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Contouring, mascara, highlighter, lipstick, eyelash extensions and much more are the part of girl’s daily makeup routine.

Many girls know about it, many don’t. Those who know these makeup procedure eventually they end up giving makeup tutorials.

So if you are a vlogger in a search to promote your makeup tutorial websites then you need a responsive email marketing tool.

MailGet Bolt is an ultimate software via which you create unlimited marketing emails in regards to your makeup tutorial websites.

Create Emails Related To Makeup Via MailGet Bolt-

MailGet Bolt furnishes you with multiple email building tool where you can create various types of emails in different types of format.

The main 2 campaigns are regular and drips campaign.

  • Regular Campaign-

Where you send emails in one go. In it you get 4 email making templates. First is the drag & drop email builder with which you can create beautiful and eye-catching emails with heading, text, and images. Second is the basic text editor where you can build text-only emails.

The third is the custom code editor which is very useful for internet savvy guys but anyone can easily use it. You can either use custom coded HTML email template or copy template from another source. Both the ways are helpful in creating an email.

Fourth is the theme templates in which you are getting pre-built responsive and drag & drop theme templates. Choose according to your need and use it in your makeup vlog promotional emails.

  • Drip Campaign-

In it, all the above email building tool is the same but the only difference is you can send them according to your easiness. All you have to do is set the time, date, email which you want to send and you are done. It is very helpful especially when you are going on a vacation or doing some household chores.

Work Of Contacts Tab Via MailGet Bolt-

Arrange your customer’s email contacts in the contacts tab. You can mention them under any name according to your convenience. If you don’t need any other contacts you can also delete them. Also, upload the contacts via CSV file taken from your PC.

3 main types of contact list:

  • Suspended List-

Where you can see the accumulated list of those customer’s email Id who have unsubscribed you. As they don’t want to receive any more email in regards to your makeup tutorial.

  • Bounce Email List-

Sending an email to an invalid email address tends to bounce back because of the invalidity. This list will contain the emails of your customers who are having invalid emails Id.

  • Spam/Complaint List-

Customers who have chosen to put your promotional emails related to makeup tutorials in their spam or complaint folder will highlight in this list.

Summary Of Your Emails On Dashboard-

The dashboard is the place where you can see your emails which you have been creating. Send them to your other customers to promote your makeup blogging website. As you can also edit or delete them according to your need. Make a clone of it in case you delete any of them.

Addons Of MailGet Bolt Email Marketing Software-

  • The presence of search bar on the dashboard as well as on the contacts tab.
  • Autoresponder that will automatically answer email sent to it.
  • Responsive email marketing tool.
  • Add Sender Email, via which you can verify and specify your email address if you are having a proper domain name.

Email Marketing For Makeup Tutorial Websites

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