Campaign Monitor attracted a lot of email marketers by providing a list of essential features required for email marketing campaign. But, you need to evolve with time for uplifting your marketing campaign, and so does the email marketing services that you have been using.

Having said that, there are actually quite a lot of alternatives which do not require you to spend those extra hours to make your online campaign efficient which you have done while using Campaign Monitor.

After all, who doesn’t want a better version for their email marketing campaign with improved user experience?

So, it’s high time that you consider some of these really reliable & cost-effective alternatives for Campaign Monitor that we have discussed in the following blog.

Let’s have a glance on the analysis of comparison of best substitutes of Campaign Monitor:

Pabbly Email Marketing is integrated with SMTP that reduces your load of managing the SMTP relay for handling the email transmission of your marketing campaign.

Comparison Of Best Alternatives Of Campaign Monitor
Services Starter Plan List Cleaning  Autoresponders     Ratings
Pabbly Email Marketing $29/month 4.9/5.0
MailGet $29/month 4.8/5.0
EmailOctopus $19/month 4.0/5.0
VerticalResponse $11/month 4.5/5.0
ActiveCampaign $15/month 4.0/5.0

Although there are a lot of flaws that could be pin-point at this moment, the most troublesome part is its support system which has been rated below average by mass.

Nonetheless, you do not have to make any compromise with the facilities that Campaign Monitor was offering, as with these alternatives, you will get only more.

Without any further delay, let us quickly go through these services to get a clarity in their functionalities.

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1. Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing has become one of the indisputable choice of people for their email marketing campaigns. It includes all the must-haves for email marketing software like drag and drop builder, Google Analytics integration, and a lot more.

Pabbly Email Marketing is integrated with SMTP that reduces your load of managing the SMTP relay for handling the email transmission.

Pabbly Email Marketing


  • Its subscriber segmentation feature helps you to categorize the subscribers such as the most and least profitable customers or on the basis of their activities like opens/clicks/purchases etc. This splitting of subscribers list is a great way of target selling with better conversion rates.
  • The auto follow-up features further aid you to automate your follow up emails by setting the time interval, recipient, etc. This is a subtle way of reminding your contacts who had not opened your email at the first place.
  • The email tracking option lets you monitor various information such as unsubscribe email, opened emails, clicks, bounce rate, etc. The advanced reporting will even let you know the browser/device/OS used by the subscriber.
  • With SMTP routing feature, you can integrate with multiple SMTP relays & use separate servers for email transmission of your campaigns. This ensures maximum inbox delivery, load balancing & speedy email delivery.

Pricing Plan

Free Plan – Explore Pabbly Email Marketing without paying any cost.

Rookie Plan – You can purchase this plan at a very economical price of $29/month & send emails to 5,000 subscribers.

Pro Plan – Buy this plan to send emails to 15,000 subscribers at $49/month only.

Advance Plan – You can purchase this plan at $99 a month and further send emails to 50,000 subscribers. This plan has 10+ other pricing schemes that differ according to the number of subscribers you need to send emails

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2. MailGet

MailGet is a perpetual solution for email marketers and a prominent Campaign Monitor alternative. You can create eye-catching emails or use its readymade email templates for the marketing campaign & save a lot of time.

Additionally, you can also add subscription forms on your website or blog and integrate it with MailGet API to add the contacts in your mailing list automatically. Providing such opt-in forms or newsletters on your site will help you grow your mailing list tremendously.

MailGet Campaign Monitor Alternative


  • Its list cleaning feature lets you have a clean & updated contact list from the email addresses which are most likely to get a bounce prior sending emails.
  • Furthermore, its email inbox preview option allows you to have a preview of your emails before finally propogating the emails.
  • Also, you can personalize your emails to have a better client relationship. Thiswill boost the open rate of your emails up to 6x and ultimately give you a higher conversion rate.
  • You are also facilitated with the autoresponders to send automated replies like welcome emails, confirmation emails etc. to the users. Also, options like email scheduling, drip emails reduces your manual efforts in sending emails at the most appropriate time.

Pricing Plan

Starter Plan – Avail it at $0/month to send emails to 100 subscribers.

Rookie Plan – Buy this plan at $29/month and send emails to 5,000 subscribers for your unlimited monthly campaigns.

Pro Plan – Send emails to 15,000 subscribers at $49 a month only and utilize unlimited features.

Advance Plan – The highest plan included in the pricing scheme will costs you $9 to send 50,000 emails. It has 10 other pricing plans that charge according to the number of subscribers you want to send emails.

