Email Marketing is so much in trend these days!

Do you want to promote your business?

Inform the customers about the latest trends via bonny emails!

What you do when you need to respond to the queries? 

Reply to them through streamlined ‘Autoresponders’!

And the list continues…

Well, iContact is an illustrious software for carrying out the email marketing campaign.

Now, without any further ado, I’ll quickly come to the topic i.e. “iContact Alternatives”

Now the question is-

‘Why would you want to switch to another email marketing service?’

Well, the answer is quite simple. Veritably the price issues! Or probably you are not satisfied with the features!

Consequently, there has to be some kind of software that will effortlessly substitute iContact & provide the same or even better services at an economical price.

So in this weblog, we are going to discuss few of the best alternatives of iContact on the grounds of pricing & features.

Now, let’s dive in & get to know more!

1. Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing is a SaaS-based email marketing application ensures inbox delivery of emails. You can select from the range of 500 pre-designed templates or create an email of your own choice with the drag & drop builder as per the requirement.

Further, it comes with features like autoresponders, drip automation, email tracking, and a lot more. Also, with unsubscriber handle, you can get to know the people who unsubscribed you so you can remove them from the list.

Pabbly Email Marketing


Pabbly Email Marketing Vs iContact

List Cleaning- It performs validation & verifies your list & filters out all the bad/inactive emails out of your existing email addresses. This prevents you from getting blacklisted and helps in reducing the bounce rate.

“Pabbly Email Marketing offers you this feature

While iContact veritably does not provides this feature.”

Let’s come to the pricing strategies!
No. Of Subscribers Pabbly Email Marketing iContact
5000 $29/Month $32/Month
15,000 $49/Month $117/Month
50,000 $99/Month $299/Month

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2. MailGet

You get the exemplary features for email marketing campaign such as autoresponders for replying to the subscribers, subscription form to capture leads, list management to arrange the list of subscribers & segment them, SMTP integration and a lot more with MailGet

It is probably one of the best iContact competitors as you can send any number of emails and be sure that they will reach the inbox of the subscriber as MailGet ensure high deliverability rate.

MailGet - iContact Alternatives

MailGet Vs iContact

SMTP Routing- with this feature you can integrate your software with an SMTP relay and select the (%) of emails you want to send. This will gradually help in increasing the inbox delivery rate, reduce bounce rate, avoid landing in spam, etc.

“You get this feature in MailGet

While you don’t get this feature in iContact”

Let’s come to the pricing strategies!
No. Of Subscribers MailGet iContact
5,000 $29/Month $79/Month
15,000 $49/Month $149/Month
50,000 $99/Month $299/Month

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3. SendinBlue

You can create a unique email for your campaign with the help of this email marketing tool in very less time. This iContact alternative is a user-friendly software is stuffed with features like templates, drag n drop designer, personalized content, etc.

You can also preview the content as it will look like in the inbox of the receiver.

SendinBlue - iContact Alternatives

SendinBlue Vs iContact

Spam Check & Inbox Testing: With the help of this feature, you can test the campaign if it is going to work or not. That is, it checks if the emails are going to get a good response or it’s going to land in the spam box of the recipients.

While you can also perform the deliverability test by sending the emails via major service providers. Thereby, you will get to know about the risks associated with certain services.

“SendinBlue empowers you with this feature

Whereas, you don’t get this feature in iContact.”

Let’s come to the pricing strategies!
No. Of Subscribers SendinBlue iContact
40,000 $25/Month $79/Month
1,20,000 $66/Month Contact Sales

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4. Moosend

Moosend is one of the bulk email marketing iContact alternative that includes all the features that are necessary to grow your email marketing platform.
It provides user-friendly email marketing software that allows you to create customer segments list, automate email triggering, and customizable emails by using its drag and drop builder.
Apart from this, it also allows you to add the custom sign up forms that will help you to collect the data of your subscribers for further requirement.
While sending emails you can track the open/click rate, bounce, etc.
whereas, you can start using a free plan that offers all the features and allows you to know more about Moosend.

Moosend Email Marketing

Moosend Vs iContact

This email marketing software provides reliable cloud hosting environment that will definitely allow you to send the transactional emails faster.

This feature is not supported by the iContact.

Let’s come to the pricing strategies!
No. Of Subscribers Moosend iContact
 50,000 $205/Month $79/Month
1,20,000 $585/Month Contact Sales

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4. AWeber

Apply tags and trigger automation with this email marketing tool i.e. AWeber. You can effortlessly create emails with the drag & drop editor to add fields & send it to as many people as you want. Or, you can also edit the HTML templates provided by the software itself.

Apart from this, you can automate the emails in a proper sequence and send them. Plus you can also align the autoresponder follow-ups that will be delivered in an order defined by you.

Aweber - iContact Alternatives

AWeber Vs iContact

RSS To Email: With this feature, you can create an email for your latest blog posts and send them to your subscribers at a defined time.

