Do you want to send emails to your leads collected via FormGet forms?

You can do it great with MailGet – email marketing platform.

Few months back we launched our inhouse email marketing tool MailGet which you might have gone through. Using MailGet you can send bulk emails to your subscribers easily.

So, If you have a MailGet account and want to send emails to the leads collected via FormGet forms, then you can do so with the latest integration in FormGet.

Yes, MailGet has now been integrated with FormGet, using which you can collect leads and can save them directly in your MailGet’s email list to send them manual or automated emails.

Steps to integrate a form with an email list

1. Create a FormGet form having Name and Email field (compulsory).

2. Go to Email Marketing section in your dashboard.

3. Now follow the steps given there.

follow the steps to get MailGet API

These are the steps that you need to follow to get MailGet API Key, they are:

  • Login to your MailGet account.
  • Go to Settings panel and then select MailGet API and copy the given API key.

Copy API key


4. Paste that API key in FormGet settings panel and click on SAVE SETTINGS.

MailGet Integration

5. As soon as you will click on it, you will then see an option Form Mapping, click on it to map your form with your contact list.

6. See below image to see how mapping is to be done.

map your form with list

The steps are:

  • Select your option:
    • If you want to collect all leads in a single list then choose ‘All’ from the dropdown.
    • If you want to filter leads from your form and want to store them in different lists then you have to select a category (say; A & B) and map it accordingly. See the image below:

MailGet Integration

  • Select your MailGet list from the dropdown to which you want to store the contacts.
  • Select way to Sync Contacts: Under this option you can sync the leads to store All leads or leads depending upon the date selected.
    • Automatic Sync: If you want that all leads which so ever are there in your form to be stored in your list then chose this option.
    • Manual Sync: If you want select a date range then select your preferences here.

select date range

  • Finally, click on SAVE AND SYNC button to save changes.

This is how you can do the settings to store leads in your MailGet list and use them to send emails. You can send the emails manually or you can set the predefined autoresponders/drips to send automated emails.

This integration will combinedly help you to collect leads and send emails to your subscribers from a single platform.

A Live Example of storing leads in single list

Store Leads in Single list

A Live Example of storing leads in multiple lists

MailGet Integration

I hope after looking to the above examples you would have understood the complete working.

If you have any further query contact us at:

Have a Happy Form Building 🙂