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3. Moosend

Moosend is one of the fastest email marketing service that offers all the features like list management, custom field etc. By using its email marketing platform and automation you can create unlimited emails.

Further, the best part is its inbuilt SMTP that will let you simply set up and configure Moosend.



  • By dragging and dropping the field in the body of the email you can easily customize beautiful emails. However, you can also use responsive templates to establish a fully automated email campaign.
  • You can easily segment list of the users in the subgroups so that you can target properly on a set of customers.
  • Provide advance tracking for your send emails that will offer complete knowledge about the emails whether they are sent, bounce, pending etc.
  • It allows scheduled delivery of all the transactional emails with any type of delay in it.

Pricing Plan

You can send unlimited emails to more than 1,000 subscribers per month & users enjoy all the features of it.

With $40 plan you can easily send unlimited emails to more than 8,000 subscribers per month.

Save upto 15% & 20% respectively by using 6 months and yearly plans.

Additional “pay-as-you-go” plan is also available that is for the occasional senders. Here charges are applied for each email.

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4. Mailjet

Mailjet is yet another add-on the list of most reliable email marketing software and a better choice than Campaign Monitor. Its intuitive email builder lets you create beautiful & personalized emails quickly & effectively.

It uses “Passport”, which is one of the best drag-and-drop editors for creating stunning emails. Also, the service provides you with numerous email newsletter templates that looks perfect on any device screen.

Mailjet Campaign Monitor Alternative


  • With Mailjet, you can easily add dynamic content in every email based on the recipient’s name, location, and activity.
  • You can use its opt-in widget on the website to capture email addresses via web forms which automatically sync to your contact lists. Else, you can also upload your own contact lists manually in CSV, TXT or XLS files.
  • Furthermore, with contact list management, you will be contacting only to profitable customers as Mailjet automatically removes unsubscribes, invalid addresses or any other foul contacts from your subscriber list.
  • Besides all these features, it benefits you with a lot more essential attributes. For instance, segmentation, A/B tests, real-time monitoring, dedicated IP, multi-user collaboration etc.

Pricing Plan

It has got 3 pricing plans: Basic, Premium & Enterprise that charges differently for x number of subscribers. Let us understand this by taking a common example:

Basic Plan – You need to pay $9.65/month to send 30,000 emails per month with no sending limit and 24/7 support.

Premium Plan – This plan will cost you $17.95/month and you can send 30,000 emails in a month. Also, you will get a lot more enhanced features like segmentation, A/B testing, marketing automation, multi-user collaboration etc.

Enterprise Plan – You can get in touch with the sales team to know the cost estimation for using this pricing scheme.

1. You can send emails to 6,000 subscribers in a month (with a limit of 200 emails/day) at $0 for the lifetime.

2. These fares are billed on monthly basis and will vary on the yearly billing.

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5. EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus is an email marketing tool that requires you to connect with free AWS account at the first place. Later, you can either import the subscribers or provide forms on your website to collect more leads.

Subsequently, you can easily organize the contacts into different lists like new customers, potential leads etc. to send relevant content to every group of subscribers through the Amazon network.

EmailOctopus Campaign Monitor Alternative


  • The automation offered helps you to create time-based onboarding about your new products and services for your clients.
  • Further, the real-time analytics will provide you with a detailed performance report via tracking every open, click, bounce and unsubscribe of your campaign.
  • You can seamlessly integrate the given hosted forms on your website or create custom opt-in forms and collect email addresses in abundance.
  • Moreover, EmailOctopus is integrated with over 500 services like Salesforce, Eventbrite, Shopify, SurveyMonkey etc.

Pricing Plan

Shrimp – This is a lifetime free plan for your campaign where you can send emails to 2,500 and the sending stats will be stored for 90 days.

Tuna – It allows you to send emails to 10,000 subscribers at a minimal cost of $19/month.

Stingray – This plan is apt for those who have 50,000 subscribers in the contact list which you can purchase at just $39 a month.

Shark – You can avail this plan in just $59 per month if you wish to send emails to 1,00,000 subscribers.

Whale – Buy this plan which comes with a price tag of $109/month and lets you send emails to 2,50,000 subscribers.


  1. You will get email support, lifelong storage of sending stats, and an option to hide branding in emails in all the paid plans.
  2. EmailOctopus offers you a free trial period of 14 days before you decide to go for the paid plans that we have mentioned above.

