MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing Service For Cloud Hosting & Sharing Companies

Email Marketing Service To Update Customers About Latest Pricing Plan Of Cloud Hosting Services.

Email Marketing Service For Cloud Hosting Company

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Cloud is everywhere, every small and large company are moving their data or other similar operations to the cloud.

So if you own a cloud hosting company and looking for a way to make your brand name popular among the people, then you need a start promoting yourself to the world.

Here we offer you a premium email marketing service for cloud hosting company through which you can update customers about latest pricing plan of cloud hosting services.

With our MailGet Bolt email marketing platform, you can send promotional or personalized emails in bulk to customers.

So try our cost-effective email marketing tool.

Design Attractive Emails To Promote Hosting Services

Emails are the best to convey messages and it can also be used to promote business services.

So make the use of our e-message marketing service which gives you multiple email builders (custom code editor, drag n drop builder and basic text editor) through which you can create multimedia and content rich emails to promote your cloud hosting services.

You can also frame personalized emails to create personalize communication with the audiences. Everyone loves to see their name on emails.

Build Customers’ Contact Inventories

You can create multiple customers’ contact directories via contact list builder of this email marketing platform. You can manifest multiple email ids of the customer along with the name.

This e-mail marketing software filters all contacts into the specific field like bounced, suspended and spammed. You need not to manage these things manually.

Build Your Email Sending Plans

Build your own email delivery plans by using our premium MailGet Bolt email marketing software. You can build two type of email sending campaigns (Regular & Drip).

Creating a regular email campaign is best to deliver thousands of emails in a few clicks. It mainly used for the bulk emailing.

A drip email sending campaign acts like a self-delivery email sending module, so if you want to send a series of predefined set of emails templates which follow a predefined schedule then creating a drip campaign will be beneficial to you.

You can schedule emails in advance to send automated emails, these emails will send via autoresponder feature.

Email Marketing Service For Cloud Hosting Company

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