Ads make money, that’s not a new thing to hear. But getting an “Ad” is a chill wind. Count of websites on the internet is like stars in the sky. (Don’t dare to count!)

So, why would someone choose your website for advertisements?

How would you become the north star of advertisers among the clusters of websites!

Plugins can be a way, in fact, people use Ad WordPress plugins, but are you sure these will be a magic wand for you.

WordPress Ad plugins are something in common and people use it a lot to manage everything related to ads. What matters here is are you using the best ad plugin amongst the stack. And whether your chosen ad plugin aligns with your needs. Like your ad plugin must be equipped to manage advertisements, their display locations, click stats and more.

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We have a list of 5+ Ad WordPress Plugins (Free and Paid). So, here you can choose an ad plugin that suits your needs and budget.

1. Ad Inserter || Free Ad WordPress Plugin ||

Ad Inserter has made itself a brand with over 100,000+ active installations. It has also won the hearts of people around the globe with a complete 5/5 ratings. A lot of strong features for free is the reason behind its popularity. It’s more than an ad plugin and lets you add any optin form, Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP or advert code anywhere on the page.

Pricing of Ad Inserter – Ad WordPress Plugin

It’s a free ad WordPress plugin and it will cost you absolutely $0!

Content Img - Ad WordPress Plugins

Features of Ad Inserter – Ad WordPress Plugin

  • Where other plugins fail to place an ad, ad inserter comes into action and inserts ad anywhere you want.
  • It has strong AdSense integration.
  • Inserts Ad on AMP pages.
  • Provides analytics with Google Analytics, Piwik or any other analytics code.

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2. WP Quads Pro || Best in WordPress Ads Plugins ||

This ad plugin is one of the most trusted ones with over 60,000 websites running it. WP Squad is a Google AdSense integration for your WordPress website. There’s a lot more too. With this ad plugin, you can add an unlimited number of ads to your website, use its caching power to optimize speed and more.

Pricing of WP Quads Pro – Ad WordPress Plugin

The pricing of this ad WordPress plugin starts from $49 and goes up to $499. This pricing differs on the grounds of site licenses.

wpquads - Ad WordPress Plugins

Features of WP Quads Pro – Ad WordPress plugin

  • WP Squad comes packed with an ad blocker detector to detect the adblock. Plus, it has Google Analytics integration through which you can measure the number of visitors with the Adblocker.
  • Ads created using this ad plugin are responsive and looks great on any screen.
  • You get numerous layouts options for your ads.
  • It shows AdSense adverts on the AMPs.

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3. Buy and Sell Ads || Top-Class Ad WordPress Plugin ||

It’s is one of those ad WordPress plugins which makes you a buyer and seller of advertisements. This ad WordPress plugin allows you to sell the advertisement spot on your website to the potential buyers.

Pricing of Buy & Sell Ads – Ad WordPress Plugin

This ad plugin has got a one time, single pricing of $12.

Buy and Sell Ads - Ad WordPress Plugins

Features of Buy & Sell Ads – Ad WordPress Plugin

  • You can sell advertisements, manage campaigns, track clicks and impressions in seconds.
  • A buyer can buy an advertisement space from the front-end of the website using this ad plugin.
  • You get PayPal and Stripe payment gateways through which an advertisement banner is activated.
  • Real-time stats lets a user check the stats for their banner.

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4. Modern Ad WordPress Plugin || Best One Among All ||

Modern ad WordPress plugin makes your website an ad market where people can buy space on your website. The ad plugin has got strong integrations with PayPal, Facebook with providing real-stats.

Pricing of Modern – Ad WordPress Plugin

This ad plugin will take $27 as a one-time amount for all the advertisement services.

Modern WordPress Ad Plugin - Ad WordPress Plugins

Features of Modern – Ad WordPress Plugin

  • Creating ads with this WordPress plugin is a child play and a matter of few clicks.
  • The ad plugin provides completely translation ready environment.
  • Users will be able to buy advertisements from the front-end of the website using this plugin.
  • Complete customization enabled.

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5. Ads Pro || AdSense WordPress Plugin ||

Ads Pro is one of the best ad management WordPress plugin. This premium ad WordPress plugin lets you sell, manage, and display ads to your website. The highlight lies in this plugin lie in 100% free from ad blockers.

Pricing of Ads Pro – Ad WordPress Plugin

$37 is all that this ad plugin will ever ask from your pocket.

Ads Pro Plugin - Ad WordPress Plugins

Features of Ads Pro – Ad WordPress Plugin

  • With this plugin, you can fully responsive and mobile ready ad templates.
  • It has 20+ various ways to display ads.
  • It comes with 25+ ad templates.
  • You get an integration of WooCommerce plus, this plugin works like a breeze with Google AdSense too!

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6. Advanced Ads Pro || Ad WordPress Plugin ||

Advanced Ads Pro is for ad management and optimization of ads. This ad management plugin has got an array of features such as ad fraud protection, limiting ad display and more.

It’s used by professionals and large organization around the globe but at its heart, it is extremely user-friendly.

Pricing of Advanced Ad Pro – Ad WordPress Plugin

Its pricing starts from $39 and ranges up to $99. The pricing entirely varies on the ground of site licenses.

wpadvancedads - Ad WordPress Plugins

Features of Advanced Ad Pro – Ad WordPress Plugin

  • Restrict ad display only once per page.
  • Make the creation of ad as easy as pie. In fact, you can create ad groups, apply ad rotations, schedule ads.
  • Alternatives ad for blocked users.
  • Creation of ad grids for group advertisement.

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You can do a research DIY on ad WordPress plugins and I am sure you are going to end-up finding these ad plugins on every list. We have done enough of research and those WordPress advertising plugins don’t disappoint at all.

We’ve emptied our bag of the 5+ Ad WordPress plugins (Free and paid) and now it’s your turn to choose one and stick to it.

There are numerous ad plugins and if you have an amazing plugin to share with us then comment below. We would love to take this list even further.

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