Nowadays, having a limited budget is no longer a reason for you to keep away from the email marketing. Since there are a plenty of cheap and free email marketing software that are available in the market which can grow your online business leaps and bounds.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, “On every $1 spent, email marketing delivers a $38 return-on-investment ” Moreover, these software helps you earn new subscribers, followers, or loyal customers via sending bulk emails. In such emails, you can provide important information about your business products or services and build relationships with your customers.

Moreover, email marketing services come with various handy features like

  • Email Templates
  • Tracking
  • Inbuilt SMTP
  • Marketing Automation
  • List Segmentation And Tagging
  • Data Security

If you are also looking for these kinds of reliable features in budgeted prices, then you should definitely check out this article.

Here, we have gathered 5 best email marketing software along with their free trial & cheap paid plans. Thus, you can select the most suitable one according to your business needs.

Comparison Between The Email Marketing Software
Service Basic Plan  Emails SMTP Routing  Workflow Automation
Pabbly Email Marketing   $29/m Unlimited Unlimited
SendinBlue $24/m 40,000 NA
GetResponse $10/m 10,000
Constant Contact  $20/m Unlimited
Mailer Lite $10/m Unlimited NA NA

1. Pabbly Email Marketing – The Best Email Marketing Software

“It is the only software that bombards us with features like
unlimited emails, inbuilt SMTP, workflows, autoresponders, routing, and much more even in its starter plan.”

Pabbly Email Marketing leads the hierarchy, as you can send 12,000 emails in a month at $0!! Plus in nominal pricing, you can deliver unlimited emails with their own inbuilt SMTP. Likewise, through SMTP routing you have the flexibility of connecting with multiple external SMTPs which ensures very high deliverability of 99% which is high even by global standards.

Furthermore, you can have access to an awesome collection of email templates of diverse niches, and with a perceptive builder construct amazing emails. Moreover, you can nurture a connection with your clients by seeding emails in their inbox through autoresponders and auto email marketing.

With Pabbly Email Marketing, the flow of emails is refined by regular A/B testing. Also, there is no need for any coding skills, just sign in, compose emails, and start firing your emails in minutes.


  • Email Builder – You can create professional well-lit emails from scratch using a very intuitive email builder. Furthermore, if there is a lack of time, have access to a ton of stunning pre-build templates. Also, you can place your business logo in all the emails.
  • List Management – Also, you can sort email addresses on the basis of similar interests. For example, you can put contacts into different buckets like demographics, age, referral sources, etc, then start sending emails accordingly.
  • Auto Responders – Whenever a new client joins your emailing circle, Pabbly Email Marketing automatically sends a welcoming email. Also, these emails can be crafted to be warm and friendly by adding emoticons, images, and altering fonts & text.
  • Security – A very stern security infrastructure like active scanning, firewalls, and SSL protection will keep your emailing data secure from prying eyes.
  • Automated Marketing – On the basis of time or action triggered events, Pabbly Email Marketing automatically starts firing newsletters on your clients’ inbox from a matrix of composed emails.
  • Email Tracking – Furthermore, you can have access to a ton of analytics related to the life history of the emails like, inbox placement rates, bounce, spam, unsubscribe, client location, etc.
  • Forms – Embedd form to your website to capture leads like name and email address to increase your mailing list.
  • 2X Open Rates – Pabbly Email Marketing automatically sends follow up emails to non-open ones.
  • List Cleaning – You can easily scrub away bad email addresses to maintain a healthy emailing list to improve your deliverability rates.
  • SMTP Routing – Offcourse, you always send unlimited emails through its inbuilt SMTP but incase to improve the probability of email delivery, you can connect with multiple external SMTPs like Spark Post, Mailgun, Amazon SES, and 50 more other SMTP services.


Pabbly Email Marketing comes in five plans:

  • Forever Free – This free platform can dispatch 12,000 emails to 1,100 subscribers. Just sign up and you can begin your email campaigning now.
  • Rookie – Their most ambitious plan which can send unlimited emails to 5000 subscribers in just $29/month.
  • Pro– In just $49 per month, deliver unlimited emails to 15,000 subscribers.
  • Advance – At paltry $99 charged per month send unlimited emails to 50,000 subscribers.
  • Enterprise – Interested in sending over unlimited emails to over 1 million subscribers? Well, contact their sales executive for this massive package.

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2. SendinBlue –  Affordable Email Marketing

SendinBlue allows you to send 300 emails in a month by just signing up. Also with marketing automation in SendinBlue you can automate certain mechanical tasks to save time. Moreover, you find new leads by inserting ads on Facebook. Another advantage of SendinBlue is that you can send SMS for marketing.


  • Promotion – Not just emails, but also can promote special and time-sensitive events by delivering bulk SMSes.
  • Facebook Ads – You can improve your social standing by placing ads on Facebook. Moreover, you can even track the performance of your ass and compare it across various Facebook pages.
  • Landing Pages – Furthermore, with SendinBlue you can create pristine landing pages easily, have the flexibility to choose the goal of your page, and even push it live by pressing a button. Also, remain consistent by bringing your domain name on the default landing page.
  • Contact Segmentation – In SendinBlue you can segment contacts on declared interests, socio-economic groups, purchase history, or geographical characteristics. Now, this helps you in tailoring more relevant emails for a particular group.


