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Email Marketing For Accountants & Tax Consultants

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Being an accountant, book keeper, auditor & CPA you know well about accounting, tax liabilities, and exemptions. In short, you are an expert in your own field.

But a quick question – How do you get or build your clients? OR How do you think to get great goodwill & recognition for your financial firm?

Is it through advertisements, flyers, radio or through newspapers you are promoting yourself and business.

Then you might be knowing well that how much direct and indirect expense is incurred choosing this type of marketing strategy. Even, most accountants and small firm owners don’t have the sufficient money to buy ads on television, newspaper or radio. Also at times these market strategy has zero guarantees that the message will reach to targeted audience.

There is only one way to get more and more clients for your law & accounting firms every year i.e, “Email Marketing”

Today Email marketing for accountants, tax consultant, and financial advisers is also a great way for accountants to stay in touch with their client base while simultaneously building it.

Let me bring Email Marketing importance through a simple Example –

After attaining a certified accounting degree you have opened an office with a couple of clients but if you desire to get a good amount of new client’s – What you can do is send your prospective or new clients valuable tax saving ideas. Who doesn’t like getting a free tax saving advice 😛 instead people give a handsome amount to tax consultants every month and year.

Now if you send them free tax email templates or money saving ideas through email you are likely headed to get more client’s to signup with you. Isn’t it amazing with just an email you and client’s get exactly what they want 🙂

Know What All Can Be Achieved Through Email Marketing

Segment your greatest assets – Client’s contact list

An accounting firm or company’s greatest assets are their clients. To keep secure their data is the utmost duty of all the organizations. A manageable contact list of your clients can help you build a list of like 30 people who want to hear from you than 50,000 who’ve never heard of you, it’s also better to send precise & solid content to clients in the right categories than one generic email shot to everyone.

You can set & categorize your Address Book as – creative agencies, bank employees, insurance client’s, property owners, and people with multiple businesses.

Increase your client’s engagement – Through Drag & Drop email builder

A good email marketing platform nowadays includes an email builder, accountants can now easily design professional email campaigns & templates themselves. Many businesses outsource the design of their templates, but what if you wanted to manage every aspect of your email marketing self or internally?

Accountants and financial consultants can now send regular email visual or content templates to their client’s. This increases your visibility and builds trust among your firm and company.

Some of the Examples would be –

  • Email to client’s for an upcoming event: Use a good graphic, picture and content with the basic details (when and where), and include a button to register now. Your’s Job done 😉
  • Email to client’s about a New website launch: Capture a screenshot of your new website page, link it to the new site, and send them to go look at it. Generate traffic to your site 😉
  • Email to client’s about any Tax amendments: Explain the change tax implications, include a link to an article so they can read more if they want, and send them to it. Build’s faith among your client’s 😉

Send Follow up Emails to your client’s – Drip Emailing

Following up is the great way to show your potential as well as new clients that you value their time and money. It also keeps your clients engage in articles or mails you send them. With email autoresponder send a series of mails and set reminders according to set schedule your mails will be triggered automatically to the recipient’s inbox.

Some of the Examples would be –

  • Got our proposal last week? Any thoughts?
  • Are you attending the seminar dated 25th Dec 2019?

Email Marketing For Accountants & Tax Consultants

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