File Manager WordPress Plugins are the most required tool to keep your files well organised.

If you are juggling with a lot of files and media on your WordPress website then File Manager WordPress Plugin can spice up your productivity levels!

It’s too scary to access the media file manager in WordPress website, as it contains all the files in one place. Searching for a particular file is nightmarish.

Therefore we are sharing 6+ Best File Manager WordPress Plugins that can better streamline your file management work.

1. WP Media Manager – The Easiest WordPress Media Manager Plugin

WP Media Manager is a powerful media file manager plugin, it is one of the best media file management solutions for WordPress today. This plugin is going to ignite a fire in your belly because it is providing the equivalent simple and robust frontend to the developers as well as non-techies.

It also manage thousands of media files and folders in your WordPress website smoothly. With the drag and drop method you can easily organize your media library in the fastest way.

WP Media Manager - Best File Manager WordPress plugin

Features of WP Media Manager 

  • Through its lightbox extension, you can enable or disable the lightbox and adjust the animation and slideshow speed.
  • It provides media files ordering & filtering options in which you can add multiple custom filter options like custom size and weight.
  • With WP Media Manager plugin, you can create unlimited folders hierarchy.
  • It has a useful tool available to import a big amount of media files from the FTP server folders to your WordPress media library directly.


  • Its regular license will charge you $23 with all its features and 6 months’ support.

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2. File Manager WordPress Plugin

File Manager Plugin for WordPress is full of feature, and you can utilize it for almost anything that is related to files/documents. With the plugin, you can upload all type of files, create folders, and, subfolders.

You can also configure extensions which are not recognized by default WordPress. File Manager Plugin can set the access level of any of the folders/files from your WordPress site.

File Manager WordPress Plugins

Features of File Manager WordPress Plugin

  • Drag and Drop File Upload.
  • Control who can access to download.
  • Create user groups for the quick assignment.
  • Custom Icon images links.
  • File type icon support.
  • Searching and Sorting Option.
  • Download link labels.


File Manager Plugin for WordPress is available for $19.

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3. FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders 

FileBird is one of the most wanted plugin for WordPress media management. It is very easy to use, you can organize your thousands of images and other media in folders.

The plugin offers a drag and drop interface, so it helps save your time. Just a click or touch to create, rename, delete or reorder your folders. This plugin works fine with all your images and media files. It not only supports WordPress default library interface but also displays folder tree in popular builders such as WPBakery Page Builder, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, Elementor, etc.

It also supports multisite, WPML and popular themes and plugins.

File Manager WordPress Plugin

Features of FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders

  • It has a friendly user interface, all done with just drag and drop.
  • It has smart context menu as you can just right-click to create, rename, delete, refresh folders.
  • You can create unlimited folders with unlimited files in them.
  • FileBird is built to be compatible with most themes, plugins, and page builders.
  • Multisite and many languages are supported as well.


  • Regular license: $25
  • Extended license: $99

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4. WordPress Advanced File Manager 

You know what, if you are non-techie then you will want to use File Manager plugins or customize your files in ways that are technically impossible! But this incredibly easy to use File Manager Plugin converts your “impossible” to “possible”.

More importantly, it has different icons for major file types. You aren’t going to have to wade through countless images. Just click on preview icons to ensure that your images are tweaked to your liking.

File Manager WordPress Plugins

Features of WordPress Advanced File Manager

  • Download Option
  • Built-in Editor
  • Right Click Menu
  • Upload File to the current Directory
  • Switch Between Icons and List View


This effortless File Manager plugin has the costing of $18.

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5. WordPress Real Media Library – Media Categories / Folders File Manager

Real Media Library is undoubtedly one of the best media WordPress plugins. It mainly organizes thousands of images into one folder for your WordPress website.

You can drag and drop your files, rename, delete or reorder your folders and much more. In a nutshell, Real Media Library saves your time, and catalogue your WordPress media library elegantly.

