“Integrate poll PHP script in your website & create a dynamic polling & voting system.”

There are plentiful sources which are claimed to be the best solution for having a polling facility on the website. However, PHP scripts always have an edge over them.

So, we are presenting you the best poll PHP scripts that are proven to aid the webmasters in having an effective polling & voting system.

Check out some of the highlighting features of these services before reading the detailed description about them in the below section:

  • Add unlimited polls & provide unlimited answers to the users to select.
  • Restrict desired IP addresses to create the polls or answer them.
  • Login from social media accounts to cast votes & sharing the polls through social networks.
  • Have a time-limited poll that gets expired after a pre-defined time period.

Now, let us go through the article & understand their functionality in detail.

1. Pro Polls – PHP Poll Vote Script

This script is one of the best tools to create unlimited polls on your website. You can either create a poll or let users participate in creating polls on your web page.

You can customize the polls in many aspects, such as create a time-limited poll which will expire after the pre-defined time period, add unlimited answers & images to a poll.

Further, you can also track how many users logged in via social media accounts.


  • It provides advanced login system with encrypted passwords to the users to provide utmost security against various attacks such as brute force, CSRF etc.
  • The webmaster can create premium plans for the customers who want to create polls. Further, he can accept payments for these plans via PayPal, Stripe & 2Checkout gateways.
  • Create a dynamic polling website where the use of AJAX technology will let the polls updation on the fly. Further, poll results will be updated in real time.
  • Moreover, you can set the polls to be private/public and further restrict desired IP address to create or answer the polls.
  • Also, you can have a user role system and provide various access privilege to different members.

Pricing Scheme For Pro Polls

You can avail this amazing poll script for your site in just $23 plus 6 months support. If you want to extend this support to 12 months, just pay an additional amount of $6.75.

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2. Poll AJAX

This script for enabling a polling system on your website is developed by using some of the best languages & database system like PHP, MySQL.

It lets you introduce the polls in any web page you want to start & get a real-time display in the easiest possible manner.

The use of AJAX functionality helps to display polls & their results on the fly on the website.


  • Using CSS, you can easily control the look of polls & colorful graphs (that shows results) on the webpage.
  • Under admin panel, you can completely manage the polling system via adding unlimited polls or edit/delete them, rearranging answers, the number of votes for an answer, check detailed list of last 100 answers (along with IP & date) etc.
  • In case, you do not want to have an answer with 0 votes, you can set the starting amount of the answers for every answer.
  • It is absolutely compatible with almost every kind of browsers like IE9, Firefox, Opera, Chrome etc.

Pricing Scheme For Poll AJAX

Hurry Up! This is script is available at an unbelievable low cost of $9 at one-time payment.

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3. Puerto Poll Script

If you are in search of creating a lively polling system in multiple types and colors, then this PHP/MySQL based script is the perfect choice for you.

The script provides 16 color schemes & animations to enhance the layout of the poll section in your webpage.

This 4-star rated script is constructed using some of the best & latest technologies like PHP5, HTML5, and CSS3.

It is a proven user-friendly tool which allows the webmaster to create a flexible polling system. For instance, you can choose RTL/LTR direction & add language translations for polls on the website.


  • Admin will always have updated statistics about the number of locked & unlocked polls, users, and votes. Further, he can also use the date picker to set a expire date for polls.
  • You can alter many other segments like hiding poll results, enabling multiple votes, adding progress bar & poll thumbnail etc.
  • Furthermore, it is integrated with cPanel (which is an online web hosting control panel) to manage social media login, avatars for users, letters for answer truncate etc.
  • With the help of this script, you can embed iFrame codes on the webpage so that you can have polls & ratings on our website easily.

Pricing Scheme For Puerto Poll Script

Get this PHP script at a very affordable price of $20 with 6 months support. You can extend this support to 1 year at $5.63 only.

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4. Flexible Poll

Flexible Poll is one of the most prominent poll management systems. It is absolutely flexible in nature as you can position the polls with any height & width and on any kind of web page (ASP or PHP).

You just have to add the code anywhere on the page, and your online polling system is ready to start.

This easy-to-use script provides a dynamic interface to your website & also ensures its responsiveness on all kinds of device screens.

Moreover, the polls on the website are absolutely secured from unauthorized access & simply block the duplicate voting from the same IP.


  • You can have the poll results in the form of a pie chart. Plus, you can export these statistics in CSV, PDF or XML files.
  • Also, you get an option of custom preview for the polls whenever you add/edit/delete any poll from your website.
  • There are several other areas where you can do customization. For example, altering the poll title & color, background colors, auto-changing option for voting bars and a lot more.
  • Further, the script supports all kind of Unicode characters used in the polls.

Pricing Scheme For Flexible Poll

You can purchase this script with one-time payment mode at a very low price of $8.

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5. Smooth AJAX Poll

It is one of the fastest & easiest scripts to install to initialize polling system on the website. Build with PHP, MySQL, AJAX & jQuery, the script works perfectly on your site & can also be integrated with any other website.

The script also facilitates the admin with multi-language interface & 2 preview modes for the created polls.

The script allows a real-time display of the polls along with a very user-friendly interface.


  • One of the great advantages of using this script is that you can schedule the polls to go live as per your choice.
  • You can distinguish the polls by adding snippets like “This poll is featured” or “This poll is submitted by users” etc.
  • It provides a double security layer for IP & cookies to restrict users from casting more than 1 vote for your polls.
  • Moreover, you can easily have poll statistics in the form of CSV, XML or PDF files.
  • Also, you can manipulate the poll votes & generate a fake poll result.

Pricing Scheme For Smooth AJAX Poll

Avail this amazing script at $18 only with one-time payment facility.

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6. Social AJAX Poll PHP Script

This script has been widely used for easily creating, managing & embedding polls on any website.

It provides a powerful admin to manage polls and users in every aspect with the highest efficiency.

With this script, you can have multiple polls on the same page with unlimited answers.


  • You can share the polls on various famous social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and many others.
  • It lets you secure your polling system with IP & user account restriction. This means users can vote only one time with their IP address & registered account.
  • Further, you can enable the users to choose multiple answers while they are voting.

Pricing Scheme For Social AJAX Poll PHP Script

Purchase this script at the most reasonable price of $15 only with the one-time payment option.

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The above-mentioned list comprised most commonly used poll PHP script.  Besides their amazing features, the tools are available at easy-to-purchase cost.

I hope this article was self-explanatory in terms features & pricing of these solutions, but if you still have a query or want to make any suggestion, you can drop your comment in the below section anytime.

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