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Because of the fast-paced lifestyle, everyone chose easily accessible food and daily items to save their time. Hence, food vendors like you opt to sell their products by packing them in tin cans.

In a way, it should have helped you in increasing the sales but on the contrary, you are on the verge of shutting down your processing food business.

So, in order to revive your dying business, we are providing you an optimum, easy to use, inexpensive and multi functional tool i.e. MailGet Bolt – email marketing service for canned food.

Let’s discuss some mind boggling features and benefits of this email marketing service-

Easy To Build Responsive Email Template Means Effective Packaged Goods Promotion

Inadequate exposure of your brand has definitely made tin food sellers to throw away their expired canned products. Look at your fully stacked racks and tell me the truth, isn’t this the same with you?

To help you with efficient advertising, MailGet Bolt enables you to share your product ideas and offers via responsive email templates. This means that now everyone can notice your business on their phones, tablets, and laptops.

Now you might be wondering about how could a prepackaged food manufacturer master the art of email designing!

Well, with the help of drag & drop template builder, you can effortlessly create attractive e-templates comprising of various fields like text, images, buttons and divider.

Expand Your Followers By Providing Subscription Form & Social Media Shareability

By now you may be content with your limited, regular customers. But, who doesn’t like to increase their customer base?

MailGet Bolt provides canned products manufacturers an option to embed a subscription form which enables you to capture leads in hope of converting them into loyal customers.

This email marketing strategy also provides a choice to add an array of social media icons in the email template. Now your tin canned business is most likely to spread like a wildfire over social media circuit.

The subscription form and icons not only facilitates the lead capture but also provides a medium for your existing customers to share your service.

Drip Emailing & Autoresponders Guarantees Faithful And Devoted Processed Food Customers

By now you might have figured out the way to promote your business and increase your lead counts. But you may not know the art of earning their trust and making them your regular clients.

All the anxious frozen food producers can take a sigh of relief as our new scheme – email marketing for prepackaged goods is integrated with drip emailing and auto responding features.

There’s no word like “ungodly hour” and “working hours” in drip emailing feature’s dictionary. All you need to do is set a date/time on email campaigns and watch the email being transmitted in dripping fashion.

This constant email transmission ensures your canned food products to stay at the top of your client’s mind.

Apart from all these features, email inbox preview, subscriber segmentation, and email tracking are some other features that make MailGet Bolt the best email marketing service on date.

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