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An agency is a kind of business where you provide a wide variety of services to your clients. A modern, professional & fully integrated agency needs to offer a wide range of promotional or marketing services for its clients. To manage and organize a large staff or group of people sometimes is a tough task to manage.

This is the reason it is essential for an agency to balance services functionality with a system that is low-cost, easy to use, and simple to manage. Have you ever thought that the expenses you incurred in heavy advertisements of your agency are worth? Or you are able to meet your client’s requirements timely and satisfactory? Or you are still lacking to spread your media agency name & frame to the worldwide?

An answer to all these questions is one – Implement Email Marketing in your agency business or media market and retain your customers or clients

Email marketing is a low-cost, easy to use, and simple to manage & will also help agencies increase profit margins, clients engagement or get recurring income.

What all services a digital agency Or media markets can provide – 

  • Advertising & Promotions
  • Contract Management
  • Manpower agencies
  • Fundraising Management
  • Apprenticeship Management and more.

A small question to yourself – by selling all these services do you get a recurring income for selling even one of them? Definitely not, all these services are project based. And after completion of every such projects agency again hunt for attracting new customers in order to keep the revenue coming in.

But what if you could start earning recurring income or revenue for your digital or marketing agency?

The answer is simple – Start Selling Email Marketing services to your clients. Email marketing services enable you to coordinate with your customers or clients on a regular basis and earn revenue each time you help them send an email campaign (which can often be every week or month) or design a beautiful templates or setup an automated email workflows etc 😉

Benefits – this will help agencies and organizations to save time in quickly finding a new project plus you get cash inflow every month that can be used to plough back again into your business.

Email Marketing Tool i.e MailGet Bolt Features – 

Create & design stunning email templates – through drag & drop email builder

Agencies can now design or create a professional tempting template with drag and drop email builder. You can take orders from your clients to create an email campaign that can help their business to boost and bring more visibility and revenues in turn.

Templates can include – “Know How You can Reduce Your Additional Expenses Through Email Marketing” Or “Our Agency Has Also Started Email Marketing Services”

Segment your list of clients –

A well-managed customers or clients data or contact info is the secret to success for many business or agencies. With a segmented list of contacts its easy to send bulk messages, you can be assured of maximum email deliverability, high click through rates etc. Agencies can decide how customers relate to each segment to maximize business with clients segmentation.

The list can be categorized as – “Advertising Clients” Or “Requirements of Manpower Clients” etc.

Automate your marketing strategies –

The best part of automated emails is they can be triggered at the right time by your clients and customers. Email marketing let agencies send a series of emails to their client’s inbox. Automated mail system has many advantages like – your brand name is hitting every time increasing your visibility and open rate with timely and relevant trigger-based email messaging, you can also re-target your most engaged clients and customers.

Avoid an embarrassing typo error before hitting – “Send”

Clients attention can be distracted if you send an improper mail. One mistake can lead recipients to mark you as spam or unsubscribe you from receiving emails in future. All your efforts will go in vain if your mail doesn’t reach to the targeted inbox in the manner you want it to be. Email inbox preview help agencies avoid such faults increasing your brand reputation and customers loyalty.

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