Job Portal PHP Script is essentially needed by people who want to serve as a job search engine for both employers and the employees.

So, today we have listed and defined 5 best Job Portal Scripts that are affordable, fully responsive, offer multi-lingual support and helps different type of users manage job-related details as per their needs.

Most of these scripts are compatible with multiple payment gateways which help you collect payments from different types of users. That is not all, you can apply custom site settings, SEO optimization, allows company as well as users to create separate profiles and more.

I am sure that all these scripts will make job posting and managment of jobs an easy task. So, let’s get started with the details of these PHP scripts.

1. Career Portal – Online Job Search Script

If you want to create an interactive job vacancy for candidates then Career Portal PHP script will be the best option for you. This script will help you build a job portal that suitable for job seekers as well as companies.

Using this PHP script jobs can be searched, registered job seekers can building build resumes for their job profile, admin can view the list of job seekers, and manage company, location, categories & other details.

Price Plans:-

  • The regular license of Career Portal PHP script will cost you just $28 with which you will get 6-month support, frequent updates, job posting and other basic amenities.
  • For the extended license of this script, you will have to pay $405. It will include cross-browser support, various admin functionalities, and advanced setting options.

Features Offered By Job Search Engine Script:-

  • With this PHP script employee can easily search for jobs, view applied job details from the portal. Plus, they can also create, view, download and delete resume with just a few clicks.
  • In this PHP script, the admin of job portal has the rights to activate, deactivate, edit or even delete company information of any employer.
  • The job providers get the facility to post new jobs, manage posted jobs. In addition, they can view applications, download applicant CV, shortlist the candidates for different jobs and do more.
  • It offers an easy to use dashboard through which social media, company, resume, users, advertisement and other details can be managed with ease.

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2. Automated Job Portal Script – PHP

Automated Job Portal Script offers various advanced features for the admin, employer and employee. They get separate dashboards to manage all the related details.

The script allows job search through keyword as well as locations for more than 70 countries & multiple languages. Plus, this Job Portal PHP Script is easy to install, mobile ready, and allows functions like accounts edit & delete.

Price Plan:-

  • For the full feature access of this PHP script, you will have to pay $36. This plan includes multiple features for the employer, employee as well as admin facilities for attractive design.

Features Offered By Job Search Engine Script:-

  • Provides a responsive admin panel from where you can monitor the number of users, total number of jobs, applied categories, and total payments received.
  • This PHP script comes pre-integrated with PayPal payment gateway through which payments can be collected in an easy and secure way.
  • Allows you to manage details of different companies, job seekers, employee applications, payment info, social profiles and more.
  • Employers can easily conduct free as well as paid job ads or posts using this portal. Plus, they can also define company details name, address, website, contact info, etc.

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3. Jobs Hunt – Portal PHP Script

Jobs Hunt is one of the most responsive Job Portal PHP Script that is loaded with features like auto image resize, multiple payment gateways, admin panel with custom statistics, and more.

In addition, you can also define custom job filters, add company details, collect payments for per job posted, manage user profile list and other details with ease.

Price Plans:-

  • This is an advanced PHP script for which an amount of $36 is charged. It offers quality checked by Envato, free updates, translation support, and multiple job portal facilities.

Features Offered By Job Search Engine Script:-

  • Through the backend of Jobs Hunt PHP script, you can manage user details, job posts, currencies, add categories, along with site settings.
  • Allows you to add different type of job filters like full time, contract time, part-time, freelance, and the intern for the ease of employees.
  • Offers cross-browser compatibility with IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge and other latest browsers.
  • Helps you manage company profiles, user profiles, post unlimited jobs and payment integration with PayPal as well as Stripe.

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4. Job Links – Complete Job Management Script

This is a PHP Job Portal script using which you can handle job listing, vacancy pages, candidate profiles, etc. All these details can be managed from a elegant dashboard, different user roles like Admin, Employer, Job seekers can be defined, and more.

The employers get the facility to post job ads, fetch candidates resumes, along with multiple details.

Price Plans:-

  • The first plan designed for this PHP script has got various basic features and it comes with a price tag of $29.
  • The second plan offers enhanced job search, resume management, and other facilities. All these features will cost you $775 along with support & frequent updates.

Features Offered By Job Search Engine Script:-

  • With this PHP job portal script, you can simply monitor precise details about users, active jobs, job categories, cities and recent users.
  • It allows you to create different type of job categories with details like name, description, status, etc. In addition, you can edit as well as delete existing categories anytime from the portal.
  • The script also permits you to manage resumes, applicant details, user roles, premium jobs, interviews and company profile details.
  • Job management becomes easy with this script as active jobs, pending approvals, blocked jobs can be bifurcated easily through the portal.

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5. Job Board – Job Portal PHP Script

Job Board is an independent job search web applications which is developed using PHP and MySQL. It provides a portal with which candidates can fetch for job openings, apply for different posts, create and manage resume.

The employer can simply post jobs, download resumes, fetch candidate contact details and more. Whereas, the admin is allowed to collect payments, create job categories, locations and skills.

Price Plans:-

  • $38 is the price of this Job Portal PHP Script with which you get a live demo, advanced admin panel to manage employers and candidate details with multiple functions and features.

Features Offered By Job Search Engine Script:-

  • This PHP script provides various payment options like PayPal, Skrill,, Stripe, etc.
  • With this script the employers are authorized to post jobs, bookmark resumes, send messages, and download resumes of applied candidates.
  • The admin panel helps you manage menus, pages, templates, database backups and more. You can also handle jobs, job categories, applications, locations and job types.
  • This PHP script provides separate features, platforms, and functionalities for Admins, Employers and Job Seekers.

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I am pretty sure that after going through this blog once you will find the best PHP script to build a responsive and multi-functional job portal. We have arrived at the closure and I hope that details like pricing, features, etc explained above will be beneficial for you.

If you have got any type of doubts, you can send them to us through comments below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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