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6. VerticalResponse

VerticalResponse is a highly used email marketing software which is suitable for every kind of email campaigns. You can seamlessly create beautiful emails and send it to your contacts with high inbox deliverability assurance.

Also, you can build mobile-friendly & customizable surveys using this software. You can email the survey’s URL to your contacts, or add it to your website, social media or a landing page & get customer feedback in real time.

Verticalresponse Campaign Monitor Alternative


  • It provides you with free online form builder to create attractive pop-up forms for engaging more audience. Also, you will get a robust landing page builder for making stand-alone web pages to showcase a new product, build brand awareness and much more.
  • This software provides you with a Test Kit that comes with inbox preview, subject line preview, and link checker options so that you can know how the emails will look and perform at the recipient’s end.
  • Automated follow-ups & email series, autoresponders & scheduling are the integral features of this email marketing service. All these help you to maintain the spontaneity in your responses to clients.
  • Besides this, there are a lot more other features you will get. For instance, custom branding, contact management, integrations with Salesforce, Magento, BigCommerce and many other tools etc.

Pricing Plan

Following are 3 paid plans whose price calculation is based on the size of your email list.

Basic Plan – Its pricing scheme starts from $11/mo for the list size of less than 500 contacts.

Pro Plan – This plan is apt for the business that needs automation as well as advanced campaign reporting. Its price starts from $16/mo for the list size of at most 500 contacts.

Pro+ Plan – For those who want to have expert guidance with their campaigns can go with this plan. The cost starts from $196/mo when your contact list is less than 500 contacts.

1. It also has got a free plan that lets you send 4,000 emails per month absolutely free.

2. You can also choose “pay as you go” payment option where you have to pay a one-time charge for purchasing a certain number of email credits. For example, pay $175 for 10,000 email credits.

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7. CleverReach

CleverReach provides you with targeted marketing campaign expertise which most of the email marketing services fail to do. So, you can easily execute an impactful marketing campaign with this Campaign Monitor alternative by creating outstanding emails.

It has a got an amazing editor through which you can create & send personalized newsletters. Also, you can do a lot of customizations in the newsletter like adding attachments, social media integration etc.

The service provides you with a template converter that converts Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor email templates easily.

CleverReach Campaign Monitor Alternative


  • CleverReach lets you manage your recipients like a pro. You can create DOI registration forms, import subscriber data, segment & blacklist recipients and do a lot more activities.
  • Furthermore, the reports will help you monitor various aspects such as conversion tracking, open/click rate, unsubscribe rate, multilevel bounces and a lot more.
  • It also provides you with most reliable tools & measures like whitelisting, SSL encryption, Captcha, filters for spam test.
  • In addition to this, it has got tons of other features for you like the option of adding RSS feed & dynamic content, A/B testing, automated mailings etc.

Pricing Plan

It has got 2 pricing schemes based on the low volume senders and frequent senders whose billing is calculated on the frequency of times you send emails in a month.

First Plan – Suppose if you want to send 10,000 emails to unlimited recipients, this plan will cost you $126.19 a month.

Second Plan – With this plan, you can reach 10,000 recipients for sending unlimited emails in just $115.77 a month.


1. Its free plan lets you manage up to 250 recipients and send up to 1,000 emails/month at $0.

2. You can also choose email packages based on the number of recipients you would send emails.

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8. Juvlon

Those who have a sound knowledge of an effective email marketing software, will definitely find Juvlon a worth-using service for email marketing campaign.

It provides you with an easy to use drag-and-drop email editor & free email templates to create professionally equipped emails in a matter of few minutes.

Juvlon Campaign Monitor Alternative


  • You can have a hassle-free contact list management in terms of importing the list, automatic handling of unsubscribes, removing duplicate inactive contacts based on customer’s activity.
  • The real-time tracking and analytics report of your campaigns will let you have a better insight as you can know opens and clicks, opt-outs and referrals, spam/bounces occurrence, subscriber details etc.
  • It ensures a high-class inbox deliverability with the help of Spam Checker, inbox testing (for the delivery test to major email service providers), dedicated IP addresses, email authentication measures etc.
  • Furthermore, its marketing automation allows you to send behavior & event-based emails and other relevant messages to customers timely.

Pricing Plan

Avail the free trial for 30 days before you choose any of the paid plans that we have mentioned below:

Starter Plan – $5 for sending 500 emails.

Juvlon30 – $70 for sending 30,000 emails.

Juvlon50 – $100 for sending 50,000 emails.

Juvlon100 – $150 for sending 1,00,000 email.

Juvlon300 – $420 for sending 3,00,000 emails.