“With AWeber, you can send emails regarding the newly published blogs or fresh items in your stock”

Let’s come to the pricing strategies!
No. Of Subscribers AWeber iContact
5,000 $10/Month $79/Month
25,000 $56/Month $149/Month
50,000 $113/Month $299/Month

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5. Sendloop

You can now send & track the emails with the help of Sendloop i.e one of the most reliable iContact alternatives. Also, ensure that your emails are reaching the inbox of the recipient without any trouble.

Sendloop is a user-friendly email marketing software that lets you send the emails at a comparatively cheaper price. Moreover, it provides you with self-explanatory reports of the campaign along with the autoresponders.

Sendloop - iContact Alternatives

Sendloop Vs iContact

Conversion tracking:

You can calculate the return on investment & also get to know about the generated conversions via email marketing campaign.

“Unlike iContact, you get this feature in Sendloop”

Let’s come to the pricing strategies!
No. Of Subscribers Sendloop iContact
5,000 $39/Month $79/Month
25,000 $145/Month $149/Month
50,000 $234/Month $299/Month

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6. Sender

Sender is an email marketing service provider that empower you to create emails and send them to the list of subscribers. Further, with a dedicated IP address, it ensures a high rate of deliverability.

You can also create & customize the subscription forms and segment the list of your subscribers for better results of the email campaign with one of the best iContact alternatives. Besides, it provides you with an efficient support to clear all your doubts personally.

Sender - iContact Alternatives

Sender Vs iContact

Feedback Loop integrations: This is a kind of integration of feedback loop system with several email service providers. So, now on if any user marks you as spam, you will be informed instantly.

“Sender integrates your feedback loop system with major email providers like Outlook/Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc. ”

Let’s come to the pricing strategies!
No. Of Subscribers Sendloop iContact
5,000 $10/Month $79/Month
25,000 $56/Month $149/Month
50,000 $113/Month $299/Month

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7. Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is one of the most flexible iContact Alternatives, you can effortlessly create any number of emails and send them to subscribers in a very less time.

It provides you with a number of templates that you can use by modifying the content. You can clone your content so that you do not lose the original one while trying out something new.

Mad Mimi - iContact Alternatives

Mad Mimi Vs iContact

Easy to use: This feature matters a lot when it comes to creating emails. Complexity often leads to limiting of the creativity.

“Mad Mimi is a user-friendly email service with which you can always experiment with the new things that you can’t while you are using iContact”

Let’s come to the pricing strategies!
No. Of Subscribers Mad Mimi iContact
5,000 $27/Month $79/Month
25,000 $89/Month $149/Month
50,000 $199/Month $299/Month

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8. ActiveCampaign

You can now send personalized emails to all of your subscribers without any hassle. All you gotta do is simply add the personal tags like first name, last name, etc. It provides you with a report for every email marketing campaign you carry out in the form of graphs showing the details about emails such as conversions and revenue, etc.

With list segmentation, you can manage the list of subscribers according to the niches they signed-up for. This will enhance your email marketing campaign in an effective way.


ActiveCampaign Vs iContact

Email Scheduling: You can align your emails in a list and schedule them to be delivered at a specific time of the day. Now, you don’t need to worry about sitting and start sending emails to the subscribers at that time of the day as the software will itself do the job for you.

“With ActiveCampaign, you can schedule your while iContact probably does not offers you this facility”

Let’s come to the pricing strategies!
No. Of Subscribers ActiveCampaign iContact
5,000 $69/Month $79/Month
25,000 $179/Month $149/Month
50,000 $239/Month $299/Month

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9. MailCot

Create the emails without any trouble by dragging and dropping the field in the body of the email or use the pre-designed templates to establish a fully automated email campaign. Manage your subscribers and send the emails only to the targeted subscribers.

Try n test the email in the preview section before you send them to the recipients so your subscribers get the most engaging email.


MailCot Vs iContact

Campaign Scheduling: You can schedule the campaign for your email marketing at a decided time. So, now the emails will be sent at the time you mentioned while scheduling without you having to sit and send them.

“You get this feature in MailCot unlike iContact”

Let’s come to the pricing strategies!
No. Of Subscribers MailCot iContact
5,000 $30/Month $79/Month
20,000 $80/Month $149/Month
30,000 $95/Month $239/Month

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10. dotmailer

dotmailer is a very easy to use software that is used for creating and sending emails to the list of subscribers. It allows you to create beautifully personalized emails, add as many fields as you want, add images, and a lot more.

Moreover, you can automate your email campaign without any hassle in a comparatively less time. Also, you can build your very own marketing cloud by simply extending the dotmailer or integrate with any of the existing commerce and marketing platforms.


dotmailer Vs iContact

Multiple Channels: Your emails are optimized for multiple channels and applications.

“You get this feature in dotmailer and veritably not in iContact”

Get in touch with the sales team of dotmailer to know the pricing details.

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Wrapping Up!

Here we come to the final part of the blog. So, I’ll be precise enough!

The above listed iContact alternatives are hand-picked by our team members and put-up in the blog.

Now, it’s time for you to select the one that suits your emailing campaign needs.

Lastly, don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below!

For any more queries, you can contact us. We’ll get back to you as early as possible.