A good File Manager PHP Script is hard to find as the current market is flooded with scripts that brag about false file managing features and services.

Therefore, after going through a deep online search we have come up with a list verified PHP scripts that are fully capable of handling multiple files with different sizes & formats.

Here, we have defined scripts that are responsive, support multiple file upload, allow folder creation, and helps you fetch files through search option.

These are some of the facilities that these scripts offer, for more details below we have elaborated each script in detail.

let’s get started with the description.

1. Easy File Uploader – PHP File Manager Script

Easy File Uploader is a full-fledged file management system that permits users to upload, download and delete files. It allows you to create multiple users with different file access permissions.

The file option available on the dashboard display all the uploaded files along with file name, file size, upload time, etc.

Easy File Uploader File Manager PHP Script

Price Details Of File Manager PHP Script:-

  • The regular license of this script is priced around $11 with which quality checked by Envato, updates, limited support and other file management facilities are provided.
  • The extended license of this PHP script will cost you $65. This plan includes advanced file management services and upload.


  • This script comes with a responsive file manager through which you can easily upload, download and delete different type of files.
  • It offers an easy to use drag & drop file uploader and click to browser files option as well. Plus, the script also supports maximum file size of up to 256MB.
  • Using this PHP script you are allowed to upload multiple files all at the same time and see the upload process in the progress bar.
  • Automatically displays thumbnails for all images files that are uploaded on the dashboard.

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2. Server File Explorer – PHP File Manager Script

Server File Explorer is one of the best file exploring script written in PHP. It is simple to apply, responsive, provides easy file & folder search, helps you display all files in different folders and more.

With this PHP script, multiple file upload and download is just a few clicks task.

Server File Explorer File Manager PHP Script

Price Details Of File Manager PHP Script:-

  • This regular plan offered by this PHP script is one of the cheapest on the list as it will cost you just $4.
  • $12 is the amount that is charged for the extended plan of this PHP script. It includes free support, product updates and more.


  • Provides an easy file and folder search field in the dashboard, from where file searching becomes ease.
  • The dashboard of this file management system is very simplified and display file name, files type, size and modified details.
  • Offers file download functionality along with easy file navigation between subfolders.
  • A well-documented support is provided with all plans of this script.

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3. EasyFile – File Manager Script

With the help of EasyFile PHP script, you can create multiple folders, upload files, delete, cut and copy files as well as folders. This script comes with a customizable interface which can be deployed easily.

It provides a toolbar using which you can perform different types of file management operations.

EasyFile File Manager PHP Script

Price Details Of File Manager PHP Script:-

  • EasyFile is a PHP script which offers all its services at a price of $19. It includes multiple file management functionalities, clean design, documentation and more.


  • With this file management script, you can create folders to store files, upload single as well as multiple files with ease.
  • Allows you to manage different types of files and folders stored. Plus, it also provides inline file and folder name editor.
  • With this PHP script, it becomes easy to delete files and folders, plus it supports copy & cut operations.
  • This file manager script showcases file/folder name, icon, size, date of creation and date of the update as well.

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4. Engine File Manager – PHP Script

If you want a web interface to manage files, multiple folders and hyperlinks as well then you should use Engine File Manager script. This script provides two different panels and hotkeys for controlling.

Plus you can apply various types of customizations like file style change, assign hotkeys for special functions and more.

Engine File Manager File Manager PHP Script

Price Details Of File Manager PHP Script:-

  • The first license of this PHP script will cost you $16. It provides 6-months support, multiple basic features, and frequent updates.
  • The second license will cost you just $75. It offers enhanced premium services and features.


  • With this script you are permitted to create new folders, hyperlink, upload & download files, search and delete.
  • Cross-browser support for IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge is also available in this script.
  • This file manager PHP script helps you upload multiple files at a single time.
  • Allows various customizations for file type icons, styling, and hotkeys. In addition, you can control this file system using hotkeys available on the dashboard.

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5. Simple File Uploader – PHP Based Secured File Manager

Simple File Uploader is a script that helps you manage and upload files from a responsive dashboard. It allows multiple file uploads and permits you to store files in writable folders.

All the files can be viewed from the download file section which provides all the details like name, file type, size, image thumbnail and more.

Simple File Uploader File Manager PHP Script

Price Details Of File Manager PHP Script:-

  • For the regular plan of Simple File Uploader PHP script, you will have to pay just $11.
  • The price of the extended plan of this file manager script is $65 and it offers various file management features and services.


  • This is an easy to integrate PHP script that can be included in a website or online applications to add file management functionality.
  • It is a bootstrap file manager that can help you upload files using drag & drop or file browse options.
  • An advanced search field is provided with this script that allows you fetch different types of files through file name.
  • The admin dashboard offered by this PHP script display file details like name, type, file size, upload time, along with download and delete actions.

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6. Data/File Upload And Management – PHP Script

This is a clean coded script that gives one of the fastest ways to manage files in real time from your website. It requires simple user details to upload files in the database, plus it is super easy to install and works well on different type of browsers.

Data/File Upload And Management File Manager PHP Script

Price Details Of File Manager PHP Script:-

  • This PHP script offers all file management features and upload services in a single plan which is priced around $6.


  • Data/File PHP script supports various file formats like txt, rar, HTML, jpeg and many other.
  • With this file manage script, you get multiple file options like upload, view and delete.
  • This script is super easy to install as the code comes with readable comments, jQuery integration, and allows extensions as well.

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We have finally arrived at the closure of this blog and I have tried to well explain each & every detail of all the listed PHP scripts. I hope that the blog helps you find the most relevant script for file management.

In case, you have doubts or queries related to this blog, services or the related topis, do let us know in the comments section below.

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