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9. Benchmark

Benchmark is a prominent tool that is used to create attractive and professional emails for your marketing campaigns.

It allows you to create & place signup forms on your website, blog or social media so that you can instantly enhance your mailing list.

Moreover, features like A/B Testing, Inbox Checker will always keep you ahead in the league of email marketing campaigns.

Benchmark Campaign Monitor Alternative


  • You can create beautiful & responsive emails in minutes with its drag and drop functionality & live editing option. It also gives you various customizable email templates for different business purpose.
  • With its automation pro, your task of handling automated messages is accomplished automatically. For example, welcome series, follow up emails, purchase confirmation etc. gets triggered on user activity.
  • You can have the tracking report of opens, clicked links, bounce and other metrics. It also supports geotracking of the emails in real-time & lets you know who shared/liked your email campaign via social media.
  • It is integrated with multiple services such as Flickr, Zendesk, PayPal, Shopify, eBay, and much more that helps you to carry out your mailing campaigns even more swiftly.

Pricing Plan

Medium Plan – Send emails to 600 subscribers in just $11.68.

Large Plan – It allows you to send emails to 55,000 subscribers at $283.41 only.

Extra Large Plan – You can easily send emails in bulk up to 1,25,000 subscribers at just $597.54.

Massive Plan – It offers you to get in contact with 1,070,000 subscribers in $4003.06 only.

1. It has got a free plan with which you can send up to 250 emails to your subscribers at $0 for the lifetime.

2. All the paid plans have sub-pricing plans for the different number of subscribers and limit for sends/month.

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10. ActiveCampaign

This email marketing platform is a great solution for those who want to create & send different types of emails for their marketing campaign with high-end professionalism.

With this service, you can easily broadcast one-time emails, send scheduled emails, autoresponders and even triggered emails which are event based.

ActiveCampaign Campaign Monitor Alternative


  • You can add dynamic content like RSS or insert the URL of a live page in the message to keep the campaign updated. Also, you can use the conditional content by adapting user’s demographics, interaction history etc. to send personalized emails.
  • The spilt test result helps you to compare the performance of your email campaign which is tested on the different group of customers.
  • With segmentation option, you can club the customers based on various parameters like their demographics, location, behavior etc. & target them more precisely.
  • You can also create subscription forms & do unlimited customizations like choosing the display mode of the forms, redirection page, hiding forms from those who have already used it once etc.

Pricing Plan

The service offers various pricing plans that vary according to the number of contacts you want to send emails. Here is the cost estimation for sending emails to 500 contacts.

Lite Plan – This plan is available at $15/mo only & you can send unlimited emails to the users.

Plus Plan – It is available at $70/mo for you to send emails and has many amazing features like custom branding, custom domain etc.

Professional Plan – This comes with a price tag of $159/mo including all the features of Plus Plan and various additional attributes.

Enterprise Plan – Buy this plan at just $279/mo and use even more advanced features.

Note:- Do not forget to avail its 14-day free trial.

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11. Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi has been largely used by people as it provides a simpler approach for email marketing and thus making it a reliable Campaign Monitor alternative. It offers one of the easiest ways to create, send, share and track email newsletters.

Besides, you can customize the pricing plan as per your business requirement and pay only for what you use.

Mad Mimi Campaign Monitor Alternative


  • It uses high-end network routing methods & multiple reliable authentication measures like DKIM, SPF records, multiple IP and feedback loops.
  • Further, it also provides list management facility by removing duplicates, bounced emails or unsubscribes automatically from your mailing list.
  • In addition to this, the use of SSL ensures high security of data during the email transmission.
  • The service also comes with various integrations for CRM, social networks, analytics, website builder, e-commerce etc.

Pricing Plan

Basic Plan – It will cost you only $10 a month and lets you send emails to 500 contacts.

Pro Plan – Purchase it at the cost of $42/month & send emails to 10,000 contacts of your mailing list.

Silver Plan – This plan is available at $199 per month that allows you to send emails to 50,000 contacts.

Gold Plan – You can avail this plan at $1049 a month to send emails to 3,50,000 contacts.

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After reading this article, I hope you must have realized how far you were lacking behind by using Campaign Monitor for your email marketing service.

All the software that we have mentioned above are currently used by professionals at a large scale.

So, the only thing that you are required to do now is picking the most suitable email marketing service that is anyways going to be a better Campaign Monitor substitute.

Have a doubt or suggestion?

Feel free to drop a comment in the below section.

Thanks for reading.