File Manager WordPress Plugins

Features of Real Media Library – File Manager WordPress Plugins

  • Full control for your folders in one toolbar (create, rename, delete, rearrange)
  • The filter in insert media dialogue
  • Improved Uploader
  • Upload files directly to a folder
  • Create dynamic gallery from the folder
  • Fast navigating to folders with fast folder search


Starting at only $24, you can get the regular license and future updates.

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6. Codify – WordPress IDE & File Manager

Codify file manager plugin provides an ideal environment to customize WordPress plugins.It comes with great features of editing multiple files with code auto-completion, syntax highlighting etc.

Additional features include drag and drop interface, Automatic indent and outdent, Code folding, Line wrapping and the list goes on.  This plugin is our favourite and is more than just a file management plugin because it can handle huge documents.

File Manager WordPress Plugins

Features of Codify – File Manager Plugins For WordPress 

  • Creating new folders & files
  • Uploading files to any folder
  • Modifying existing folders & files ( cut / copy / paste / rename / delete) compress (zip )
  • Changing folders & files permissions
  • keyboard navigation
  • Reading folder or file details (owner, group, size and permissions)


Codify has the base pricing of $18.

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7. File Manager Plugin For WordPress 

File manager is one of the free plugins that you can use on your WordPress website. It currently has 100,000+ active installs with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

It doesn’t have a long list of features but is still a viable option for the website owners who don’t want all the bells and whistles.

File Manager WordPress Plugins

Features of File Manager Plugin For WordPress

  • Operations: Various operations with files and folders on a remote server (copy, move, upload, create folder/file, rename, edit, delete etc.)
  • File Type: Control what files can be uploaded and what file can be downloaded.
  • Move/Copy: Admin can Move/Copy files with Drag & Drop.
  • Archives: Admin can create/extract files(zip, rar, tar, gzip).
  • File Size: Admin/User can upload any size files.
  • Private Folder: Available only for File Manager Pro Edition
  • Multiple Themes: Multiple File Manager Themes Available – New Feature
  • Shortcode: Available only for File Manager Pro Edition


It is freely downloadable from official WordPress website.

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8. Filester – File Manager Pro

Struggling with managing WordPress files? Now you can rely on Filester to handle all those tasks!


This is a professional WordPress file manager plugin that is devoted to productive WordPress administrators. With Filester you can access source files without FTP. You can preview, open, edit, cut, copy, duplicate, delete or hide any file you want. All these actions can be done to all files in the source code including.PHP, .HTML, .CSS, .JSON, etc.

Filester has all premium features

  • It provides new options for privacy and security management such as:
    • Set root path access for each type of users
    • Hide .htaccess, folder, file paths
    • Lock file extensions
    • Disable specific commands
  • Filester WordPress file manager plugin also has a very clean UI/UX design.
  • You won’t see ads, banners or calls for purchase the pro versions.


Because Filester is premium!
Yet you don’t have to pay for it. You can use it for free.

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9. File Manager Advanced WordPress Plugins

File Manager Advanced has an intuitive UI that allows you to easily upload, edit, delete and manage (zip/copy) downloadable files.

The goal of this plugin is to help users files organized and they don’t need to use any cpanel and FTP.

File Manager WordPress Plugins

Features of File Manager Advanced Wordpress Plugins

  • Editable Root Directory Path: You can edit root directory path.
  • Shortcodes: Shortcodes for logged in and not logged in users with multiple attributes and features (allows users and users role access)
  • User Operations: Upload, Download and Delete operations
  • File Operations: All operations with files and folders (copy, move, upload, create folder/file, rename, archive, extract, edit, etc.)
  • PDF Preview: PDF Preview feature available
  • Files Access: Access files inside and outside WordPress root directory


File Manager Advanced plugin isn’t going to cost you a penny.

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Closing thought

I hope you have taken my listing of 6+ Best File Manager WordPress Plugins with a healthy grain of salt. I can assure you that if you are not too snooty to do mobile or web programming then you have got your suite File Manager Plugin from the above catalogue.

Looking forward to the discussion threads!

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