  • Free Trial – At $0/month, send 300 emails per day.
  • Lite – In $29/month, deliver 40,000 emails per month without any daily restrictions.
  • Essential – Send 60,000 emails per month, at $39/month which allows you features like marketing automation, SMS delivery, and Facebook ads.
  • Premium – In $66/month, it offers you send 120,000 emails per month with all features from the essential plan included.
  • Enterprise – Here this platform allows you to send unlimited emails, but you need to contact their sales representatives to get a figure.

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3. Constant Contact – Bulk Email Marketing Services

Maybe not free, but in just $5 you can deliver 10,000 emails in a month with Constant Contact. Furthermore, build RSVP, dynamic content emails, and a ton of newsletters with the help of Industry approved templates. Generate more leads by embedding customizable pop-up forms and import contacts from CRMs or old emailing list. Furthermore, you can subject the email flow to A/B to gauge the proper channels and increase the inbox rates. Also, they come with apps to build emails on mobile phones.



  • Welcome Email – Greet new clients with warm welcome emails, and customize these emails with your personnel touch.
  • Automatic Emails – You can build an array of email series which automatically fires when conditions are met. Also, you can automatically resend emails to non-opens.
  • Contact Management – Furthermore, you can upload contact lists from Outlook, Excel, Shopify, and Salesforce. While you are at it, use list building tools to add new contacts from your websites or Facebook.
  • Tracking – You have access to real-time tracking tools to know the opens, clicks, shares, and unsubscribes per customer.


  • Lite – Send 10,000 emails in a month at just $5.Moreover, have access to 500 MB storage and live support, simply by signing up.
  • Email – In just $20/ month deliver unlimited emails and have access to features like list building, WooCommerce integrations, branded industry templates, and basic eCommerce.
  • Email Plus -Deliver unlimited emails in $45/month and get all features of Email plan with advanced segmentation, dedicated consumer support, and more.

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4. GetResponse – Reliable Email Marketing Software

GetResponse is a known name in the email marketing world and reasons include delivering unlimited emails at a budget price. Moreover, with marketing automation and tracking, you will always be in the loop with your customer. Furthermore, GetResponse teams up with other services like Litmus, Return Path, Spam Haus, Port 25 to ensure 99% inbox placement rates.



  • Email Editor – With GetResponse create professional emails with hundreds of expertly crafted templates. Moreover, have access to 5,000 + licensed images from Shutterstock to build higher quality emails.
  • Ads Creator – You can create tension in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Bitchute by creating and displaying ads of your products.
  • Landing Pages – Moreover build high converting landing pages to generate leads.
  • Statistics – You can always keep an eye on opens, bounces, clicks, email comparisons mobile view statistics in graphical formats.


  • Basic – Send unlimited emails to 1000 contacts In just $15/month
  • Plus – Deliver unlimited emails to multiple subscribers and have aces to tons of features like multiple integrations, A/B testing, follow up emails, and more.
  • Professional – In just $99/monthThis massive plan will deliver unlimited emails. Furthermore, this plan brings more services like landing pages, marketing automation, and advance segmentations
  • Enterprise – Send unlimited emails to more than 100000 subscribers in $1,199/month.

Note: You can try their products for 30 days without giving your credit card information.

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5. MailerLite – Software On The Next Level

Last not the least here, we have a software that can deliver 12,000 emails to over 1000 subscribers free of cost. Also, you can start your email marketing with email templates on fashion, arts, travel, manufacturing, and more. Moreover, you can track the sales performance of every email campaigning. Furthermore, MailerLite automatically sends emails as alerts on the abandoned cart, payment failure, and transaction completion.



  • Ecommerce Integration – You can easily integrate e-commerce websites like Shopify and WooCommerce to MailerLite for data sync. The best part is you can specifically create email market campaigning based on the buying behaviors of the customers.
  • Create Emails – Not just custom HTML editor but get build-in photo editing, file managers, rich-text editors and drag & drop email builder to create slick emails from scratch. See this why this beat the free email marketing software.
  • Growing Subscribers – Improve your subscriber base with landing pages, website builder, sign up forms, and unsubscribe page builder. Still better than many free email marketing software.
  • Segmentation – Furthermore create interest groups by tagging, deliver by time and do a ton of A/B testing to improve deliverability.


There is a slider on their website which when dragged towards the right shows an increase in email volumes and therefore the price.
The free plan can send 12,000 emails to 1000 subscriber and the paid version can level up to unlimited emails to many more subscribers.

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Conclusion –

Well, though not free email marketing software these can definitely provide value for your bucks. Moreover, they were filtered on the basis of pricing and features which were quite genuine. But, before swipe your credit card, you should know that there is a demo or a free trial available with each of them. Do try them out individually before buying any.

Also, if you find any information that I have missed while covering these software do comment below. I will surely take a note of it and answer you at the earliest. Thanks