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Make Yourself A Brand By Sending Electronic Mails To Your Clients & Promoting Your Chicken Shop Online.

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Make your Brand flourish just by sending emails to your clients. This you can do with the help of a magic that is created by us, which is worldwide known as MailGet Bolt – email marketing tool.

It is a handy & responsive email marketing service with which you can create multiple online email templates to advertise your chicken store globally.

How Are You Going To Send Bulk Of Chicken Shop’s Promotional Emails?

The answer is in 2 points:

  • Regular Campaign
  • Drip Campaign

Regular Campaign, in which you are getting 4 main email builder tools. They are as following:

    1. Drag & Drop Email Builder allows you to create an attractive mail with the effective heading, influential text and colorful images in regards of your chicken shop.
    2. Build text online messages using a Basic Text Editor and send it your clients.
    3. Custom Code Editor allows you to create online messages just by using custom code HTML email template or also copying the code from elsewhere so that you can send it your clients.
    4. We are also serving you with the theme template which is pre-built responsive and drag & drop templates as they are easy to use.

Drip Campaign, in which there is the presence of all the above online mail building tools, the only difference in drips is that you can send your email according to your schedule. Just set the time, date, mail and hit the “SEND” button.

Arrange Your Client’s Email Id

In the contact tab where you can manage all your client’s mail Id, you can also get to see whether your customers are getting your emails or not.

This you can do with the help of these 3 main contact list, which are:

  • Suspended List- See those client’s mail Id who have unsubscribed you, so that in future they won’t be able to get any kind of chicken shop marketing emails.
  • Bounce Email List- They are the list of those client’s email Id who are invalid, that is why whenever you send an email they got bounced up right back in your email list.
  • Spam/Complaint List- See the list of those client’s Id who have chosen to put your electronic messages in their spam folder. So in future, they won’t get bothered by your chick store promotional mail.

Dashboard To Go Through Your Pre-Built Email Templates

Go through all those emails which you have created and sent in the past, utilize them & send the bulk emails to your potential clients with this premium tool. You can edit it, delete it or can also make a clone out of it.

In a simple language. It is your summary book of emails.

Email Marketing For Chicken Shops

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