature which let you track –

  • The type of  browser user used.
  • Type of operating system.
  • Know whether a user is using a smartphone, tablet or any other device.
  • And also, track the location where he opened your email.


#5 Get Increased Sales By Collecting Leads Easily –

Do you also have a website for your hair salon shop ? If so, just make sure you are collecting emails every single time someone steps foot into your salon.

Well, that’s exactly the web form comes into use.

Add form on your website -> Collect leads for it -> Convert visitors into potential customers -> and start growing your business online rapidly.


#6 Maintain Your Hair Salon Contact List To Obtain Highest Deliverability – 

For an added bonus, use an email client like MailGet to manage your email lists and measure your campaign’s success.

Ensure to get increased delivery of your emails by maintaining a healthy email list of customers properly.

Stop Loosing Potential Sales. !!


Conclusion –

The most important thing to remember is that always make sure to give customers a reason to try your business and plenty of reasons to keep them for coming back.

Email marketing for hair salons has never been easier! Looking for incentive ? Check out our Free Hair Salon Email Newsletters to get the juices flowing!

Email Marketing Templates For Hair Salons MailGet

Done with the suitable template for the salon. What is the roadmap for its marketing?

Thus, an impeccable marketing solution for the same providing you the best accumulation of email marketing services for beauty centers and salons.

In fact, we have also got some of the best themes for your beauty centers and hair salons!