MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing For Fashion & eCommerce

Young Designers Can Now Supercharge Their Sales Process, Build A Brand Recognition And Make Customers Become Their Loyal Brand Followers Through Email Marketing

MailGet Bolt - Email Marketing For Fashion & eCommerce

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Wonder how email marketing service gets you to build brand awareness that is unique yet identifiable?

The fashion industry is highly dynamic and this forced retailers to desire low cost and flexibility in design, quality & strategies to maintain a profitable position in the increasingly demanding market.

But we really know that this wouldn’t work on a long term perspective to survive in the fashion industry. Then which market strategy or tactics should eCommerce & fashion industries adopt to keep the quality & design ever engaging to attract more customers!!!

Fashion Industries With Email Marketing Tool Can:

  • Build a better brand & bring latest fashion trends for customers.
  • Improve perspective & new fashion customer’s engagement.
  • Help prospective customers become loyal brand followers & retain trust through regular emails.
  • Turn leads into profitable sales in turn realization of huge profits.

Grab More Sales, Flourish A Brand Image Through MailGet Bolt Email Templates

Fashion lovers become your brand followers if they are updated and satisfied with your inventory, trends or collection. But if you fail to update them there will be no buyers and visitors to your fashion store which is a huge potential loss.

To get a good crowd, indulge your clients by sending them beautiful and appealing email templates about – New arrivals, offers & discounts, coupons or about your new shops & stores.

Email Templates may be like:

  • “Fashion Sale – Grab Today Great Deals & Discounts On All Fashion Products”.
  • “Fashion and You Coupons: 80% OFF Discount On Promo Code”.
  • “New Arrivals – Clothing & Fashion for Girls & Boys”.

Scenario From The Past Decade Have Turned 360° Via Email Marketing Software

We have analyzed fashion industry 8 years ago and today, there’s a huge difference:

  • It used to be laborious for fashion designers to find a platform to present their work but today, with the help of Email Marketing Platform, young designers have come out with the facility to expose their work to a large audience.
  • There is a sudden change in the industries increasing their brand recognition + earning huge bucks. Whereas this wasn’t the case 8 years ago, a proof that fashion industry is growing, and it has just begun.

 Accelerate Your Sales Process By Segmenting Your Mail List

It is very crucial for traders of the fashion industry to segment their contact list of customers, dealers, wholesalers or retailers. An organized list can be easy to trade with letting you focus on kicking triggered mail according to their interest and desires.

Categorization makes it easy for you to send and get only those emails which customers want to glance. As in sending a lady’s wardrobe fashion sale email to a man would be incongruous. So, segment the emails according to the niche.

Never Miss Out On A Single Lead. Know How!

With email autoresponder, fashion trendsetters can connect with their clients through email templates at the same point when they are willing to contact or inquire you. This will result in increasing clients engagement and enhances your lead nurturing process.

You can also pre- schedule certain emails called drips that will be triggered accordingly. These emails can be – Welcome emails, thank yous’, or keep shopping and get coupon emails etc.

You can send a series of emails and inform the communal about the new stock in trade or for reminding them continuously the end of season sales etc.

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MailGet Bolt - Email Marketing For Fashion & eCommerce


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