We are all aware of the fact that visual content displayed on a website grabs more attention of users than text content. Therefore, today in this blog we are going to discuss Gallery PHP Script.

Gallery PHP Script


Here, we have listed and defined some of the best scripts after running various trials and tests on hundred of PHP gallery scripts available online. All these scripts are responsive, come with the multi-upload option, support various file formats, languages and image customizations.

In addition, they are cross-browser compatible, easy to install, provide user-friendly admin panel, and support multiple user creation as well.

Now, without wasting any time let’s dive into the details of each script one-by-one.

1. PHP Chameleon – Wallpapers Gallery Script

PHP Chameleon is a top class gallery script through which you can easily upload and manages different type of images on a website. With this script, users will be able to browse and download images from your website.

This is a fully responsive PHP script which is Google Adsense & Analytics ready. You can display various recommended ads and by placing the analytics code you can easily track user activities as well. The admin can also perform various custom operations from the dashboard.

PHP Chameleon Gallery PHP Script

Price Plans:-

  • You have to pay $13 for the regular license of this PHP script. With this script, you get various features, future updates, 6-month support, and other basic amenities.
  • For the extended license, a price of $90 is charged. It includes an easy to use admin panel and multiple advanced services for gallery management.

Feature Details Of This Gallery PHP Script:-

  • This script offers various SEO optimization settings which can help you rank high on the web search. You can also define layout settings like favicon, Facebook page, etc.
  • Provides comment section that comes with Captcha functionality with the help of which spam comments can be prevented.
  • Through the admin panel, you can manage different type of images along with their details like name, description, category, etc. Plus, you can also add new images, edit category and delete them.
  • It offers an easy to use dashboard through which users can fetch images using the search bar, category, popular, latest loaded and random.

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2. Easy Gallery – PHP Gallery Creator Script

With Easy Gallery PHP script you can create galleries that can hold multiple images, create folders and sub-folders and more.

It supports various image formats like jpg, png, gif, etc and requires no database for it. This PHP gallery script also provides gallery deleting option in case the gallery is found blank.

Easy Gallery PHP Script

Price Plans:-

  • The first plan will cost you just $15. The script will offer various gallery customizations and basic facilities with this plan.
  • The second plan will cost you $75. It includes a strong admin panel, supports various image formats and other gallery functionalities.

Feature Details Of This Gallery PHP Script:-

  • This script allows you to create simple galleries with animated view effects and other image customizations.
  • Simple drag & drop file upload option is available using which you can upload multiple image files in one time.
  • You can create multiple gallery folders and store images with different name, size, and image formats.
  • This PHP gallery script is compatible with multiple browsers like IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and more.

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3. Website Gallery – PHP Script

If you want to add a large collection of images or albums on your site with ease then Website Gallery PHP script will be the right option for you. With this script, you get the ability to upload images from the local source or you can import albums from Facebook.

This script includes a WordPress plugin that allows you to use of shortcodes to add gallery, album or a slider on a site.

Website Gallery PHP Script

Price Plans:-

  • $24 is the price charged for this PHP script with which you can add gallery effects to any PHP website, upload images through drag & drop, add albums and more.

Feature Details Of This Gallery PHP Script:-

  • This script permits you to upload multiple images files all at once and create unlimited albums.
  • With this PHP script, you are also allowed to import images from Facebook as well. Plus, you can add Facebook like box and comments on each image.
  • The script enables you to add public as well as private albums on a site. In addition, various user options and settings are also available.
  • With a single click, you can insert an entire gallery, album or slider into a website.

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4. Dead Simple Gallery – PHP Script

Dead Simple Gallery is an advanced PHP script that auto create and cache thumbnails for images. All the thumbnails are linked to bigger images that are available on the website.

You can easily add or remove images from the gallery folder, plus it automatically updates image name, title when an unreadable image name is found. It also supports most recent web browsers as well.

Dead Simple Gallery PHP Script

Price Plans:-

  • For the regular plan of this PHP gallery script, you will have to pay just $15.
  • In order to enjoy enhanced features of this PHP script, you will have to pay $70 for the extended plan.

Feature Details Of This Gallery PHP Script:-

  • This script permits you to convert a list of images into an image slideshow.
  • You can generate image thumbnails for the gallery with the help of scale or crop options. Plus, this script auto converts image file names into human readable text.
  • Allows you to manage all type of image galleries using an FTP or file browser.
  • Supports various image formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc and comes with multiple image and gallery customizations.

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5. PHPJabbers – Gallery PHP Script

This is a simple and responsive PHP gallery script with which you can create multiple albums, manage and organize images in them. It provides both front-end and backend demo with all the features and functionalities of the script.

That is not all, you also get multiple image settings, gallery layouts, CSS customizations and more with this script.

PHPJabbers Gallery PHP Script

Price Plans:-

  • The User license of this script will cost you around $25 with which you get free installation, updates along with multiple gallery creation features.
  • The Developer license will cost you $59 and will give you custom modifications, image settings, advanced front-end and more.

Feature Details Of This Gallery PHP Script:-

  • You can create unlimited image galleries which are fully responsive and define different categories for them.
  • The script comes with an inbuilt image editor using which you can edit as well as crop images after upload. You can also add a title, description, alt tag and more to the image.
  • It provides different gallery layouts which can easily be changed from the backend. The script holds around 10 unique image layouts that come with custom setting options.
  • It is an easy to manage PHP gallery script through which you can have unlimited users for admin user group and editor user group.

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6. PHP Mini Gallery – Responsive Script

This is one of the best gallery PHP script that is available free of cost. This is an advanced PHP script which is entirely file-based and requires no database programming.

It is easy to install and allows you to upload images in different formats. Plus, the image thumbnails are automatically created and stored with appropriate file names.

PHP Mini Gallery PHP Script

Price Plans:-

  • This is a free PHP script that offers multiple advanced features and gallery creation facilities. You can download it for free from GitHub without paying a single penny.

Feature Details Of This Gallery PHP Script:-

  • Provides an auto thumbnail generation functionality which makes it easy to create thumbnails for images.
  • Allows you to add individual captions to each and every image. Plus, it generates an index for all images.
  • This is an advanced and responsive script that perfectly runs on all PHP supported hosts.
  • With this PHP script, you get multi-lingual support, different layout changes that can be applied without any technical skills.

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Let us now wrap it all up as we have arrived at the closure of this blog after explaining each and every detail of the listed PHP gallery scripts. I am pretty sure that you will find one suitable script to add gallery on your website.

In case of queries and doubts related to the listed scripts or this topic, you can freely ask them to us in the comments section below.

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