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 For a blogger, the most important thing is to get traffic from Google, which is possible once the posts start ranking. But that’s not the end, from here the blogging begins. Once the traffic starts coming, all a blogger need is a good number subscriber to whom he/she can send email campaigns about their latest posts, do affiliate marketing and much more.

So let’s say you write something creative or innovative and get readers who in turn become your subscribers. Now with email marketing, you can keep your readers engaged on your blog by sending them newsletters about your latest posts, send emails on products as well and make money.

With Email Marketing, your blogs can have more and wide audiences and readers to return to your website, you have to only make sure that your blog post reaches to the maximum.

Bloggers are you fighting with these 4D’s –

  • Despite a good write up you fail to generate huge traffic to your website
  • Despite a good post or write up readers are unaware of your post or blog
  • Despite a marketing or link building you fail to generate more sales and traffic
  • Despite a good blog post nobody wants to share my content on social media

Now you might be wondering how bulk email marketing can benefit you –

There are tons of factors that will lead your blogging business to heights and help you generate huge traffic to your websites or blog post. Let’s start unfolding each one of them.

Blogging success is based on building solid audience relationship – Create beautiful email templates

Bloggers or blogosphere can make a sound audience relationship through building email campaigns or by creating beautiful blogging email templates. These templates can be targeted directly according to the needs of the bloggers & blogosphere, they can create templates by their own with easy drag & drop email builder.

What type of email campaigns can be sent to audiences –

  • You can send welcome template of your new published Website
  • You can go for targeted template informing audiences abut your new blogs or posts
  • You can some tips and trick through email template targeting newbies in blogging business

Good habits bloggers should adopt while when creating email templates – 

  • More of specific & targeted writing(people would love to read interesting blogging facts rather than unnecessary mails)
  • Always make a habit of proof reading your email content(if not followed audiences will unsubscribe from your email marketing list)
  • Be strategic while sending mails to your subscribers(a small mistake would let your subscribers click the “unsubscribe” link)

Reintroduce yourself through an automated process –

Responding customer’s queries individually is a time consuming task. But you can quickly do it now by creating a list of answers for frequently asked questions and shoot it as a series of mails in bulk to your subscribers. This saves your time & effort to handle all queries individually.

Like some examples are – you get a big list of FAQ inquiring about –

  • How should one start blogging or writing
  • I don’t get enough traffic. What do I have to do?
  • Nobody wants to share my content on social media.
  • I don’t know how to code – can I still be a blogger?
  • How Often Should I Blog or What Should I Blog About?

Draft a separate content for all the questions and start sending mails to your subscribers.

Segment your address book –

There are n number of people and each of them have different needs and motivations. In order to get better and targeted results from your email subscribers you need to prioritize and organize your mailing list.

Segments could include –

  • Affiliate Partners
  • Content Writers
  • Web designers – to mail them anything related to image size or designing etc.

Desire of 100% email deliverability – Then keep your list clean

Sometimes having a big subscribers list can put bloggers in trouble resulting in an email delivery failure notice or very low open rates this can be because of bad email addresses and unsubscribed users.

But email marketing service help you keep your list clean saving your valuable time and energy – 

  • Email list cleaning management will reduce your bounce rates
  • Whenever you block or unsubscribe a user – MailGet Bolt(email marketing service)stores these contacts in the suspended contact lists increases your email reputation and saves you from being spammed.

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