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We will help you to add more value to your business mentoring agencies than you ever dreamed of it with the smart marketing tool.

Say HELLO.. to the most effective marketing tool of this digital age i.e Email Marketing.

You can efficiently perform the bulk email marketing of your firms by MailGet Bolt software.

So without draining any more time let me introduce MailGet Bolt and its features with you.

Compose Your Business Mentoring Tips In Dual Campaign

The system offers you to create emails in duel categories i.e Regular Campaign & Drip Campaign

Regular Campaign –  You can instantly create an attractive template for your prospects or subscribers without any inconvenience.

Drip Campaign – This feature is also known as automated emails, it allows you to compose the series of emails which will get delivered automatically on pre-scheduled duration.

Send Personalized & Multimedia Mentoring Emails for Startups

Basic Text Editors – With this functionality, you can create the mails which are full of texts. By using personalized tags, you will gain the attention of the users quickly and go through all details to grasp the information.

Email Builder – With the help of this you can instantly create the emails. This section has pre-defined fields which just need to be dragged & dropped in the content arena. It also accesses you to use the image in the content which is capable of delivering more information visually.

Welcome Your New Clients With Autoresponder

Autoresponder is a unique feature which is crafted to greet the new users or subscribers with an automated welcome message. It also provides the function that it transmit the emails again to those who missed viewing your emails via Auto-followup.

Track The Status Of Your Dispatched Business Mentoring Programme Emails

The MailGet Bolt Software provides all the stats of the sent mail in a detailed manner. It displayed the how many of the emails were opened, unopened, clicked, bounced, etc.

All terms has been illustrated below

Opened It denotes the how many of the emails has been opened by the recipients to view the updates.

Clicked – This value shows that how many of the emails had been clicked on the single given link. The more clicked means the more traffic on your official website.

Bounced Rate – This denotes the number of mail undelivered due to an invalid email address. These contacts automatically get filtered out by the MailGet software.

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