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People visits pubs and lounges to blow off some steam and others to their favorite cafes. Let’s face it, everybody in this modern time wants to enjoy their life to fullest and more often than not they head to their dearest pubs or cafes.

You, having a prominent business of pubs, lounges or either cafes, sometimes fails to make a mark on your customers. This not only threatens the credibility of your business but also puts you in great loss.

In order to revive your pubs or taverns, try the new groundbreaking marketing strategy i.e. Email Marketing.

Since email marketing is easy to use, affordable and significantly effective, it guarantees a great increase in your business and profits too.

You can send various attractive email templates to your customers awaring them about your new offers and special events. They eventually will get to know how great your pub or cafe is and also the quality of services you provide.

Start Attracting Customers By Promoting Your Pub/Lounge Via Pleasing Email Templates

Have you ever imagined, how would your regular and potential customers get to know the new offers of your pubs and cafes? Email marketing is the only viable means to solve this problem and earn your cafes and pubs a great name.

This tool enables you to send various responsive email templates on your pub’s behalf. One of the greatest features of this service is drag and drop template builder. With the help of this, you can quickly create/customize your email design and inform customers about your new offers or new items added to the menu.

Attracting discounts you can offer to your customers:

  • Get a free drink with every two drinks you buy!
  • New food items added to menu with 20% discount. Hurry!

Stay In Touch With Your Clients By Scheduling Your Emails

Imagine a scenario where you decide to relocate your pub and most of your customers don’t know about it. Inspite of the pub being closed, peoples would still visit and will return back sad faced.

To avoid this situation, you can schedule your emails to be triggered at a certain date or time. Since you would be aware of your pub’s inauguration event, you can set your emails to be sent accordingly to inform your clients.

Drip emailing feature is an automated process where you allow your emails to be sent at regular intervals. Even if you forget to inform your customers about a regular event, special monthly offers, daily tips (like “How to make a cocktail?”), etc. can be taken care with dripping emails.

Frequently highlight your pub’s tips & services with customers like,

  • Be a part of our new pub’s inaugural event.
  • Exciting discounts on karaoke night.
  • How to be a perfect bartender.

Managing Your Client’s Details Is Whole Lot Easier Now For Your Cafe

We all know how much of a laborious task is managing a pub. But, a far more exhausting task is managing your customer’s email address.

Email marketing strategy for pubs allows you to segregate your clients in various different categories like favorite drink, payment modes and dues, etc.

Now with this simplified mailing lists, you also can devise certain marketing strategies to draw customers towards your tavern.

Ultimately, all these features would be enough for your business to boom and make your pub a perfect hangout point of the city.

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